On the Go: CORE Meals Review


I was recently given the opportunity to receive a sample of CORE Meals to review. As a person who is always on the go and always hungry, when I read one of their taglines, “We make portable FOOD,” (as opposed to the candy that most so-called nutrition bars offer), I knew that CORE Meals were […]

The Gluten Free Experiment: 5 Things I Learned

gluten free vegan

It has been about 10 days since my three week gluten free experiment was up (a day early because of my Native Foods event). I’m sure you are all wondering how it went, how I felt during and after, and what I’ve decided for the future. As a reminder, after my WellnessFX blood tests showed […]

My Gluten Free Adventure: An Update, a Fail, and Vegas

Live fom La Quinta - Gluten Free - Las Vegas

I’ll call it a “Learning Opportunity.” Ironically, it happened within minutes of my telling my husband, “thinking about gluten free eating is challenging for me right now. I know what is vegan, what to look for, what I can eat, but gluten free does not come naturally at all.” I’m told that it gets better. […]