5 Essentials for Ragnar + My Complete Packing List


It’s funny how you can evolve from a novice to an expert in 34 hours. Oh I’m not talking about things like becoming a doctor or a scientist. I’m talking about something much more important. I am now an expert in what you need to pack for a Ragnar Relay. (Doctors and scientists! Stay calm! […]

Halfway Through April. How is Spring into Yoga Going?

Spring into Yoga

I admit I haven’t written a lot about yoga this month. Between marathon training, the Ragnar Relay, traveling to Alan’s announcing gigs, and my real work, I haven’t had much time to write at all.  The #SpringintoYoga Challenge has taken a backseat, but I am still managing to keep up.  I admit that most days […]

Our Ragnar Adventure, Part 2. The Recap


In case you missed it, I did the Ragnar Relay last week! Yes, I know I’ve been a little over the top with my Ragnarthusiasm. I have already proclaimed that I am a Ragnarian. I explained the culture of Ragnar. Next week I’ll have a must-have Ragnar packing list. So, if you’ve stuck with me […]

I’m a Ragnarian!


Yep. I’m a Ragnarian and I’m proud! I, along with my 11 teammates, the Dirrty Dozen, finished Ragnar So Cal on Saturday. I have showered, eaten some “real” food, and slept (11 hours, something I haven’t done since I was a teenager), and while I still have some brain fog, I have been reflecting on […]