Train Smarter: 5 Ways to PR Running Three Days a Week

Race PR

Personal Record. PR. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? For many runners, setting a personal best time in a race is their ultimate goal. It also may seem unattainable, requiring hours and days of training that just aren’t possible for some athletes. While running five or six days a week may seem […]

A Multi Purpose Speed Workout

Multi Purpose Workout

As most runners know, doing some kind of speed training can really help your race times improve.  Interval training can improve your VO2 Max, increase your lactate threshold, correct your form, and is an important part of your strategy to improve your overall running performance. Many speed workouts are goal specific. Generally speaking, your speed […]

Striving for Balance: The Workout


I sometimes feel like I rush through my life on a tightrope with plates on my head and balls in the air. Excuse my mixed metaphor, but if you think about it (or picture it), it becomes quite clear. I work my (very) full time job, until two weeks ago I also carried two extra […]

The “Not Crazy” Workout: Perfect for Any Level

Gym Workout3

Sometimes it seems that the workouts that are on posted on the internet come in two categories. Either they are basic, step by step tutorials for beginners, safe but maybe a little bland. Or you look at the workout and say, “that’s crazy!” Now, I don’t mean crazy in any kind of derogatory way. Not […]