7 Great Stretches for Runners


I lied. If you watch my Great Stretches for Runners video, you will very clearly hear me say this is a five to six minute routine. Yet, the total video is about 14 minutes long. How did that happen? Well, aside from the introduction, I simply held the stretches longer that I’d planned. I wasn’t […]

Thursday Thoughts Why Bacon Makes Me Cry


Imagine you’re out for a run. It’s morning. Other people are getting ready for work, but you are fortunate that you have this opportunity to enjoy the beautiful morning. Then, it happens. One of those people, heading into the rush of their day, is making breakfast. You can smell it: Bacon. Many people, most people […]

Thursday Thoughts: The Price of Racing

I was inspired to make this vlog after reading this post about the high cost of racing,  over on Marcia’s Healthy Slice, “How Much is Too Much?” In it Marcia discusses the rising cost of race registrations. That got a spirited conversation going in the comment section (including my own rant, which I am reproducing […]

Thursday Thoughts

Hello and welcome to my new theme day, Thursday Thoughts. I plan to Vlog every week about a variety of topics. Sometimes I will talk about a specific thing, like veganism, a product that I love, or food (yes, I love to talk about food). Other times I may just ramble and talk about things […]

Wednesday Workout: 22 Minute Runner’s Workout

Live from La Quinta - Wednesday Workout - runner workout

Before I get to the fun stuff, I wanted to let you know that I’m going to start teaching a new class this year. I’ve been so inspired by bloggers like Tamara, Lindsay, Bex, and others who create challenging, high intensity workouts. I’ve been making my own workouts and videos since June, and I’ve really […]