Weekly Update and Exciting News about In Refresh

Ignite Naturals

A little over a year ago, I was sent a tub of In Refresh Electrolytes to review here on the blog. At the time I was impressed with the fact that the product, which is made by Ignite Naturals, was made from real fruit, had no processed sugars, no GMOs, and no artificial ingredients or […]

The Dog Rescuer: Called into Action in San Dimas

bonelli park

I have written more than a few times about my husband the Dog Rescuer. There was the time we rescued two pitbulls in the middle of the summer, and miraculously drove almost directly to their home.  Or the time two dogs wandered up to us as we picked up a U-Haul the day before Thanksgiving […]

Turkey-Free Thanksgiving & Other Updates

Thanksgiving vegan

Wow, this week has rushed by. So much to do, so little time to write. Here is a quick update, then hopefully I can return to more regular posting. Hopefully. It’s a busy time of year. Last Sunday, the day after the Native Foods Pre-Opening Party, I had to drive to San Diego to drop […]

Ventura Bound


I’m on my way to Ventura, where Alan is announcing the Breath of Life Triathlon tomorrow. I feel great today, probably a result of post-migraine euphoria. Before leaving, I took Penny on a two mile run because we’ll be gone all weekend and I feel bad when she doesn’t get her run (and you should […]

The Desert Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon


Alan had another announcing gig this weekend, this time close to home. The Desert Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon is held right in our own backyard, Lake Cahuilla Regional Park in La Quinta. It is a nice change to sleep in our own bed (with our own dogs), with only a 15 minute drive to the […]