Wow! What a Weekend!


In a nutshell, this is how I spent Thanksgiving weekend: Thursday: Turkey Trot (on the trails this year). Alan and I (mostly him) put it on. Just two for dinner. Impossible to cook Thanksgiving Dinner for two. Huge quantities of vegan Thanksgiving food prepared. Huge quantities of vegan Thanksgiving food consumed. Bed by 6:30. Friday: […]

A Vegan Traditionalist: 3 Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes

Vegan Pumpkin Pie

During the last two weeks before Thanksgiving, you will find hundreds of vegan recipes on the internet. While I love to browse through them all, I confess that I tend to stick to a traditional menu (sans turkey, of course). Most Thanksgiving side dishes are easy to veganize without losing any of the delicious flavor. […]

Turkey-Free Thanksgiving & Other Updates

Thanksgiving vegan

Wow, this week has rushed by. So much to do, so little time to write. Here is a quick update, then hopefully I can return to more regular posting. Hopefully. It’s a busy time of year. Last Sunday, the day after the Native Foods Pre-Opening Party, I had to drive to San Diego to drop […]