Weekly Reader: Kind Inspiration

Have you ever read a great book, seen an inspiring movie, or heard a great joke, and thought, “I’ve got to share that!” Of course you have! Here are a few things from my Reader in the last week that inspired and motivated me, made me happy, sad, and angry, made my stomach growl, and made me laugh.

weekly reader inspiration

I find the mission of the folks at KindRunner inspiring. When you buy a pair of shoes, you can return your old shoes to be donated to someone who really needs them, and you get Kindness Cash Rewards!

Vegan Inspiration

The internet was a little lacking in vegan recipes last week while many vegan bloggers were attending Vida Vegan Con. They have returned and have been creating with a passion, so I have a load of vegan recipe links to share!

The Naked Kitchen, Summer Quinoa Salad. I love quinoa salads, and Sarah’s version also has asparagus and a dressing that has peaches! Yummy!

Maple Spice, Hot Toddy Layer Cake. Alcohol warning, both the cake and the frosting involve whiskey. What’s not to like?

Two Cups of Love, Potato, Potahto, Frittata, Frittahto. I’ve seen vegan quiche recipes with chickpea flour, now Jen’s frittata which is also gluten free, sounds so delicious I need to try it out.

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, The Jackson Bowl with Vegan Comeback Sauce. The Jackson Bowl is Susan’s hometown version of the Portland Bowl that she tried while at, where else, Vida Vegan Con.

Carrie On Vegan, A Modern Twist to Vegan Apple Pie. I really can’t wait to try Carrie’s version of apple pie with a raw, nut based crust. It sounds delicious!

Vegan Miam, Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Salad with Dill. I’ve been hearing a lot about Beyond Meat, and Rika both reviews it and includes a recipe. I’m waiting to get to Whole Foods this weekend when we visit our grandsons in Huntington Beach because Whole Foods is one of the locations that carry Beyond Meat.

Running and Training Inspiration

Honey Badger Mom, Crossfit Baby Steps: RivFit at Crossfit Riverfront. I loved reading about Robin’s first (and second and third) experience with a crossfit-type class.

Yoga Download.com Blog, 10.5 Tips for Beginner Yogis. Yoga Download.com (one of my advertisers) has some great tips for beginners on their blog. Actually they are great tips even if you’re an experienced yogi.

FitKnitChick, May’s Free Pinterest-Friendly Workouts of the Day. Tamara always has great workouts and here she has gifted us with a bunch, all challenging and perfect for pinning.

Mommy Run Fast, 6 Important Strength Exercises for Runners. Laura is a running coach, so she knows how strength training can improve our running. Here she has put together a list of exercises that will benefit runners.

Blogging Inspiration

The Sits Girls, Tips for Curing Blogger’s Block. We’ve all been faced with it. You want to blog, you need to blog, but exciting, fresh ideas just aren’t coming. Adrienne, from the Mommy Mess, has a great list of tips and ideas on how to get that keyboard rolling again.

The Sits Girls, Video Blog: How to Get Started Vlogging. If you’re new to vlogging, you may have noticed that the best vlogs have a great introduction to each of their videos. Katrina from Thinking Outside the Sandbox shows you how to make a quick and easy vlog introduction.

Food for Thought

Fit, Feminist and (Almost) Fifty, Hot Pants, Wobbly Toning Shoes and the Latest in Skinny Making Fashion. Sam B. on the things we buy into that will supposedly make us skinnier, fitter, stronger, prettier, well, you fill in the blank. As she reminds us, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Truth2BeingFit, Am I Enough? The Good, Bad, and Ugly of it All. In a follow up to her first What’s Beautiful post, Jody challenges us to stop comparing ourselves and just be enough.

It’s All About Me! Deal With It! The Volunteer Dog Whisperer. Volunteering at a shelter sounds like it could be grim, but at this particular shelter they have an amazing program for which volunteers are trained to go beyond simply walking the dogs, and teaches them to train and generally make the animals more adoptable.

Banana Buzzbomb, Waking Up in Vegas. Some exciting news from Heidi and fun times in Vegas.

Vegansaurus, Toddler Proclaims We Should Care for Animals, Not Eat Them, and The Girlie Girl Army, Toddler Teachings. You may have seen this video floating around Facebook lately (especially if you’re vegetarian). The choice not to eat animals is so simple for this little boy.

MizFitOnline, I Never Felt Stoppable. A great post from Carla about how we should aim to teach our girls that they are enough, so that they will be unstoppable too.

Run with Kate, Run with Kate Goes Epic. Big changes coming to my favorite Aussie’s blog. Click through to find out more!

Whenever I write the Weekly Reader, I know that I miss so many amazing posts. Please, please feel free to share a favorite post that you have read recently, including one of your own, in the comments below.

Costume Party Run: The Week in Training

With just over a month to go before my target half marathon, the Costume Party Run, my training should be heating up. Instead, the weather is. As I type this it is about 107 outside (fortunately I am inside). I’ve been very fortunate the last few weeks that the mornings have been cool and lovely. That seems to be over now. This morning at 5:00 it was 81 degrees. And warming up. Quickly.

Still, I am excited about my training and about the race in general. Remember the date…July 7 in San Diego. The Hilarious Half and the Wacky 5k both start at Qualcomm Stadium, and promise to be an insane combination of warm weather, costumes and crazy runners. Plus, remember the half marathon has what may be the biggest medal EVER!

Half Medal

I plan to get started on my costume this week. You guys gave me some great suggestions for turning a white running skirt and top into a Dalmatian costume, now I need to get going. A few felt circles, ears, tail, and I’ll be good to go!

I’ve been pushing in my training this week, in spite of the heat, but it has been challenging. I’ve had some asthma issues, some achy knees, and just a general feeling of, well, of feeling my age. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the weather, and I know I’ll adapt, but it’s been tough. Okay, enough of the excuses. Here’s my Week in Training.

Strength Training

Now that my Fast and Furious class is finished for the summer, I’ll either have to do it on my own (fat chance, though I could possibly handle the Seven Minute Workout), or get back to the gym. Finally. My “excuses,” my dear clients I see after my regular work day on Mondays and Thursdays, are leaving for the summer, opening up some time that should be put to good use.

In the meantime, I taught two Superball Classes this week. On Tuesday we did “Student’s Choice,” where each member of the class takes turns picking from a list. I love my class, they always pick the hardest exercises! On Thursday, I planned a circuit where the class goes from station to station. I usually keep the time and watch their form (everybody is doing different exercises, so you have to pay better attention). But when only three people showed up, all longtime students, I decided to join in, so I got my workout too.

On Wednesday I filmed the Seven Minute Workout and did the whole thing all the way through. Judging by my heavy breathing in the video, I was working pretty hard, so it counts.

seven minute workout - week in training


I already wrote about Wednesday’s workout. In a nutshell: Intervals. Heat. Asthma. Kick Ass. Done. If you want to read the details, click here.

Week in Training - Exercise Induced Asthma

My inhaler is my friend.

On Saturday, Alan and I ran our regular trail run with Buddy and Penny. It’s a little over four miles, and we got out much too late. It was 6:30 when we left the house and already pretty warm. I worry more about the dogs than us, but we give them lots of breaks and water, and they seemed fine. It was probably in the high 70s when we finished, so it wasn’t too bad, just felt warmer in the direct sun. Then I took Lily and Olivia out for a one mile run. I also did some runner’s selfies with them, but I couldn’t decide which one I liked best. What do you think?

Costume Party Run - Week in Training

 On Sunday for my long run, I knew I had to get out earlier. Even so, it was 81 degrees at about 5:00. I finally got rolling about 5:30. Since this week was a cutback week, I planned to do a negative split run. I still need to run with Penny, so after two miles with her, my plan was to run the next mile about 30 seconds below my race pace of 9:07 per mile. Then,I would run at race pace for the next three miles, and finally pick it up once again, to faster than race pace for three miles. Then I could take it easy the last mile, which is good, because it is uphill and always feels like a long, hot mile anyway.

Week in Training - dogs

Here’s how it actually went. Penny and I got out about 5:30 and ran two miles. I dropped her off, then headed out, down the hill at this point. Right on schedule, I picked up my pace to race pace. It was pretty warm and it was tough, but I stuck it out. Then, about 2.5 miles into it, I could feel my stomach rumble. Uh oh. I made it to my turn around point, which was also supposed to be where I would pick up the pace again, but all I could think about was finding a bathroom. I had a choice between heading toward home, where the park was three miles (!) away, or running a half mile out of my way, adding almost a mile to my run, where I could get into the bathroom on the golf course (providing of course, that it was open).  I chose the latter.

I couldn’t really even run. I jogged a little, walked a little and finally made it to the golf course. I actually entered through the back, climbing a low fence (it’s a public course so I don’t think I’m breaking any rules or laws). Fortunately, the bathroom was unlocked. Even better, they had a little machine that provided cold, filtered water! A win/win!

Week in Training - Silverrock

After I got back on the road, I had a hard time getting going again. It was really getting warm now, my stomach was still not great, and I was getting tired. I made myself pick up the pace though, but all I could handle was one more mile at about race pace. It would have to do. I ended up running 10.35 miles, which actually shows how much I walked, since my detour should have added almost an extra mile.

Week in Training - Silverrock

I took this picture on the way out. It is really a beautiful scene, but if you look closely at the rocks, you will see the reason that I stopped for a photo.

Week in Training - Silverrock

Week in Training

I didn’t spend the whole weekend running (or recovering from running). On Saturday Alan and I went to the movies for the first time in ages. We saw Now You See Me. It was very far fetched, but extremely entertaining. The real reason I mentioning the movies though was that when Alan was buying his popcorn I was excited to see this:

Week in Training - Go Picnic

Yes, I was way more excited that I should have been about a processed food snack at a movie theater. But, and it’s a big but, the movie theater is a world filled with tons of junk, from popcorn coated in highly saturated gunk, to candy, to huge sodas, so to find a practically healthy, not to mention vegan snack, thrilled me. Once in the theater though, I saw one of the drawbacks of crackers with hummus at the movies: it’s hard to see while you put the hummus on your cracker in the dark. No matter. I will keep buying this snack, so hopefully the movie theater will keep stocking it.

So, that was my week in half marathon training. How did your week go? Any races, competitions, or other training you’d like to share?

Week 12 Training Recap and London Bridge Half Marathon Report

If you caught my last post, you know I was off to Lake Havasu for the weekend to run the London Bridge Half Marathon. I decided to run the race as part of my La Jolla Half Marathon training because it coincided with a 13 mile long run on my schedule. The key to using a race as a training run is to run it properly, and I had a plan. As to whether I followed that plan or not…more on that later. Here is my weekly training recap.

Strength Training

Strength training has not been my focus in this training cycle. I’m getting it done, through the classes that I teach, but that has been it. I am already planning ahead for my next race (I’ll let you know soon!), and I will get back to the gym. But, for now, I managed two workouts this week, both classes that I taught.

I had planned to take Monday off. I was tired from the weekend and I thought that I’d just “teach” the class instead of participate. That was until I had four people in the class, two of them very fit teenagers. So, I played along and participated in a challenging Fast & Furious Class.

training recap

I also taught a Superball class during the week, which counts as my second strength workout. We did a superset style workout that was fun and challenging.


I didn’t start the week strongly. On Tuesday, which is supposed to be my interval/speed work day, I instead decided to sleep in a little and take the day completely off. I know that is necessary sometimes (and I know my body appreciated the rest), but there is always a bit of a guilt factor when I skip a workout. That meant I needed to make up for it (again) on Wednesday. As I’ve done for a few weeks now, I warmed up with a four mile run with Penny, then, after taking her home, headed out for an interval workout on the road.

I felt much better than I had the previous week, so I decided to run half mile repeats. The only problem was that during my first interval I could feel a touch of my exercise induced asthma coming on. I didn’t have my inhaler with me, so I slowed down, let myself recover, then got back on it. I never got up to the paces from a few weeks ago, though. My slightly uphill intervals were around 4:07-4:10, the downhills were 3:52-3:55. Not bad, but slower than I hoped. Still, I did three miles worth, five half miles, plus two quarter miles (damn asthma!).

On Friday, I took the day off and Alan and I drove to Lake Havasu City, home of the London Bridge (and the London Bridge Half Marathon). It’s about a three hour drive from La Quinta, across a desolate area of Southern California that we forget exists anymore. Soon after we got into Arizona, we drove passed the Parker Dam. Neither of us had driven this way before, so it was pretty interesting. Especially this:


Sure enough, shortly after seeing the sign, Alan spotted a burro on the side of the road. We drove even more carefully after that.

training recap

training recap

After passing Parker Dam, it was about a half an hour before we arrived in Lake Havasu City. We checked into the hotel, then headed over to packet pick up (which was held at the hotel). Alan was announcing the race, so he checked in, I registered, then we stuck around and helped out for a little while until the rush was over.

training recap

After an early night (dinner at Chipotle’s), I slept badly. I’m not sure why. I felt like I’d had some caffeine too close to bedtime. Jumpy and definitely not sleepy. We were up early though, Alan had to be at the venue by 5:30 (the race started at 7:00). After we arrived, Alan went to work and I stayed in the car, nibbling on a bagel and a banana, passing time. This was planned to be a long run, after all, not a race, so I wasn’t feeling any pre-race nerves. Really.

training recap

The London Bridge Half Marathon

About 6:45 I wandered over to the start line, kissed my husband and borrowed his asthma inhaler. Then I went to the start line, which was interesting because no one seemed to want to move to the front. I knew that I didn’t belong there, and finally the runners started to move forward. Then, the National Anthem and we were off.

training recap

The Plan

As I mentioned, I did have a plan for this training run/race. I would run the first three miles at about my regular long run pace, which is between 10 and 10:30 minutes per mile. At mile three, I’d pick it up to about 9:30 for the next two miles. At mile five, I would pick it up to race pace, which is about 9:09 per mile, for the next six miles, then slow back down for the last two miles.

The Reality

After the gun went off, I did not lose sight of my plan. I held back. At least I though I was holding back. Several minutes into the race I looked at my Garmin and saw that I was running at an 8:30 pace. Oops. I slowed down. I had a hard time bringing all the way down to 10 minute pace though, so I settled for something between 9:30 and 9:45. I felt good though. The course was pretty flat, with just a few rolling hills to keep it interesting. It was also very beautiful, in a desert kind of way, but I did not stop to take any pictures. Training run or not, I still had 13 miles to run.

I hit the five mile marker just under 48 minutes. Right where I wanted to be. Time to pick up the pace. Except the best I could do was 9:19 for the next mile. And slower after that. The next mile was 9:33, then 9:55. Then, in mile nine I felt my asthma start up. It is a feeling of lightheadedness that seems to warn me that I am not getting enough oxygen. I slowed to a walk, took a couple puffs on the inhaler, and waited until the feeling passed. Then, I started running again. That mile was 10:45. Not too bad, really, considering.

For the next few miles the best I could do was around 10:15 miles. Then, less than a quarter mile from the finish, the asthma again and another 10:45 mile. But then, finally, the finish, and the words from my husband that I love to hear, “Here comes my favorite person in the world..!” I was done. Official time: 2:09:20. Maybe not according to plan, but I was happy with the result.

training recap

training recap

After grabbing a water, walking it off a little and stretching a bit, I wandered over to where the results were posted (yes, it was a training run, but I’m not that uncompetitive). There I was pleasantly surprised to see that I’d finished third in my age group!

training recap


Alan and I drove home Saturday afternoon. It’s fun to be away, but much better to come home. Sunday morning we went for a little slow three mile recovery run. I also got to sleep in a little, which I needed after all that running, driving, and a poor night’s sleep the night before. I did have to deal with this though:

training recap

This is an odd looking picture, but it is the chafing on my thighs. It hurt during the race, then it got numb or something, because it didn’t bother me until I stepped in the shower after the race. Then, yowza!

Here are a few random pictures from Lake Havasu, plus my complete running log for the week if you’re interested.

training recap

training recap

Being from California, Alan and I got a kick out of this, a sign on the entrance to the cocktail lounge at our hotel. We were so disappointed that we couldn’t bring our guns we decided to skip the trip to the bar.

training recap

Well, one more week of hard training, then a short taper, then finally, race day. I think I’m ready.

How did your training week go? Any races, events, or other competitions? I hope you’ll share!

Weekly Training Recap: La Jolla Half Marathon Week 6

As I sit here typing, I have ice on my knee and foot. Yet I feel that I had the most successful week of training so far. I felt stronger, faster (a little bit, anyway), and just, well, better. That being said, I have some aches and pains, nothing dramatic, hopefully just my 55 year old body adapting to training.

I did get all my workouts in, including one yoga class (90 minutes…does that count extra?). My goal is at least twice a week, so I really need to get in that Wednesday session, even if I just practice for a half hour. Anyway, here is my weekly training recap.

Strength Training

I started right in on Monday with my Fast & Furious Class. We did a 20 minute circuit, 45 seconds of each exercise, 15 seconds rest. Three sets with a minute rest between. I can’t remember exactly what exercises we did, but I’m pretty sure burpees were involved.

Tuesday and Thursday were my Superball Class. We did two excellent workouts (I shared them here). The first I called the Vanity workout, where we worked our smaller muscle groups with simple, yet challenging moves. Thursday’s class was the Compound workout, a much more functional, total body workout, using compound exercises to work several muscle groups and the core.

Finally, we did a Tabata workout during Friday’s Fast & Furious class. It was a butt kicker:

weekly training recap


As I mentioned, I made it to yoga one time this week. Of course, it was a 90 minute, challenging flow class, that started exactly one hour after I finished my long run. Yes, that’s right. I ran more than nine miles, changed my clothes, ate, then dashed off to yoga.

I felt amazingly good (though my toes kept cramping), and strong. I’m working on bakasana. my crow pose, a pose I love because it is challenging, but I can do it. Sometimes.

I have yoga on my schedule on Wednesday, but it seems that after my morning run I just want to rest then get ready for work. This coming week I’ll try to do a half hour YogaDownload.com workout. I can choose a shorter workout, pick the level at which I want to work out, perfect for a post-run practice.

weekly training recap


I am so pleased with my running. Not that I’m suddenly super fast, or that it isn’t still hard to run 10 miles. I’m just getting my workouts in and I’m starting to feel the results. I’m not sure whether I’m more motivated by the half marathon itself, or by the fact that I know that I have to write about it. Whatever the reason, I’m doing it and thank you for keeping my accountable.

I completed my second interval workout on Tuesday. We again did it on the street near home. This week I finished ten 1/4 mile intervals, just slightly faster than the week before, about 1:45 on the slightly downhill half, and 1:50 on the uphill. I think this week I’ll go for 12 intervals at the 1/4 mile distance, then after that up the distance to a 1/2 mile.

On Wednesday, Penny and I ran six miles at a nice, slow pace. I’m finding my so-called recovery days to be the hardest, because my body is tired and I feel sluggish, but I guess they’re working, because I feel better for the next run.

That next run was on Saturday. Alan was announcing the Desert Triathlon. It is a two day event, with a sprint triathlon and duathlon on Saturday, and an International distance triathlon on Sunday. On Saturday, I drove out with him, help him set up his stuff, then took off for my tempo run around the lake. First, though, I got to see this:

weekly training recap

Beautiful, no? Of course, the whole setting is gorgeous, a small reservoir lake surrounded by hills.

weekly training recap

After a one mile warm up, I ran three miles at tempo pace. I averaged about nine minute miles, and my heart rate was about 149-154. It was challenging, but I felt good. I finished with two miles back to the car.

weekly training recap

After my run, I took a little nap in the car, then joined Alan at the finish line, wandered around the expo, and chatted with some triathlon friends. By the time we left, at about 11:30, it was getting close to 90 degrees!

The weather was on my mind as I got ready for my long run on Sunday. My original plan was to run from home to the race venue, which is almost exactly nine miles, join Alan there (who would have the bag of fresh clothes/recovery food, in his car). Then my wonderful husband came up with a much better idea. He suggested that I drive to the venue with him, then run home. Perfect! Once I got home I could have my food, clean clothes right at hand (of course, it also gave me the opportunity to go to yoga class-a win-win!).

It was warmer on Sunday, and cloudy. It made for an even more beautiful sunrise than the day before. It was the sunrise that kept on giving:

weekly training recap

I didn’t want to wait too long before I started my run. In spite of the clouds, it was already warming up, and the forecast was 90 degrees. So after getting Alan set up, I went back to the car, put myself together, and got going.

As I ran out of the park, the weather was starting to feel really warm. I had a pleasant surprise when I got out on the road, though. It felt like the temperature dropped 10 degrees! It stayed cool and cloudy for the entire run. Without my dog, I was able to keep a steady pace with no stopping or walking for the entire run. I feel so bad that I left Penny behind so frequently this week. She loves to run so much, but at almost 12 she is slowing down a little (I get that!), and I’m worried about taking her too long. I will run with her on Wednesday, though, and possibly some of my weekend runs.

weekly training recap

Although I ate between my long run and yoga, when I came home from class I was starving. I was also too tired to cook, so I grabbed some leftover quinoa plus some roasted butternut squash. I combined them, heated it up, then sprinkled on a little brown sugar and drizzled on some maple syrup (yes, I admit I have a sweet tooth). It was surprisingly tasty, and filled me up quite nicely.

weekly training recap

I’m feeling good now, after a nap, some recovery time, and the aforementioned ice. Another training week in the books!

How did your training week go? Report or link it up in the comments!

Here’s one more shot of the awesome sunrise:

weekly training recap

Weekly Training Recap: La Jolla Half Marathon Week 5

What Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger

You know you’re in for a tough day when you find yourself quoting Nietzsche in mile one of your 10 mile long run. I’ve actually loved that quote for a long time, but to have it running through your head so early in a 10 mile run was, um, troubling. More on that below.

First the answer to the question I know you are asking: After all your whining, did you go to yoga class? The answer…yes!  See below for details (see how I lure you into this post?).

I also added my first interval workout. Though the plan was to head to the track, Alan and I ended up staying close to home and doing the workout on the road. Whatever, it worked.

The weekend was much better than last week, when I had to work both days. I did help Alan out with his track team’s car wash, but still managed to get both a run and a yoga class. And still no decision on whether I’m switching races from La Jolla Half Marathon to the Run Through Redlands. They’re only a week apart, so I’ll be okay either way, but hopefully I’ll figure it out soon.  My training recap:

Strength Training

Nothing exciting to report (meaning I still haven’t made to the gym). I taught my Superball class on Tuesday and Thursday, providing me with a decent core and lower body workout, and my Fast & Furious Class on Friday, which was great for the upper body. We did three sets, 45 seconds each of Pushups, one leg deadlifts with rows, one leg deadlifts (other leg) with triceps extension, plank to side plank, and squat press.


Well, I made it to yoga class. Once. Does it count for more because it kicked my ass was tough? Saturday’s class, with my favorite teacher, my friend (and studio owner) April, was hard. My legs were quivering early on. One of my commenters  last week suggested that I stop thinking that I have to do an hour or more of yoga to make it count. That was such an excellent suggestion. Did I follow it? No, but I plan to. That is what got me through my 30 day yoga challenge last year, realizing that even 10 minutes of yoga practice is wonderful. It counts.

training recap


This was the first week that I added in interval training. It has been so long that I was really a little nervous. The plan was to go to the track, but instead Alan and I did 1/4 mile repeats on the road right around the corner from our home. I was running them a little fast, around 1:48 (for the slightly downhill direction) to 1:55 (for the uphill), but I felt good. We decided that we like doing it close to home, so we’ll do it again next week.. This week eight repeats, next week we’ll go for 12.

training recap

That was on Tuesday. Wednesday’s run was a slower paced moderate/recovery run. On Saturday, I needed to help out with Alan’s track team car wash. I was supposed to be there by 7:00, so I only had time for three miles or so. I did manage to run two miles at tempo pace, so I felt pretty good about it even if I had to cut the mileage down.

training recap

Finally the long run. As I alluded to above, it was really fucking hard. The combination of my first time running 10 miles in a long time, a 90 minute yoga class the day before, a tempo run the day before, a late start, all combined to have me quoting Nietzsche about a mile into the run. Fortunately, I felt better as I went on. The first six miles, Alan and I ran together with Penny and Buddy. Then I took Lily and Olivia out for the next three and a half. Finally, I finished up with about 1.3 all by myself, to finish up with about 10.6! So happy to have it done (and to know I have a little cut-back week next weekend).

Here is the complete log:

training recap

Some random pictures from the week:

training recap

I pass this most days on my run. Isn’t it beautiful?

weekly training recap

We met some friends for dinner at Native Foods on Friday.


Mmm, Greek Gyro Bowl.

weekly training recap

Olivia & Lily, runners.

training recap

Penny from trash dog…

training recap

…to training partner.

training recap

Buddy, another great training partner

weekly training recap

Me, pooped but happy that I finished my 10 miles.

Week five is in the books. How is your training going? Keep us up do date with comments or a link.

Weekly Training Recap: La Jolla Half Marathon Week 3

I ran a 5k this week! Totally not on the training plan, in fact I wasn’t sure whether I was going to run until I signed up the morning of the race. I asked for advice last week, with the options of following my training plan and running my long run along the Palm Springs Half Marathon course while Alan was announcing, or doing my long run on Saturday and running the 5k on Sunday. Several of you chose the first option, and that was really what I thought I would do. That is, until circumstances put us in Encinitas on Saturday morning, a clear, beautiful (if cold) Saturday morning, and neither of us could resist taking a long run along the coast. More on the circumstances later, in the meantime, here is my weekly training recap.

Strength Training

I started out this week feeling pretty tired. I guess when you haven’t trained seriously for a while it takes your body a while to adapt. Therefore, my Fast and Furious class lucked out on Monday. Yes, we did a workout, and yes, it was tough, but I kept it a little lighter than normal. I found that I couldn’t even do my pushups and had to drop to my knees from the very first set. Pooped.

My Tuesday class is Superball, and I took it a little easy there, too. In fact, as far as strength training goes, I took it easy all the way through Thursday. I did teach a stretch class, which I loved because I really needed it. For my Thursday ball class, I went with a circuit format, where I instruct and the class moves from station to station. Check them out below. They are all over 50, most of them are over 60, and a few of them are in their 70s.

Finally, when Friday rolled around I was feeling much recovered and stronger. So my class was treated to a much tougher workout. That’s okay, I did it with them.

weekly training recap


Total fail on the yoga this week. I don’t know if you’ll call them reasons or excuses, but between feeling exhausted on Wednesday (though I completed my scheduled run), out of town with a purpose on Saturday, and a race on Sunday, I just didn’t get to practice at all. I am not happy with myself, so I plan to do better this week. I really need the combination of regular strength training plus yoga not only to get stronger, but for the balance, flexibility, and psychological benefits.


I had much more success in my running than my yoga. I got all my workouts in, though, as mentioned above, I switched the long run to Saturday. Maybe I should think about revamping my training plan? With intervals on the track scheduled to start in week five, my weekend running will consist of my long run and my tempo run. I have it scheduled tempo on Saturday, long on Sunday. Not sure if that’s best. What do you think?

My Tuesday run is currently scheduled to be short and moderately paced. Alan and I ran together, and we got a late start. I have to be at work by 8:00 and I was feeling the pressure, so the second half of our run (all downhill) kind of turned into a speed workout. The average pace was 10:00 per mile, but the first uphill 1.5 miles took 16.5 minutes, the downhill half took 13.5 minutes. So we were pushing it a little.

On Wednesday, currently my scheduled tempo run day, I woke in the middle of the night with a headache. I took my migraine medicine, but it made me feel sleepy and draggy in the morning, plus my head still hurt a little. Nevertheless, I dragged myself out for six miles on the road with two one-mile intervals at about a 9:20 pace, and two half-mile intervals, one we won’t speak about because it was uphill and oh so slow and painful, the other downhill about about an 8:40 pace. Not setting any records, but pleased that I got the workout in.

On Friday, Alan and I drove to Encinitas. So as not to clutter up this training recap, I will write about it in a separate post, but let me just say we drove there through rain, snow, and hail, and we ate some awesome vegan food.

weekly training recap

This is Beaumont. At about 2,500 feet elevation, it doesn’t usually get much snow.

weekly training recap

I finally tried the Native Reuben at the just opened Native Foods in Encinitas.

And I got to see this guy…

weekly training recap

10 weeks old!

More on all of that later. Back to the training. Saturday morning, Alan and I got out on the run a little after 8:00. Neither of us was feeling very perky for the first few miles, but we resisted the urge to turn around. It was so beautiful. It was hard to believe the crazy weather of the day before. It was very cold though.

weekly training recap

weekly training recap

weekly training recap

By the turn around point we felt much better, and managed to finish much stronger than we started out. I was happy to have my long run done for the week, but now I knew what I needed to do. Go racing!

weekly training recap

 Because Alan is the announcer for the Palm Springs Half Marathon and 5k, we had to be at the venue by about 5:30 (for a 7:00 race). It was pretty cold in the morning, but at least there was no wind or rain. I quickly got out and went to sign up for the 5k before I could change my mind and snuggle in the car for a long nap. As soon as I picked up my race packet, though, I headed back to the car to wait until it was time to warm up for the race.

weekly training recap

After my slow start the day before, I thought I’d better run at least a mile to warm up. So, I finally dragged myself out of the car and took a jog around the park where the race takes place. I stopped in time to watch the half marathoners take off (the 5k started at 7:15).

weekly training recap

Then it was time. I really had no idea what to expect. It had been ages since I had run a 5k. In fact, I realized that this was my first race in my 55-59 age division. Finally! A baby again. (Side note: Do you know what is really cool (or scary, depending on how you look at it)? I googled my name along with “5k race results,” and I found this page, with many of my race results dating back to 1999 (including my marathon PR that year in St. George), though the first entry, California International Marathon 1995, is not me (it’s before I ever ran my first marathon.))

After the gun went off, I started running at what felt like a moderate pace. Imagine my surprise when I looked at my Garmin and it said I was running a 7:43 mile. Whoa, girl. I pulled it back and finished the first mile in 8:52. Not bad. I kept it steady through mile two, and ran about the same time. I was still feeling good in mile three, so I let myself go a little. My heartrate was steady, so I picked up the pace a bit and held it all the way to the finish. I was pleased to see I’d finished in 26:55 (26:48 on my Garmin). I was really happy to come in under 27 minutes. As it turned out, I was second in my new age group. Since it’s been a while since I’ve taken home any bling, I was pretty proud of my award.

weekly training recap

I spent the rest of the morning (while Alan worked) socializing with all the running friends I don’t see very often. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to meet Kalli, who blogs over at Fit and Fortysomething. She was in town for the half marathon and we’d hoped to meet up. It just didn’t happen. Hopefully next time!  I even won a raffle prize (see the necklace in the photo above)!

The raffle was held as a fundraiser for my friend Jeff Rasmussen. If you remember, he was stricken with brain cancer, survived surgery they said he’d never survive, and is continuing his amazing fight.  I’m going to write a follow up post about Jeff and his fiancee, Amy, but if you want to see something amazing and uplifting, check out these two after the race. Did I mention that he ran the 5k? Oh yes, he did.

And yes, he ran the 5k in his turtle costume. Gangnam style. You can begin to understand the spirit that has helped him survive so far.

I decided to tweak my plan a little to add another 5k. This one is toward the end of March, on almost the same course. I’m hoping I will see a significant increase in my speed (presuming, of course, that I have completed all my training workouts as scheduled). In the meantime, the only change in the coming week is an increase in my long run. I do try for variety in my tempo runs, though, and I will get to yoga at least twice.  In any case, here is my workout log:

Weekly Recap 3

Now, I would love to hear about your training week. Did you do any races. Rides?