Monday Runday: The Training Begins for My Next Event


Just popping in for a quick post after a great birthday weekend. It’s almost 7:00 (though it feels like 8:00 because of the time change) on Sunday night and I haven’t touched my computer all weekend. Yay for me! I had a fun “grandma” weekend, which I will share much more of later in the […]

Family Time

Samel 3

Just a quick post. Busy weekend. I did NOT do my long run this weekend (the last before the Costume Party Run). I will do it tomorrow because I have an extra day off this weekend. I did run though, five miles on Saturday, six-plus on Sunday. We also dealt with an electrical issue. Friday […]

Checking In. Plus a Workout!


Just in case you thought I fell off the face of the earth I figured I’d check in just so you know that, yes, I did. Well, kind of. I’ll fill you in soon, but for now just know I have done no running,  yoga or any other form of exercise for five days. I […]

Thursday Thoughts

Hello and welcome to my new theme day, Thursday Thoughts. I plan to Vlog every week about a variety of topics. Sometimes I will talk about a specific thing, like veganism, a product that I love, or food (yes, I love to talk about food). Other times I may just ramble and talk about things […]