Blogging Goals 2014. Plus My New Look (I Did it Myself!)

2014 Blogging Goals

Middle of February? That doesn’t mean I can’t finally write down my blogging goals for 2014, does it? I hope not, because, well, here are my blogging goals for 2014. First a quick review of last year’s goals and successes (and failures). I will continue to increase my readership. Done, though I had a slip […]

Out with the Old…Reviewing 2013 Goals

Fit Goals_Review

I actually sat down to write about my goals for 2014, but after a moment’s thought, it seemed appropriate to first take a look back at my goals for 2013, review my success or failure in achieving them, and then move forward. After all, what is the point of making goals/resolutions if you don’t take […]

4 Tips for Creating and Achieving Your Goals in 2014


Whether you call them resolutions, goals, or plans, many people tend to start off the new year with the idea of creating some kind of change in their life. Losing weight, changing careers, running a marathon, or quitting smoking, are a few things that are frequently chosen as potentially life changing goals. And just as […]

What’s Beautiful: Running Faster and How To Get There

Training Schedule

I am feeling so fortunate that I was chosen to be part of the Under Armour What’s Beautiful program! This is a sponsored program in which I was selected by Fitfluential to participate.  The timing is perfect as I set about planning my training program for my next half marathon, The Costume Party Run. The […]

The Training Plan: Finally Getting Started on Goal #1

Training Plan

January has been a challenging month (boy, that’s putting it mildly).  Way back at the beginning of the year, I made what I thought were achievable goals for 2013, both for this blog and for my training. I still think they are very achievable, but to this point in the year I have taken no […]