What’s Beautiful: 4 Weeks to My Goal. Plus a Friday Workout!

If you will recall, I joined the Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign as a FitFluential Ambassador a little over five weeks ago. Well, I am a little past the halfway point in my training program to achieve my goal of completing my first sub-2 hour half marathon since turning 50, and I thought this would be a good time to check in and review my progress. Have you joined yet? It’s still not too late to get started conquering your fears, completing challenges, and achieving your goals (and possibly winning some cool stuff along the way!).

Underarmour Collage2

The Goal and the Training

Obviously, in order to run my sub-2 hour half marathon, I needed to create (and stick to) a training plan. I’ve been pretty good about following the program, with just a few setbacks caused recently by the increasing heat in the desert. That being said, I feel good about my training and think that my goal is within reach.

I am training for the Costume Party Run, which is on July 7 (you can see my most recent training report here). As the name suggests, I will be running in costume, so in order to have fun dressing up and still achieve my time goal, I needed to figure out a costume that would be both fun and functional. With my readers’ help, I decided to create a Dalmatian costume, basically in homage to my running partner Penny. I also thought it would be fun to take it a little farther and dress up as the Shoe Dog, the Dalmatian mascot of race sponsor Road Runner Sports.

Penny Shoe Dog

Workout - What's Beautiful

I am gathering supplies for my costume. I ordered ears and a tail (though my brain can’t quite wrap around how the tail attaches yet), I bought some multi-colored felt, and I finally bought a white running skirt. Now I just need to find a white top and I’ll be ready to add my spots! Of course, I had to take the skirt out for a trial run and I’m happy to report that it fit well and the under-shorts stayed perfectly in place.

workout - What's Beautiful

While the running has been going well, my strength training has been limited to the classes that I teach and the workouts I create (see below for a Friday Fast, Furious, and Functional workout!). My goal is still to get back into the gym, and I will. Soon, very soon.

What’s Beautiful Challenges

One of the fun things about joining the What’s Beautiful program is conquering the challenges. These involve things like making a video to state your goal, trying a sport you don’t usually do, write an inspirational quote, all the while taking photos of your progress and uploading them to your page.

Workout - What's Beautiful

I have done many of the challenges. Really, I have. But if you check my What’s Beautiful profile page, you will see that I have been a bit lax about photographing, videoing, and uploading them. In fact, I have only recorded one of the challenges. One of my goals for this post is to get going and and complete those challenges.

What’s Beautiful: Getting Stronger

While I haven’t been to the gym for my strength training (yet), I have been teaching a variety of classes, including my Fast and Furious class, which is a high intensity workout done in a circuit format. Many of the workouts use little or no equipment (the one below requires only a medicine ball), and can be completed in less that half an hour.  Remember to do an appropriate warm up of five to 10 minutes before starting the workout, and as with any form of exercise you should check with your doctor before starting a new program.

Fast & Furious Total Body

If you have any questions about the exercises, watch my video for demonstrations and form tips.

So, what do you think of my costume? I’m going to pin the spots on as someone suggested, because I’d like to use the skirt again. Is there something else I should add?  If you are participating in the What’s Beautiful program, how are your goals and challenges going? Feel free to share a link in the comments.


Disclaimer: Although I am a certified Coach and Personal Trainer, I am not YOUR Coach or Personal Trainer. Always adapt workouts to suit your body and fitness level. Always consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

What’s Beautiful: Getting Faster. Costume Party Run Training, Week 3

Underarmour Collage2

I just wrapped up week three of my training for the Costume Party Run. I am working hard each week, trying to elevate my training even more than I did during my last half marathon training cycle. One of the reasons for this is that I am participating in Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful campaign, which is sponsored through my relationship with FitFluential. The What’s Beautiful project is a competition with the goal of redefining the female athlete. Women are invited to set goals for themselves and then go out and achieve them.

weekly training recap

As I’ve mentioned (and you can see if you follow my progress), my goal is to run a sub two hour half marathon for the first time since I’ve turned 50. I’m notching up my training this time around, plus I will have the advantage of a fairly flat course (unlike the La Jolla Half Marathon course). I am also seeing the doctor for my exercise induced asthma, something I haven’t bothered to do in years. There are some great medications to help prevent the asthma, a big advantage. I’ve been depending on my rescue inhaler, not exactly an optimal situation for racing faster.

I had a good training week. After last week, I was feeling a little bit like I wasn’t making any progress. Training went much better this week, thank goodness. Here’s my training recap.

Strength Training

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but I didn’t make to the gym again this week. Things are slowing down, but I still have my Monday/Thursday clients, our usual gym day. After an 11 hour day, I just want to go home and veg out. They will be leaving for the summer in about a week, which will free up some time. I will get back to the gym!

I did get in four (!) workouts this week. Monday and Friday, I taught my Fast and Furious Class. Monday’s class even included some running. On Friday, we did a seven minute workout that one of the students had clipped from the New York Times. It was tough, but in spite of the evidence cited in the article about the quality and benefits of such a short workout, it left me feeling like I needed more.

What's Beautiful - Training Recap

On Tuesday and Thursday I taught my Superball Class. On Tuesday we did the Balls Only Workout, which is a lot of fun. Even the class thought so (we don’t always agree on the definition of “fun.” Thursday’s class was more basic. Three sets of each exercise, with a core exercise between each set. Example: Chest Press on the ball, Crunch on the ball, Chest Press, Crunch, Chest Press.  Lots of core training in that one, because we change it up from crunches to twists to planks to hip extensions. Good stuff.


Good running week. I ran a little over 27 miles, which is a lot for me. I completed all my planned workouts, though I did switch my long run to Sunday again. I’ll probably keep this up, because I love running with Alan and he is running (shorter) on Saturday and riding his bike on Sunday. It works out well. So perfectly that we both arrived home from our workouts on Sunday at the exact same time!

For my speed training this week, I scheduled a three mile steady tempo run. This was the longest tempo run I’d planned for a long time, and I was a little scared worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up the pace. Not entirely without reason as it turned out. I started by running two miles with Penny. She’s getting pretty slow now, so it involved some walking, but I just can’t not take her for a little run. Even at 12 she loves it so much. Anyway, I dropped her off then took off right away at my tempo pace, hoping to take advantage of the downhill portion of the run. That worked quite well, and I ran the first mile in 8:28. Mile two was more level, and I ran it in 8:33. Then, I needed to take a break. I took a short break, then got rolling again. For another half mile, when I needed to stop again. I kept that break short, then finished up mile three in 8:34 (obviously not counting my break times).

While it wasn’t exactly what I’d hoped for, I am still pleased with my workout. I know that I will see improvement next time I run this type of tempo run, and I’m excited to give it another try.

weekly training recap

 I don’t usually write up my slow/moderate/recovery runs, but the trail run on Saturday was so much fun that I want to share. Alan, Penny, Buddy and I ran the first four or so miles together, out on the trails. It was so beautiful and clear, plus the weather was cool, always a bonus in late May in the desert.

weekly training recap

Then I took Lily and Olivia out for about a mile and a half. They love to run too. So much that I created a little video of my little dogs running and put it to music. Check out their shadows. You can see their smiles.

On Sunday, I was schedule to run 12 miles. Before the run, I grabbed my hubby and had him take a few photos of me in my Under Armour gear.

What's Beautiful - Training Recap

What's Beautiful - Training Recap

Then I grabbed Penny and we ran two miles together. I experimented by leaving her off the leash on the way home. It was early, with no cars around, and she just followed along behind me. Much better solution that my trying to pull her along (then suffering intense guilt because she’s 12 and even though she runs great on the way out, no matter how far, she slows down to a crawl on the way home (and I still think it’s because she doesn’t want to go home, but still…)).

I dropped her at home after the two miles, then headed out for the rest of my run. I felt good through the whole run, a little tired at the end, which is fine. I’ve been using Ignite Naturals InRefresh Electrolytes, which I received for review a couple weeks ago. I’m really impressed with the product,  it tastes good, seems to keep me feeling good and hydrated even through a 12 mile run. I’ve been making an extra bottle when I get home, with a lot of ice, and I think my recovery has benefited. I like it so much I ordered more!

Not too much to report on the run itself. I ran steadily through the whole run, stopping only at the seven mile point to refill my bottle at a fire station. Best water stop ever! Big ice machine, handsome firemen (who I did not ask to pose…sorry), what’s not to like?

weekly training recap

As I mentioned above, I finished my run at the same time Alan finished his 26 mile bike ride. Perfect. I made a smoothie, stretched, foam rolled, and enjoyed the feeling of just being finished with a tough training week.

What's Beautiful - Training Recap

And just because I love you, I want to share two of my favorite pictures from the week that have nothing to do with running or training.

weekly training recap

Taking a selfie with an enthusiastic dog is, um, interesting. He is very photogenic though.

Samuel and Nathan

Speaking of photogenic…my son and grandson, six months old on Wednesday.

Oh, here’s my complete training log if you’re interested.

weekly training recap

How did your training week go? Any races, competitions, events that you’d like to share? Have you joined the What’s Beautiful program yet? There’s still time!

What’s Beautiful: Training to Be Faster, Week 1

As I mentioned last week, I am participating in the Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign, which is sponsored through my relationship with Fitfluential. The What’s Beautiful project is a competition with the goal of redefining the female athlete. Women are invited to set goals for themselves and then go out and achieve them.

Underarmour Collage2My goal is to run a half marathon in under two hours for the first time since I turned 50. The last time I ran under two hours was in 2007 and I was 49 (less than a month before my 50th birthday). I ran the Long Beach Half Marathon in 1:59:04. Now I want to do it again, six years later, at the Costume Party Run on July 7.

I know what I have to do (I wrote about it in that previous post), and this is week one of my new and improved half marathon training program. Here is my recap of my first week.

Strength Training

For the last few months, all of my strength training has been completed during the classes that I teach. I am fortunate that I can get a decent workout in while I’m teaching, but it still isn’t the same as getting it done in the gym. Now that my work will be slowing down and I’ll be teaching fewer classes, I will need to get back in the gym, and Alan and I plan to get there next week. In the meantime, I taught two Superball classes this week. The first one was a little different. I made a list of exercises and arranged them by muscle groups. I hung the list on the mirror. Each student got to pick an exercise as we went around the room, doing the class circuit style. It was a lot of fun and I loved that each and every one of them picked challenging exercises! No wimps in my class (and remember, they are all in the 50-70 year old range!).

I also taught two Fast and Furious Classes. Friday’s class was a challenging Tabata workout, which almost left me lying on the floor when we were done. Good stuff!

What's Beautiful - Recap


This training cycle I plan to change things up a bit and increase the intensity of some of my workouts. I’m going to add in one 14 mile run (13 was my longest last time around), alternate longer tempo runs with my interval workouts, and spice things up a bit with some negative split long runs. Since this is week one, my tempo workout was to run two miles straight at my lactate threshold pace, which was right at 8:42. I took Penny out first (because I truly can’t get out the door without taking her for some part of the run, no matter what my goals are). We ran three miles together, pretty slow, especially the second half. She is 12 now, and I can really tell now that she’s getting older. It breaks my heart a little, but she is still so happy on the run.

After the three miles, I dropped her at home, then did the same route on my own. After a half mile, I picked it up to my tempo pace and sustained it for two miles, then slowed down a bit to cool down.

What's Beautiful - Recap

 Saturday is scheduled for my long run, but I got up late, and we are finally at that point in the desert that we can’t do that anymore. We left the house about 7:10 and it was already getting hot. I decided that since I had a lot of things to do around the house anyway, I’d cut the run short, get my errands done, and get up early on Sunday for my long run.

Which I did, but somehow I still didn’t get out the door until 6:20 or so. It was already in the 70s, and warming up fast. I did the first three miles with Penny, dropped her off and headed back out for the next six. It would have been so easy to cut it short. It was getting really warm, my legs were tired, my back was a little sore from some of the housecleaning I’d done on Saturday. Add to that the route I took passed several “cut off” points, that I could have used to shorten my run, and I was really challenged to stick with it.

What's Beautiful - Recap

I’m happy (and a little proud) to report that I did stick with it, even though it probably looked like a death march for the last five miles mile.  I had refilled my electrolyte drink when I dropped Penny off, but I ran out of fluids about a half mile from home. I did stay hydrated, though, as evidenced by the sodden mess of sweat I was when I finally finished. I actually made myself another cold bottle of my electrolyte drink as I sat and cooled down.

What's Beautiful - Recap

Now, while it was pretty warm (79 degrees when I finished, plus I was in the sun), it is nothing compared to what it will be in a few weeks. Soon, 79 will be chilly! So I’d better get used to it. Last summer, we had many humid 90 degree mornings even when we started running at 5:30 am.

What's Beautiful - Recap

I found that the run pretty much pooped me out. I made a smoothie for Alan and myself (he got back from his 25 mile bike ride minutes after I finished my run), and that helped me refuel and rehydrate, but my legs were sore and tired. I spent the rest of the morning taking it easy. It was Mother’s Day after all, so this mother took a little nap.

What's Beautiful - Recap

I did talk to both of my sons, of course. Nathan and Sarah are celebrating her first Mother’s Day at home, but we did a little Facetime (I love Facetime so much!), so I got to make kissy faces at my grandson. My younger son David and I are going out to lunch tomorrow. And I spent some time thinking about my mom, who was an amazing woman and mother. (Love you Mom!)

I also spent some time with my younger “children.” In addition to my run with Penny, I spent some quality cuddling time with Lily, Buddy (in the picture below), Olivia, Goldie, and Sydney.

My dogs

Have you joined the What’s Beautiful challenge yet? It is easy to do, just click here, sign up and get ready to challenge yourself. You can also follow me as I train and take on extra challenges. Come on! What are you waiting for?

I hope that you mothers enjoyed your day (there is no way to say that so it doesn’t sound funny). How was your training week? Any events, races, or other competitions?

It’s Fast. It’s Furious. It’s a Total Body, No Equipment, Functional Workout

For the first time in months, I have nothing going this weekend. No races. No events. No gigs for Alan. No travel. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Can you tell I’m excited?

Alan and I have had something going each weekend since March. We’ve been to Lake Havasu, Redlands, and San Diego for events that he announced. I’ve run races in San Diego and Lake Havasu. We put on a race in our own backyard. My house is a mess. I haven’t seen the inside of my yoga studio for two months. I’m so happy to be home I could cry with joy.

So, with two days to ourselves, what is the plan (besides a little house cleaning)? Well, running of course. I have a nine mile run on the schedule for tomorrow, followed by six on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll be able to make sure that my yoga studio is still there (though I’m afraid my credits have expired). Maybe even, for the first time in months, a movie!

I’m looking forward to a quiet, boring, stay at home weekend. I know it is Mother’s Day on Sunday, but since I’m the mother I get to choose.

Fast and Furious Workout

I am not sure what I was thinking when I created this workout. It is pretty high intensity from beginning to end, including a quarter mile run to finish off each set. It will really get your heart rate up  and work your whole body in a short amount of time. Each set takes less that five minutes (plus the run), so you can complete a great workout in less than a half hour. Because it needs no equipments, you can take it outdoors (maybe to the high school track for a great place to get your running in).

FF Workout2

I’m demonstrating the workout in the video below, but here are a few links to more detailed explanations (or videos) of each exercise.


Air Squat

Mountain Climbers

Split Squat/Jump

Plank to Side Plank: Start in a plank position, either on your hands or forearms. Hips should be level or just slightly lifted. Lift one arm and turn into a side plank. Hold just a second, the put your arm down and switch to the other side.

Enjoy the workout! What are your plans for the weekend?


Disclaimer: Although I am a certified Personal Trainer, I am not YOUR Personal Trainer. Always adapt workouts to suit your body and fitness level. Always consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

What’s Beautiful: Running Faster and How To Get There

I am feeling so fortunate that I was chosen to be part of the Under Armour What’s Beautiful program! This is a sponsored program in which I was selected by Fitfluential to participate.  The timing is perfect as I set about planning my training program for my next half marathon, The Costume Party Run.

The What’s Beautiful project is a competition with the goal of redefining the female athlete. Women are invited to set goals for themselves and then go out and achieve them. They are encouraged to try things that they never thought that they could, share their stories, team up with other women with similar goals, and work together to accomplish amazing things.

Miles not inches - What's Beautiful

The best part is that the Under Armour What’s Beautiful program is for everybody. Not just elite level athletes, but ordinary women who would like to push themselves to achieve the extraordinary.

Anybody can join, compete, and be rewarded for their efforts.  All you need is to sign up , choose a goal, and share your journey. You can also be a part of a team, either by forming your own, or joining a team of women with similar goals.

It was pretty easy to select my goal. I am actually in the middle of week one of my nine week training program for the Costume Party Run. I came very close to finishing my last race in two hours, in spite of the hilly course and my asthma problems. My What’s Beautiful goal is:  Run my first post-50 year old sub-2:00 half marathon in July!  I WILL.

What's Beautiful

Part of the fun of the What’s Beautiful project is that you are encouraged to share your progress by completing challenges and uploading pictures and videos, so of course I will be doing that too.  There are even prizes involved! Great Under Armour swag guaranteed to motivate you even more, plus some grand prizes that are really awesome.

I have the goal, so I must create the plan to get there. This is week one of my nine-week training program, and I have already started the work, even though I just finished writing the program today. I based it on my last program, with a few tweaks. So, how am I going to go from a 2:05:41 to a sub-2:00? Here’s what I’m doing different:

  • More long runs. I’m already in good shape, so I’m picking up where I left off. After this weekend’s nine-miler, I will be right back into the 10+ range. I’m even planning a 14 mile run this time around.
  • More focused speed workouts. In this training cycle, Wednesdays will alternate between intervals (mostly 800s or longer), and tempo workouts (working up to four miles at tempo pace).
  • A few “negative split” workouts during my long runs. I love these and they are so effective for teaching you to run fast even when you’re tired.
  • Now that my work will be slowing down, I will get back to the gym.
  • Yoga (I can hear you laughing saying “yeah, right.” But really, yoga.
  • I have an appointment with my asthma doctor next week to see what we can do about the exercise induced asthma. It is something I have dealt with for a long time, but now that I’m training harder it is becoming more of an issue. I haven’t been to this doctor for about seven years, haven’t needed to. Alan is suggesting I try Montelukast, the generic version of Singulair,  a pill that you take once a day that he says has been amazing for his asthma.
  • There are virtually no hills on the Costume Party Run course. Yay!

I’m confident that if I follow my training schedule, stay injury free, and manage my asthma, I can achieve my goal of a post-50 year old, sub 2:00 half marathon. If you’re interested in the program, click on the thumbnail for a full size version. I’ll probably make a few more tweaks along the way, but here you go:

What's Beautiful

I hope that you will take a few moments to check out the What’s Beautiful website and think about joining the challenge. Then, you can click on over to my page and follow me (I’ll follow you back, I promise). I also started a team, Team Awesome, which I invite you to join. Our goal is to run, walk, skip, or jump across the country (and you can take that either literally or figuratively). Basically, our goal is to get moving, keep moving, and rack up some mileage.

Here are some details about What’s Beautiful from the Under Armour website:

Together we’re redefining the female athlete by setting epic goals and pushing past where we’ve ever been and where we thought we could go. Join us. Set your own personal goal. Then document your journey by posting videos and photos that tell your story from start to victory.

We’ll continuously post challenges for you. But that’s just the beginning. Show us your journey. Show us what makes your story the one that stands out from the rest. If you meet your goal, set a new one. Make it even bigger. Prove to everyone, and yourself, that you have more than what it takes.

Each week, Under Armour will be giving away swag bags full of loot to participants. they will feature top performers on their website. after 8 weeks, they will announce 10 finalists who have documented the most impressive & motivated journeys toward the goals. mid-July, winners will be announced! three winners will receive a trip to Costa Rica for a 4-day retreat.

I hope that I’ve got you excited and ready to get started! What are the goals that you would like to achieve?

IHRSA 2013 Wrap Up: The Trade Show and Random Happenings

As my final wrap up of the 2013 IHRSA Convention, I wanted to share some of the great photos from the trade show, plus a few random stories from my visit to Las Vegas.

I don’t think that I mentioned that I drove alone, because my husband couldn’t make it and my coworker was driving up the day before. It’s a long drive, over four hours, and I chose to take what we call the long way, as opposed to the back way, which cuts through the desert, but is a lot more isolated. It takes about a half hour longer, but since it is up Interstate 15 it is a lot safer for a solo driver. Not to mention the Starbucks in Barstow and the rest stop about an hour outside of Vegas.

After checking in to my hotel, I needed to get to the Mandalay Bay before 6:00, because that is when registration would close for the day. Since I planned on attending the opening reception at 7:00, I needed to have my pass first. I took the time to unpack, then left about 5:15 to drive the two and a half miles. I actually used my GPS, even though I knew where I was going, and it insisted that I take Las Vegas Blvd., the Strip. My instinct was to avoid it, but I soon found that all roads were packed with bumper to bumper rush hour traffic, and the Strip was as good as any.


My only time on the Strip was spent in my car.

IHRSA 2013

Ah, Vegas

It took me a half hour to navigate that short distance. Once there, parking was easy, though it was a long walk from the parking garage to the convention center (I estimated about a half mile, based on it taking me about 10 minutes, walking briskly).

IHRSA 2013

The only gambling I did was while waiting to meet my coworker on Tuesday evening. I lost $5.

Fast forward to Wednesday evening. I had invitations to two dinners. As I wrote in a previous post, my company, WTS International, was hosting a dinner at the Yard House, which is about a mile south of the Mandalay Bay. At the same time, FitFluential, for which I am an Ambassador, was hosting a dinner at the Mandalay Bay. I felt obligated for the company dinner, but I really, really wanted to meet some of my fellow Ambassadors. I had what I thought was a great idea.

I would leave my hotel early enough (the last session was finished by 3:00, so I had time to go back and change), drive to the Mandalay Bay, pop up and meet some FitFluential peeps, then dash off and drive the one mile or so to my company dinner. Great plan. But you know what they say about best laid plans.

My plan started to go awry as soon as I started my drive from my hotel. I planned to take a half hour, as it had the night before. I planned to take the Strip, since that was the best choice from the day before. So much for plans. After driving for 20 minutes, I found myself less than a mile from my hotel. I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and I could finally see ahead of me that all the southbound lanes of Las Vegas Blvd. (my side) were closed. It looked like there was some kind of protest in progress (I found out later it was the culinary workers on strike). They were making all the southbound traffic U-turn and head back the way we came. So, after 35 minutes on the road I was right back at my hotel. Not good.

By the time I maneuvered through some side streets and made it to the Mandalay Bay, it was already 6:00, so I decided I had to skip my FitFluential meet-up. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time with co-workers, but I was disappointed that I missed out meeting some bloggers that I admire.

Enough talking about Las Vegas traffic. Let’s get to the fun. The trade show started on Wednesday. As I’ve written before, it is always an amazing experience. Just imaging this huge room, filled with every kind of fitness toy that you can imagine (and some you’d never imagine). All the big equipment manufacturers, the supply companies, anything you could possibly need to manage a health club or fitness center. Treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, weights, functional exercise equipment, software, locker room supplies, saunas and steam rooms, Zumba, Les Mills, Anti-Gravity Yoga, Spinning, Kettlebells, TRX, and much, much more. It’s like a toy store for fitness people. Plus the place is crowded with people, music playing, classes going on all around. Here are some pictures so you can imagine you’re there.

IHRSA 2013

Before we even entered the trade show. A sample of what was to come.

IHRSA 2013

The Matrix booth. Some of the companies had floor space larger than the fitness center that I manage.

IHRSA 2013

Lots of people!

IHRSA 2013

So much has changed in a few years. This type of frame, used to attach TRX and other functional exercise aids were rare four years ago, common now.

IHRSA 2013

Big Ass Fans

IHRSA 2013

More frames and functional equipment

IHRSA 2013

This was the Balanced Body booth. I loved this piece of equipment (and it’s inventor). Simple, elegant, functional.

IHRSA 2013

Life Fitness, with more functional equipment.

IHRSA 2013


IHRSA 2013

I did finally get to meet fellow FitFluential Ambassador Lindsay, of Lindsay’s List. She was working the Technogym booth.

IHRSA 2013

The very cute Exercise Lab girls.

IHRSA 2013

Ready for spin class?

IHRSA 2013

Yet more functional equipment. I love the bright colors!

IHRSA 2013

More indoor cycling.

IHRSA 2013

In this spin class you can imagine you’re outside climbing steep mountains.

IHRSA 2013

My husband Alan used to surf with Laird Hamilton’s dad. I told Laird this, but he didn’t seem impressed.

IHRSA 2013

If you’ve ever used the eSpinner, you will recognize master trainer Josh.

IHRSA 2013

I did want to share a picture of my co-worker. I hope she agrees that this is a great photo!

IHRSA 2013

In case you forgot, I got do experience the Anti Gravity Yoga too.

Altogether a pretty amazing experience. I can’t wait until next year. IHRSA 2014 in San Diego!

I hope you enjoyed my recap. If you missed any of the previous IHRSA posts, here they are:

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IHRSA 2013: The Sessions, Part 2

Now that you’ve read all that, wouldn’t you like to come visit me next year and attend IHRSA 2014? Hope to see you there!