Blogging Goals 2014. Plus My New Look (I Did it Myself!)

2014 Blogging Goals

Middle of February? That doesn’t mean I can’t finally write down my blogging goals for 2014, does it? I hope not, because, well, here are my blogging goals for 2014. First a quick review of last year’s goals and successes (and failures). I will continue to increase my readership. Done, though I had a slip […]

My Reverse Bucket List

Paris 008

You hear a lot about bucket lists. What are the things you want to do, places you want to visit, adventures you want to take, before you die? Before you kick the bucket. The focus is on what you haven’t done in your life. Yet. After reading Angela’s post, I realized that if I took […]

Vegan Pesto Pizza plus a Training Update

Pesto Pizza

After my big reveal in yesterday’s post, I’ll bet you’re wondering how I went from an unmotivated December to an enthusiastic marathon goal seeker in such a short time. The big answer is…I don’t know. Sorry, no great revelations beyond, after 20 years running I knew even when I was struggling to finish five miles […]