Family Time! Plus a Workout Recap


Family Time My sister Lisa was visiting from Texas this weekend. For a sad reason actually. The father of a friend of hers had passed away, so she was here to support her friend and attend his memorial service on Saturday. On Sunday we gathered our family together and met for lunch at about the […]

What I Ate…Vegan on the Road at IHRSA


What you won’t find in this post: A list of elegant vegan restaurants, beautifully photographed entrees, or how I packed enough food to feast upon for four days. What you will find: How I survived, ate delicious food, some great memories, and created a few good pictures from my vegan on a budget weekend. I […]

Let’s Put This Week to Bed. In (Mostly) Pictures


I have rehashed this week to death. You’ve read about my accident, my feelings about my accident, and my completion of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge in spite of the accident. I am tired of talking about it myself. So, I won’t. Except that a decent size insurance check should be arriving today so let […]

Totaled: An Update on My Accident

Running Girl

Thank you all so much for your love and support after my car accident. Your words warmed my heart. Here’s a little update. It has not been a great week. Even though I had no injuries from the accident, my body has been sore and my mind has been scattered since Tuesday. I also seem […]

Return from Down Under

trail run 2

No, I didn’t take a quick trip down under to Australia. I am just now popping my head up after over a week of holiday stuff. I did manage a quick post about our family celebration last Saturday, but beyond that I’ve been absent not only from the blog but also from social media (aside […]

A Picture of Christmas + the FlipBelt Winner


We had our family Christmas celebration this past Saturday. For the second year, we picked up the twins in Orange County, then headed south to my son Nathan’s home in San Diego. Three Grandsons. Triple Awesome. In addition to the grandsons, Dane, Cash, and one year old Samuel, my son David, his girlfriend Melissa, niece […]