Let’s Put This Week to Bed. In (Mostly) Pictures


I have rehashed this week to death. You’ve read about my accident, my feelings about my accident, and my completion of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge in spite of the accident. I am tired of talking about it myself. So, I won’t. Except that a decent size insurance check should be arriving today so let […]

My Worst Run. Ever.


On Monday I participated in a blog link-up called #bestrun. I, and many other bloggers, wrote about our best, recent run. It was a pretty simple choice for me, especially after my training runs in the current week were definitely not my best. But, it got me to thinking. How about my worst run? Out […]

My #BestRun.


I am excited to be participating in MissZippy’s #BestRun link up this week. The idea is to write about my most recent best run. First, I need to tell you that my weekly training recap post will be a day late, because, unfortunately, that recent best run didn’t happen this week. Oh, I had high […]

On the Road: Vegan Dining in Temecula and Encinitas

Earth Bistro

As I mentioned in my Weekly Training Recap post, our drive to the coast was quite an experience. Under normal circumstances, when Alan and I drive to the San Diego area, we take the “scenic” route, which takes us through the Santa Rosa mountains, then heads down into Temecula where we jump on the freeway […]