Finally! 2013 Fitness Goals

Fitness Goals

So, almost one week into 2013 and I finally made it out for a walk this morning. Definitely not starting off the year or my fitness goals with a bang. Though the walk did feel good. It was very cold, much colder than you’d expect for the California desert. Alan and I walked 3.5 miles with Penny and Buddy, after a much slower 1.2 mile walk with the pack. I was happy just to be out, and hope that I’ll be back to running in a couple days.

Walk Temp

Fitness Goals

This is Penny’s “why aren’t we running?” posture.

Fitness Goals

Pretty and COLD this morning!

So, I’ve hinted at a few of my fitness goals in my last few posts, and talked about a few things that are getting me motivated, including my Polar heart rate monitor, my EatSmart Body Fat Scale, and my Runmeter GPS Stopwatch App. Now to finally put it all together into sensible, achievable goals and intentions for 2013.

Fitness Goal #1

My number one goal for this year is to get back into fighting shape, so to speak. No, I’m not going to be a boxer. Just a figurative term for training seriously for a race, probably a half marathon. Last year I ran two half marathons, and maybe a couple of 5ks, but aside from putting in some mileage, I didn’t really train. In fact, it has been several years since I’ve done any kind of training to make me run faster. So, using my motivator #1, my Polar hrm as my guide and my Runmeter App as my planner and log, I will:

  • Pick a race that I want to train for (possibly La Jolla Half Marathon).
  • Create a training plan that will include both endurance, speed, and stamina
  • Share the plan here.
  • Follow the plan
  • Log my workouts and share here
  • Complete the race
  • Do it again

I’m excited that I have Alan on board to train with me some of the time. His training is different, of course, because he trains for triathlon, but we can do our running intervals and distance together. This is huge for my motivation because back when I was running marathons and training hard Alan and I always trained together. We’ve done countless long runs together, though he usually would run his own race at marathons (except special ones like my first and, of course, Paris). We’ve also done many an early interval workout, in the dark usually, at the high school track.

Fitness Goal #2

I want to continue my yoga journey (I like the way that sounds). I was pretty consistent in 2012, with only a lapse or two here and there, until cross country season, then the holidays. Of course the problem with that is that those things encompass about 25% of the year. I’m going to keep my intentions pretty simple. Twice a week minimum, at least once at the studio. Giving yoga rules doesn’t feel right, but I need to have a plan so that I can stick to it.

Fitness Goal #3

Oh, the Gym. In spite of my career, I have a love/hate relationship with working out at the gym. I love the results, I even love working out hard. It’s just that getting there is impossible challenging. So much to interfere (like that running, yoga, job, cooking, blogging, life thing). Because of that, my scheduled gym times tend to be at a time of day when my energy is at a low ebb, and it is very easy to be dissuaded.  I am again going to recruit my husband, who also needs wants to get back to the gym, as my workout partner. Nothing like a workout buddy to keep you on track and in line. The plan calls for twice a week workouts, with the emphasis on upper body (my classes really don’t count for upper body workouts because I don’t use heavy enough weights. Squats and lunges, though, are squats and lunges, so therefore they count).

And Finally

When I first received my EatHealthy Body Fat Scale and tried it out, I was somewhat shocked with the result. Yes, it was the holidays, but I honestly didn’t think that I had been overeating. In fact, since my gluten-free experiment, when I basically cut out my favorite treats like vegan cookies and ice cream sandwiches, I have not started eating them again.  I don’t eat junk food, rarely eat sweets, so yes, I was surprised that the scale showed about five more pounds than I expected. Then, after a week of careful eating, not to mention the nausea and fasting from my sick days, I weighed in this morning still several pounds over my pre-holiday weight.

This time, instead of panicking, I pulled out my old scale, an older model Tanita body fat scale, and weighed myself. Um, back to where I want to be (well, close)! Which explains why I didn’t notice a difference in they way my clothes feel. Now, as to what scale is correct…I think I need a third opinion. I know which one I’m rooting for.

What’s Not Here

You may wonder why getting back to cycling is not on my goals list. Well, it kinda/sorta is. I’d like to ride my bike more, but it is not a huge priority for me right now. I’d like to occasionally go out for a ride, but I don’t feel an urge to train to ride another century. At least not right now. As the year progresses, who can tell? I will put a note on my calendar to check back on this post from time to time, just to remind myself of where I planned to go at the beginning of the year. To help me be where I want to be at the end of the year.

Do you make resolutions, goals, or intentions for the upcoming year? If you do, would like like to share?

Getting Psyched, Part 2: Weighing My Options with the EatSmart Precision Scale

As I mentioned in part one, I am, for the first time in a long time, really excited about my training in the upcoming year. While I have been staying fairly fit, and have even run a few races in 2012, I haven’t really trained for them. I mean going beyond building my endurance and trying to run, dare I say, faster.

So what has inspired and motivated me? Three things, as I mentioned in part one. The first was my new Polar heart rate monitor, which I feel will really kick my training up a notch. The second arrived in the mail the other day and almost immediately let me know it was time for some changes.

EatSmart Scale

The EatSmart Precision GET FIT Scale really does it all. In addition to weighing you (duh), it also calculates your body fat percentage using bio-electrical impedance technology. That makes it a great tool for ongoing measurements during any kind of a fitness or weight loss program. We know that health and fitness goes beyond the basic numbers on a scale. The EatSmart scale will help you measure your progress by indicating your fat loss as well as weight loss.

In addition to body fat measurements, the Precision GET FIT scale also gives your complete body composition, including total body water, and bone and muscle mass. It can tell you if you are adding muscle with your new strength program in addition to losing body fat. I know that solves one of the things my clients find frustrating: you start a program, change your eating habits, do your cardio, hit the weights, but the numbers on the scale don’t change. Now, with the EatSmart scale, you will know exactly what is going on.

The EatSmart scale is very attractive, with a shiny top surface, thin profile, and large, illuminated digital display. It can keep data for up to eight people, and includes an Athlete Mode for those who train more than 10 hours a week.

EatSmart Scale

When my scale arrived, I followed the easy instruction booklet to set it up for myself and Alan. Unfortunately, at the moment, neither of us qualify for Athlete mode, something we both plan to change soon. Once your data is input and you use the EatSmart Scale for the first time, you will indicate whether you are person number one or two (or three through eight if that applies). After that, the scale uses “Step On” technology. It can actually tell which person is stepping on the scale so you don’t have to press any buttons, just step on.

EatSmart Scale

 As for me, I found the EatSmart scale to be a great motivator. I don’t really weigh myself very often and I was unhappily surprised to find a few extra pounds when I tried out my new scale. I guess the holidays can even get to those of us who think we know better. Darn vegan pumpkin pie.

In any case, I will use my scale as a tool as I begin my new training program in 2013. I will discuss my complete plans in a later post (as well as motivator #3), but in general I will be able to track my progress as I increase the intensity, variety, and time of my training.

If you are looking for a quality, attractive, low profile scale that can help you track your training progress, I can definitely recommend the EatSmart scale.  It is available at a discounted price on Amazon. You can also follow EatSmart on twitter, facebook, google+, and pinterest.


Nothing at all to do with this post, but isn’t Buddy just the cutest thing?

Do you track your body composition in your training? What method do you use?

Disclaimer: I was given an EatSmart Precision Body Fat Scale to try and review. All opinions are my own.