Cross Country, Vegan Eats and Samuel Time!


The highlight of my week: Of course, seeing Samuel is always the highlight of the week, but there were a few other things going on. Cross Country Begins Cross country practice started on Tuesday. I’m coaching the girls team only this year, so it is a different experience than in previous years. We’re losing a […]

Family Time! Plus a Workout Recap


Family Time My sister Lisa was visiting from Texas this weekend. For a sad reason actually. The father of a friend of hers had passed away, so she was here to support her friend and attend his memorial service on Saturday. On Sunday we gathered our family together and met for lunch at about the […]

What I’m Eating: A Week of Vegan Food

tofu scramble

In all my years of blogging about vegan food, creating and sharing recipes, writing restaurant reviews, I have never participated in any kind of a What I Ate Wednesday link up or written any thing like Lindsey’s Weekly Eats posts. And as those of who you read my blog, and my history of “series failures” […]

On the Road: Vegan Dining in Temecula and Encinitas

Earth Bistro

As I mentioned in my Weekly Training Recap post, our drive to the coast was quite an experience. Under normal circumstances, when Alan and I drive to the San Diego area, we take the “scenic” route, which takes us through the Santa Rosa mountains, then heads down into Temecula where we jump on the freeway […]

It Wasn’t All Bad: The Good Part of the Weekend


As you know, I spent last weekend in San Diego while my sister Lisa and I took care of arrangements for my aunt. While it was sad and stressful, I will say that it wasn’t all bad. Here are some of the good parts of the weekend. When Alan and I spent the previous weekend […]

Beyond Grandma: Weekend in San Diego

San Diego

Saturday Dinner: Vegan Challenged So, believe it or not, Alan and I went beyond the grandma and grandpa thing last weekend. We booked our hotel in Encinitas, our favorite place to stay near San Diego, which is about a 20-30 minute drive from my son’s house. While we wanted to see Samuel more than anything, […]