Say Goodbye to Live from La Quinta. Hello Coach Debbie Runs

The time is finally here! This is my last post on Live from La Quinta! I’m sure you noticed that I got a head start last month. I changed my logo, all of my social accounts, started the process of getting it all ready for the big change…changing my URL to Coach Debbie Runs!

Coach Debbie Runs Logo

A huge thank you to Rita Barry of Blog Genie. While I did a lot of work to get the process started (I couldn’t tell you how I did it, but I managed to duplicate my files, add a new database, and a whole lot of other things I doubt I could do again), Rita will be the one to make sure that nothing gets lost, that all my old posts will be in place, and that if someone clicks an old link they will magically click through to Coach Debbie Runs.

Friends 14I’ve worked with Rita before and I love her work. I was a student in the very first Blog School (now I’m an affiliate too), and she did my very first Genesis install. I also got to meet her at Blogfest, so we’re real life friends too.

So sometime tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon, the change will go through. Probably, hopefully, you won’t notice a difference. If you follow me on Bloglovin’ or through other readers, there may be a delay, as I will have a bit on my plate over the weekend updating everything that needs to be updated.

Here are all my social media links, though if you followed me before it all should have updated automatically.

Twitter: CoachDebbieRuns
Instagram: CoachDebbieRuns
Pinterest: CoachDebbieRuns
Tumblr: CoachDebbie Runs
Facebook: (They let me change my Facebook URL, but I had to request the name change, so this link will take you there, but the name still says Live from La Quinta.)

Google+ and YouTube all stay the same for now.

So! Exciting times! I’ll see you later on Coach Debbie Runs!

Have you ever changed your URL or rebranded your blog? I’d appreciate any tips or suggestions that you may have (knowing of course that your comments will probably be lost after the transfer since I already did the database switch thing).

A DIY Blogger: Welcome to Coach Debbie Runs

Coach Debbie Runs LogoYou may have noticed some changes around here! Welcome to Coach Debbie Runs! One of my big goals for 2015 was to re-brand my blog. When I started Live from La Quinta six years ago, I didn’t have a clue about blogging or what I was going to write about. It just sounded like fun. I live in La Quinta, and I thought the name had a nice ring to it.

Over the course of time, Live from La Quinta has evolved into a healthy living and running blog, with a side dish of vegan cooking and family life. While I still write a little about La Quinta, the title itself just didn’t “say” health and fitness. Heck, half the country can’t even pronounce “Quinta!” (It’s Keenta by the way, not Kwinta.)

Even though I am not “techy,” I am a DIY Blogger. Everything you see on my blog, for better or worse, is my own work. I installed the theme, designed the layout, even created my new logo. And while I am re-branding, I am doing it a step at a time. You may notice that the URL is still That’s mostly because, even as a do-it-yourself blogger, I’m scared to death of making that change on my own. I think it will be time for a little professional help, just so everything changes over smoothly (and I don’t lose six years of hard work).

So, my next step, in addition to changing my URL, is going through the process of changing my social media handles. I’ve done that once before (way back when I first joined Twitter and Instagram I was Shnuddy, a nickname that my husband bestowed upon me. I’m still stuck with it on some accounts, like YouTube, which doesn’t let you change your name.), so I imagine it will go smoothly.

While all this sounds like a big change, and it is, you probably won’t notice any difference in my content. I write about what I know: running, fitness, a plant-based lifestyle, dogs, and life. I have no plans to change that. I just want to spruce up the old blog, maybe get some new readers, and keep things fresh.

Finally, for the first time since I put my blogging goals down in writing, I feel like I’m working toward my word of the year.

BraveSo, what do you think? Do you like the new look? Do you have a suggestion about who could help me switch my URL? I have a couple ideas, but I’m open to suggestions. Finally, thank you all for reading. I’m always amazed that people actually want to read what I have to say, and I love you for it.