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Have you ever read a great book, seen an inspiring movie, or heard a great joke, and thought, “I’ve got to share that!” Of course you have! Here are a few things from my Reader in the last week few weeks that inspired and motivated me, made me happy, sad, and angry, made my stomach growl, and made me laugh.


My grandson, at three weeks. What could be more inspirational than that?

Go Vegan!

If one of your resolutions (or goals, intentions, plans) for 2013 is to reduce or eliminate animal products from your diet, here are a few helpful posts.

Angela from Oh She Glows has a series on going vegan. Her posts include Vegan How To: Part 1 (How to Make the Transition, Most Popular Vegan Recipes of 2012, Vegan How-To: Replacing Dairy Milk, which she followed up with, Carrageenan in our Food (vegan or not, be sure to check it out).

If you want to stock your vegan cupboard, Cadry from Cadry’s Kitchen has got you covered. Her post My 25 Kitchen Essentials will get you started (be sure to read the comment for even more ideas).

Looking for the best recipes? Try Spabettie Recipes – Best of 2012, Better with Veggies’ Best of 2012: Top 10 Recipes, Choosing Raw’s Best of 2012: My Favorite Vegan and Raw Recipes, Cadry’s My 20 Favorite Posts of 2012, and Healthy. Happy. Life’s Top 30 Posts of 2012.

Get Fit!

Whether you’re looking for a workout or looking for some motivation, these posts have you covered:

Heather from Better with Veggies has listed her Best of 2012: Top 5 Workouts. Tamara, from FitKnitChick, has so many awesome workouts that I can’t pick one. Instead, check out her Youtube channel for a bunch of great video workouts.

As you know, I made fitness goals for 2013, as I’m sure many of you did as well. But the post I loved the most was from Kierston, from CandyFit. Her post A Lifetime Resolution says so much about the lifestyle change that she made a few years ago.

Some bloggers chose one word to define their goals and vision for 2013. Heather chose Balance, Lindsay picked Nurture,  Amanda selected Purpose, Jesica picked Discipline, and Danielle decided not to limit herself to one word and instead chose three, Success, Joy, Balance. I found it hard to pick just one word too, but Balance feels right to me. What word would you choose?

Nora Tobin has been writing the Fit Vegan Challenge series on the Fitfluential blog for many months. Her post always includes a vegan meal suggestion, vegan recipe, a calorie burning exercise, and a lot of motivation. To get you going in 2013, her latest post is The Fit Vegan Challenge: Back on Track 2013. Check it out.

If you’re feeling a little down on yourself, lacking motivation, or worried that you can’t achieve your goals, check out Amanda from Run to the Finish’s post, How to Use Affirmations and 67 Free Examples. I guarantee you’ll feel better about yourself.

Get Writing

Because so many of my readers are also writers themselves, I like to share a few posts that can help bloggers achieve their goals. I know I certainly made goals for my blog this year!

Stanford, over at Pushing Social, always has great information to make your blog better and more successful. His 10 Blogging Commandments for a Successful Year will help you make your own plan. And since you really can’t look forward and plan without looking back and reviewing, be sure to read 12 Ways to End Your Blogging Year with a Bang.

When you write, how much do you reveal? How much should you reveal? I’ve read a few interesting posts on the topic lately. Tessa, from Amazing Asset, wrote a piece for the Healthy Living Blogs Blog Tip Thursday series, Honesty in Blogging, that I really enjoyed.

Well, that should get you reading for a while. What have you read lately that inspired you? Did you write something that you’re proud of and would like to share? Please do!