2015 Blogging Goals and my Word for the Year

Well, one thing hasn’t changed in the last two years. It still takes me a few weeks to sit down and write down my blogging goals for the coming year. In 2014 I posted on February 10. In 2013 it was February 6. So I guess I’m heading in the right direction.

Of course first I need to take a look back at my goals for last year. There is no point in going forward without taking a look back. My 2014 blogging goals were:

1. Get a new look/theme for my blog. That was kind of a cheater goal, because by the time I wrote it, it was already done. I did it all myself, and it is still a work in progress, but for the most part I’m really happy with my theme and the look of my blog.

2. Create awesome content. I guess you’ll have to be the judge of that. I do try. I don’t usually post just to post. I try to have something to say.

3. Make some money. Well, I made more in 2014 than the year before. While I love making money, I want to strike a balance between sponsored posts, advertising, and my own (see above) awesome content.

4. That camera thing. I call it that because for the last several years I’ve promised that I would take a photography class and get to know my DSL camera. Nope, I haven’t done it yet. Adding it to the 2015 goal list. Seriously, though, I always have my phone with me, so even if I finally take a class, I’ll still bet that most of my photos will be uploaded from my telephone.

5. Increase social media following. I have a slow but sure increase in my social media, especially Twitter (about 4,200) and Instagram (finally over 1,000!!!).

Overall I am pleased with my blogging over the last year. That doesn’t mean I don’t have plans for the coming year though!

2015 Blogging Goals

2015 Blogging Goals

Let’s start right off with the BHAG why don’t we? I want to rebrand and change my URL this year. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but to be honest, it scares me. I’ve always been a DIY blogger, but this is a big step and I should probably get some help. So many things to think about!

Why do I want to change? When I started Live from La Quinta in 2009 (yes, my first post was almost exactly six years ago!), I had no idea what I was doing. I had a friend who had a blog and I thought it sounded like fun. I picked my name and URL pretty randomly. I wrote about my training, family, etc. And it was good.

Over the years, Live from La Quinta has evolved into more of a fitness and running blog, with a side of personal. I have a good following, but I think with a name that is more, I don’t know, fitness and running sounding, I can grow even more.

Because this has been on my mind for a while, I’ve become a collector of URLs. While I would love to rebrand under my own name, DebbieWoodruff.com is not available (dang, I should have been thinking of this years ago!). Since my focus wanders from time to time, all my collected URLs are a little random too. They are:

VeggieRunnerGirl.com. From my very vegan phase. I’m still very vegan, but I’m not sure I want my blog name to reflect it. Plus “girl.” Not sure about that one either.

DebWoodruff.com. No one really calls me Deb except a friend or two, but I do kind of like this one. But it still doesn’t have that running flair that I’m looking for.

I also purchased MediaFitCoach.com, during my social media blogger phase. While that is still in use on my WordPress.com blog, I haven’t done much with it. It does have the word coach in it though.

My most recent purchase is CoachDebbieRuns.com. I think I like this one the best, though if you ask me tomorrow I might change my mind.

What do you think? Any other ideas? Tell me in the comments and I’ll hurry over and buy it before anybody else can!

I’d like to make a few tweaks to my theme and overall look, timed to go with the rebrand. I love the Beautiful Pro Genesis theme, so I won’t be changing that out, but I want to create a new header, a logo, and generally clean it up. Sidebars can get messy over time, so it’s time to cull a few things out. I recently purchased Genesis Design Pallet Pro, which promises that I can make advanced theme edits without any coding knowledge. We’ll see. It’s guaranteed!

Blogging and Fitness Conferences. I want to go back to Blogfest this year, which includes the last two days of IDEAWorld. It was a great experience, especially meeting so many blogging friends, and I can’t wait to go back. I will also be attending the IHRSA Convention, as a member of the media, so I’m excited about that.

I want to post less often. I tend to get caught up in the “I need to post daily” maelstrom, but it’s just too difficult to post that often and still keep quality content. I want to cut back (as I pretty much have in the last few months) to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. That being said, I do like to put sponsored posts on Tuesday and/or Thursday, so that they don’t take away from my regular content. I don’t have that many sponsored posts, so that should work pretty well.

I want to be a better Blogging Friend. Believe it or not, blogging takes a lot of time. Between the writing itself, thinking out a plan for my posts, research if necessary, I can spend two or three hours (or more) on a post. Add a job to that, plus, you know, a personal life, time seems to always be at a premium. Unfortunately, the things that get left out are important, both as a human being, and as a blogger. I want to be better at responding to comments, on my blog and social media, reading other blogs and sharing and commenting there, and generally giving back to the bloggers and readers who support me.

Finally, I want to expand into more freelance writing. To do that I will have to step outside my comfort zone and really start to sell myself as a writer. It’s scary, but I know if I want to make a career (or a half career) out of writing, I need to do it.

That brings me to my word for the year. Many bloggers choose just one word, instead of a page full of goals, to express their intentions for the coming year. I’m doing both, because I like to write out my goals, and because the word I’m choosing is so appropriate to my 2015 blogging goals. My word is

BraveBrave, because I’m not. Brave so that I can step outside my comfort zone and not be afraid to approach strangers, not fear the word “no.” Brave because that is how you grow. Brave because I need to fight my shyness and reserve with all that I have if I want to succeed with what I want to do.



Did you set goals or choose a word for the year? What URL do you think I should choose? Do you know a designer that I should hire to do this for me? Do you struggle to step outside of your comfort zone?

3 Smoothies and a Juice plus my Revised Marathon Plan

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I won a Blendtec Blender in a giveaway on the Fitfluential blog. Well, it arrived last week and I have been busy creating smoothies and juices since then. Here are a few of my favorite blends.

Three Smoothies and a Juice

Rader Farms Fresh Start Morning Vitality Fusion Smoothie (Fresh Start Vitality Smoothie for short).

I had a chance through Influenster to sample Rader Farms Morning Vitality Fusion frozen fruit and vegetable blend. This Fresh Start blend contained nectarine, mango, sweet potato and carrot,  and is picked and frozen at the height of freshness. I have so say that it is an easy way to get delicious and healthy ingredients into your smoothie (or juice, or whatever you choose). The Morning Vitality Fusion is and excellent source of Vitamin A and C and is loaded with fiber.

Fresh Start Vitality Smoothie

Silk-alicious Smoothie

I recently had a chance to try the new Silk non-dairy Yogurt Alternative. Of course I had to make a smoothie!

Silk alicious Smoothie

Berry Avocado Smoothie

Adding avocado to a smoothie is a great way to add healthy fat to your diet. While I love the taste of avocado, it isn’t my go-to flavor for a smoothie. No worries. You don’t taste the avocado, but you do get a creamy richness in your smoothie.

Berry Avocado Smoothie

And Finally! Ultimate Green Juice

One of the reasons I was excited to win the Blendtec was to make juice. Even though I’m a vegan, I’m not a huge veggie eater (yeah, I know, irony). Juice is a great way to get your vegetables, and when made in a blender you get all the goodness and fiber. This was my first juice, improvised following a couple recipes and adding my own flair (the cilantro and arugula). While I loved it, Alan wasn’t quite so enthusiastic. He thought it had too much celery. Working on it.

Ultimate Green Juice

My Revised Training Schedule

Training Plan 3

When I first put my schedule for the SLO Marathon together, it did it rather quickly (blog deadline, you know). On reflection, I’ve changed it up at bit. I said that I wanted to rock this marathon, so I added a second speed workout during the week. That is the main change. My Monday run will serve as a second longest run, plus a longer, slower speed training day (like half marathon pace, marathon pace, etc.), while Wednesday will be a little higher intensity, long intervals and hills.

Date Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total Mileage
1/5-1/11/15 7.5 miles Rest 5 miles Half Marathon Pace (HMP) Rest Rest 10 miles 3 miles 25.5
1/12-1/18/15 6 miles 4 @ HMP Rest 5 miles ½ mile intervals 3 miles or Rest Rest 4 miles 12 miles 30
1/19-1/26/15 7 miles6 x ½ mile LT intervals with ¼ mile recovery Rest 6 miles Hills 3 miles or Rest Rest 13 miles 5 miles 34
1/27-2/1/15 6 miles Marathon Pace (MP) Rest 6 miles Hills 3 miles or Rest Rest 15 miles 5 miles 35
2/2-2/8/15 7 miles
5 @ HMP
Rest 5 miles
½ mile intervals
3 miles or Rest Rest 6 miles PS Half 34.1
2/9-2/15/15 4 miles Recovery Rest 6 miles Hills 3 miles or Rest Rest 16 miles 6 miles 35
2/16-2/22/15 7 miles
5 @ HMP
Rest 6 miles
1 mile intervals
3 miles or Rest Rest 16 miles 6 miles 38
2/23-3/1/15 8 miles
Rest 6 miles Hills 3 miles or Rest Rest 18 miles 6 miles 41
3/2-3/8/15 8 miles
6 @ HMP
Rest 6 miles
1 mile intervals
3 miles or Rest Rest 6 miles Redlands Half 36.1
3/9-3/15/15 4 miles Recovery Rest 6 miles
4 @ LT Pace
3milesor Rest Rest 20 miles 5 miles 38
3/16-3/22/15 8 miles
Rest 6 miles Hills 3 miles or Rest Rest 16 miles Neg Split Run 6 miles 41
3/23-3/29/15 8 miles
6 @ HMP
Rest 5 miles
1 mile intervals
3 miles or Rest Rest 20 miles 6 miles 42
3/30-4/5/15 8 miles
1 mile LT intervals w/2 minute rest
Rest 6 miles
4 @ HMP
3 miles or Rest Rest 22 miles 6 miles 45
4/6-4/12/15 8 miles MP Rest 6 miles Hills 3 miles or Rest Rest 15 miles Neg Split Run 5 miles 37
4/13-4/19/25 8 miles
6 @ HMP
Rest 5 miles
½ mile intervals
Rest Rest 10 miles 5 miles 28
4/20-4/26/15 6 miles Rest 5 miles MP 3 miles Rest 2 miles SLO Marathon 16 + 26.2

This week I ran 25.5 miles. I’m a little behind where I wanted to be on my total mileage, but I’m happy with that. It will be increasing soon! I did not make to yoga at all this week, but I’ve got a class on my schedule for today. I really don’t want to let that go now that I’ve started back. Here’s my recap:

Monday: I ran 7.5 miles on the road. I was making up for missing a longer run the previous Saturday. It was cold, but I didn’t have a client in the morning, so I could start a little later.
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: After a one mile warm up, I ran three miles at half marathon pace. My goal was about 9 minutes miles, but I actually ran 8:53, 8:49, and 8:45, so I was really happy with that. And surprised! I took one break, at the halfway point, just walked for about 30 seconds.
Thursday/Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10 miles on the road. The hardest part, because Alan is a little behind me on his schedule and was only running 8, was to add that extra 2 miles. It was important though, not so much for the extra mileage as for the mental aspect of pushing through.
Sunday: Doggy run (and recovery) day! Two miles with Penny and Johnny, one miles with Lily, Olivia, and Coco.

Not bad. Now that I have my schedule I am getting more excited for the marathon. You still have time to join me if you want! Remember you get a $10 discount with the code WOODAMB.

SLO Marathon

Do you make a lot of smoothies? Do you have a favorite recipe for a smoothie or juice that you’d like share? Link it up if you’d like!

Create Your Own Marathon Training Plan

Seven steps to making your own 16 week training program.

Marathon Training Plan

Are you planning to run a spring or summer marathon? Well, good for you! Do you have a training plan yet? It’s never to early to start planning your training, building a base, and mentally starting to prepare. While many of us can’t afford a coach (though it may not be as expensive as you think), a generic internet training plan doesn’t have to be the only option.

Believe it or not, you can create your own effective and safe training plan whether you are a beginner, looking to improve your times in your second or third marathon, or an experienced runner who wants to run at a high level. Just follow the steps below to create a 16 week marathon plan. Beginners, follow just the first five steps. If you have longer than 16 weeks until your marathon, use that time to build your base mileage. By the time you start the training plan, you should be able to run 10-12 miles for your long run, and about 25 miles per week.

Getting Started

Before you create your marathon training plan there are a few things you need to think about. First, you need a goal time. This can be based on a previous marathon or races of other distances (check here for a useful chart of time calculations). This time will be used for several purposes, including marathon pace runs, determining your long run pace, and giving you a guideline while you’re actually running your race.

It would also be helpful to know your race paces in the half marathon and 5k. If you don’t have those, that’s okay, you can gauge your training pace by effort level. Use a recent time, not your PR from two years ago.

Then sit down and figure out what days you can run. Think of your work and family schedule, then write down the days of the week that you can use for your training plan. Be honest with yourself. If you think you want to squeeze in a run on a weekday afternoon, but you know that you hate to run after work, don’t write it down.  Ideally you will plan to run a minimum of four to six days. You will need at least one day for a long run, so make note of that day. You will eventually need three to four hours for that workout.

Finally, make a chart that extends all the way to your marathon date. An Excel or Word table works just fine, or you can use a real calendar. See below for my revised SLO Marathon training plan. Label it Monday-Sunday, and date it through to your race. If you have any planned races, write them in. Now you’re ready to make your plan.

1. Long Run. The first step is to take a look at your long run. Working back from your marathon date, give yourself three weeks to taper. That will be your longest run. I would recommend at least 20-22 miles. For the first long run, write in your current long distance. Now, working back and forth, increase that mileage 1-3 miles per week. Every third week or so, give your body a break and cut back the long distance run by about 25%. Try to work in at least two runs of 20 miles or more.

Long runs should be run at an easy, slow pace, a minute or more below your goal race pace. During the second half of your training, plan to run about 5 or 6 miles of your long run at Marathon Pace, somewhere in the second half of your run. This will give you an idea of what race pace feels like, especially when your legs are already tired.

2. Recovery run. Ideally, the day after your long run will be a short recovery run or complete rest. A recovery run should be around 3-4 miles.

3. Speed Training. The second run to schedule in is your speed training run (more advanced runners will have a second hard run, see #6). Schedule this run so that you have at least one recovery day between it and your long run. Two is even better for beginners. The total mileage will be about 4-8 miles and you can choose from any of these workouts:

a. Hill Repeats
b. Tempo Workout: The link has directions on how to find your tempo workout pace and effort level.
c. Half Marathon Pace run: Warm up for about 10 minutes. Run 20-40 minutes at your current half marathon pace. Cool down for 5-10 minutes.
d. Interval Training: Longer intervals of 800-1600 meters, at a pace about 15 seconds per mile slower than your 5k pace.

Try to vary these workouts. If you know that your marathon has a lot of hills, you might want to schedule more hill workouts.

Note: If this is your first marathon and you “just want to finish” I still recommend this workout. It will help you feel stronger throughout your race.

4. Easy/Moderate runs. The other two or three days can be easy to moderate runs. Cross training is an option, especially for beginners. On one of those days, build your mileage a mile at a time to about 8 to 10. Just like the long run, drop the mileage by about 25% every third week to give your body some recovery time.

5. Taper time. Starting after your last long run, three weeks out from your marathon, you will start to taper your distance and intensity down. The first week, drop the long run by about 30%. That is the only change. Two weeks out from your race, drop your long run again, to about 40-50% of your longest distance. About 10 days out from the race, you will also start to drop the mileage of your other runs.

The last week of your marathon cut your mileage way back. Take an extra rest day. No speed work during this final week, though you might want to try a three mile marathon pace run several days out (that is exactly what it sounds like. Warm up for a mile, run two to three miles at your goal pace, then recover for a final mile.). Running the day before the marathon is optional. Called a “shakeout run,” it can help loosen up muscles (and shed some nerves), but it is up to you. Keep it short, and try to stay off your feet for the most part the rest of the day.

6. Second Speed Workout. If you have run a marathon or two (or three or four), and want to improve your time, add a second speed workout during the week. You can pick another option from above or try one of these:

SLO Marathon 4Don’t schedule your high intensity runs back to back. This includes your long run. Insert an easy or rest day in between your hard runs.

7. Run More. If you really want to set a PR or even qualify for Boston, you need to run more. Run at least 5 days a week, and 6 is optimal. That doesn’t mean to run through injury, or to disregard your body’s signals that you are overtraining. Be smart, rest if you need to, but to really run at a high level, you need to put miles on your legs.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to create a personalized marathon training plan that will be perfect for you! It will fit into your schedule, progress at your pace, and get you where you want to go. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments or email me at debbie [at] livefromlaquinta.com. And if creating your own plan isn’t your thing, I can create a program for you that will be designed to get you to your goal.

Disclaimer: I am a coach, but I’m not your coach. Marathon training is challenging and you need to be in general good health (see a doctor if you’re not sure!) and have a solid running base to attempt it. Rest is very important, and if you notice any minor running aches and pains, or other injuries, take appropriate action to resolve the issue. Injury prevention is not addressed in this article, but it is a risk during marathon training.

Have you made your own training program before? What is your current training goal (running or otherwise)?

5k Friday: Your 12 Week 5k Training Program, Week 2

Run a 5kYour 12 Week 5k Training Program, Week 2

It’s time for week two of 5k Friday! This plan will help you train for and run (really run!) your first 5k! (Missed week one? Click here to get started!) I hope that you are feeling pretty good. Any aches and pains? If so, make sure that you are using that ice I recommended, and also be sure to stretch those hamstrings, quads, calves, and hips after each workout. As promised, at the end of this post I will have some advice and workouts for runners who have some racing experience and would now like to run a little faster.

At the end of last week, you were (after your walking warmup), running for 90 seconds, alternating with walking for 90 seconds. This week we will both increase the running time, reduce the walking time, and increase the number of cycles. Don’t worry, we won’t be doing all of those things in the same workout.

Run a 5k 2

Day One: Following your warmup, run for 90 seconds, then walk for 60 seconds. For the second cycle, run for two minutes, then walk for 60 seconds. Repeat both cycles. For the last cycle, run for 90 seconds, walk for 30 seconds, then run for 60 seconds. A little complicated, but you are pushing yourself here a little, with less rest and more running. Finish with your five minute walk and don’t forget the stretching and the ice!

Day Two: Repeat day one with one change. Repeat the first two cycles one additional time (total of three), then finish off as before.

Day Three: Rest. We’re not adding any more running days this week, so your rest days will be the same as last week. Some strength training or Yoga, or just some simple stretching is fine, but no running.

Day Four: Here is a bit of a challenge. Warm up. Run for two minutes. Walk for 30 seconds. Repeat four more times. One additional cycle is optional. Cool down, stretch, ice.

Day Five: Rest completely.

Day Six: Repeat day four. This time, do that extra cycle.

Day Seven: Rest day, although like day three, you can do some weights, Yoga, Pilates, etc.

Week two is now complete! Hopefully, you have purchased some good running shoes by now (if not, do it now!). Have you found that goal race?

Running Faster


This is for those of you who are still basically beginners, but you can run at least three or four miles (or even more), have run a few races, and now would like to improve your time, possibly even earn a medal in your age division.

To help you run faster, we’re going to add three workouts to your running schedule. One of these will involve adding extra mileage. For example, if your longest run is currently three to six miles, this week, following the 10% rule, you will increase the distance by a half mile. This workout will increase your endurance.

The second workout will involve some interval training. This will entail some short to medium distances of really fast running, which will improve your VO2 Max, which is a measurement of your body’s ability to use oxygen. (Google it if you want more info.) Although there is a lot of hard work involved, you will see your overall running speed improve as if by magic.

The third workout is not quite as intense as the interval training, and will vary from week to week, but basically can be called a lactate threshold run. Your lactate threshold is the point at which your body has built up enough lactic acid and responds by needing to slow down or rest. This workout will increase your stamina, your ability to run fast for a longer period of time.

(This is a very simplified description of the science behind the above workout types. I will give you the workouts, you will get faster. To advance from that point, there are many resources that you can use to continue your progress.)

The Workouts

It is helpful to pick a “goal time” for your race. Be realistic. If your current time is around 27 minutes, aim for a 5k time of about 25 minutes. If your goal time is 25 minutes, then your goal pace per mile is about 8 minutes per mile. if your current time is 24 minutes, you may have a goal of 22 minutes. That would make your pace about 7 minutes per mile. Remember these times (calculate by: goal time divided by 3.1)

The Long Run: As mentioned above, increase your current long run distance by one half mile on one day of the week.

Run a 5k 3

The Interval Workout: Preferably, you will do this run on a track, so head on down to your local high school. Warm up for four laps. Run one lap at your goal 5k pace (divide your per mile pace by four). This should feel hard. Or even very hard. Walk or jog for 200 meters (half lap). Repeat three or four more times. Finish with a half mile cool down and stretching.

The Lactate Threshold Run: Back on the road for this one, warm up for a mile. Run the next half mile at a pace about 20 seconds slower that your goal 5k pace. Recover for about a quarter mile. Run another half mile at the faster pace. Finish with about a half mile of cool down and stretching.

In addition to these three workouts, you can run another two to three days during the week, basically an easy to moderate paced run. Try not to run two hard workouts in a row. A sample workout week could be something like this (adapt for your own schedule):

Sunday: Long Run
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Lactate Threshold Run
Wednesday: Easy Run
Thursday: Interval Run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Moderate Run

Okay, now you have it. Get out there and get going. Next week’s workouts will increase your running time and distance (for beginners) and add a couple interesting speed workouts for current runners. Stay tuned!

This post is revised and updated from a beginner 5k program I created several years ago.

Reaching 2015 Goals with Help from Walmart Family Mobile

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HappyNewMe #CollectiveBias

As I promised in my 2015 Running and Fitness Goals, this is a week of running. And writing about running. From how to stay healthy and uninjured, how to train, and now, how to stay motivated during marathon training.

Walmart Family Plan 6

Marathon training is pretty hard, especially when you’re, ahem, 57 and trying to set a high standard for your race. Day after day of running, increasing mileage, adding speed training, and of course, those beloved long runs of 18-22 miles. I better stop thinking about it before I really begin questioning myself!

Even though my husband is going to run the SLO Marathon with me, much of my training is on my own. When I’m out on the road I need a few things: safety, motivation, distraction, and diversion. Fortunately, Walmart Family Mobile and my new LG L90 Smartphone have me covered.

I recently headed to Walmart in Indio to sign up for Walmart Family Mobile and purchase my LG L90 Smartphone (I was looking specifically for that phone, so I had to go a little farther from home). I was happy that I did, as the Walmart in Indio is brand new, huge, and wasn’t very crowded. A perfect combination!

Walmart Family Plan 2

I was really happy to learn about the Walmart Family Mobile plan. For only $34.88 a month ($29.88 for additional lines) you get unlimited talk, text, and web, and 5GB of 3G data. With the skyrocketing cost of mobile phone plans, it is nice to know that here is a family-friendly, budget-friendly option available.

I purchased the LG L90 Smartphone. It has everything I can need in a smartphone, with an Android based system (running 4.4 KitKat for you techies out there). Since this phone is designated as my “Run Phone,” I immediately downloaded all the apps that I could think of that would help me reach my goals. This included music and audiobook apps, GPS tracking apps, running logs, and of course, Instagram and Twitter (still gotta share those milestones, right?).

Walmart Family Plan 3

Of course, since I love my social media, photos are important, and the LG L90 has a good camera.

Walmart Family Plan 7

I think the most important thing is that I have a good phone, with a strong 3G connection, that is convenient to carry with me while I’m running. You just never know when you will need to call for help and it really gives me a feeling of security to know I’m carrying this phone while I run. It fits easily in my Flipbelt or an armband, and is so light weight I barely notice that I’m carrying it.

Walmart Family Plan

I have it pulled out to show off the phone, but the LG L90 fits easily in the media pocket of my top.

We all need a little help with our goals from time to time. I love the motivation I get from this phone. It will help get me out the door, keep me safe and engaged while I’m out there, and record and track my training (and share it too!).

What motivates you to reach for your goals?

5 Reasons NOT to Postpone a Run. Plus My Training Plan

The weather has been really cold here in the desert. Yes, I know, when you hear California people say that you take it with a very large grain of salt, right? But seriously, lows in the 20s are cold no matter where you’re from, and especially so when you’re used to much warmer temperatures.

That chill has led me a couple times to postpone my run in the morning until it warmed up somewhat. Well, I think I’ve mentioned before that getting a late start makes me cranky, so when it happened again last Saturday, I composed this post in my head while I was running (the better to keep from snapping at my amazingly tolerant husband).

Training Plan

5 Reasons NOT to Postpone a Run

1. Now suddenly you’re too hot! If I head out the door as scheduled, I dress appropriately. Several layers, top and bottom, gloves, head cover, etc.  I have found, after some very cold early starts that I was perfectly dressed for the whole run. Comfortably warm. After postponing our early run and getting out around 9:30, it was still quite cold when we started, but within a mile I was too hot. At the one mile mark I shed my headband and top layer. At 1.5 miles I took off my gloves, and really wanted to take off one more top, but really didn’t want to carry my whole wardrobe around my waist. Fortunately I had been smart enough not to wear my warm up pants over my tights!
2. Running plans get changed. I’m training for the SLO Marathon (see my training plan below). I have goals for each run, and I really want to stick to the plan. The plan for last Saturday was a long run of about 9 miles, on the road. Getting a late start meant cutting it short, and because of that we headed out to the trails. We almost didn’t make it at all (so easy to say “skip it” when it gets later), but we compromised with a shorter run. But it makes me mad at myself.
3. It changes plans for the whole day. I love running early then getting on with my day. I do a lot of writing on the weekends (especially this past one when I had several deadlines coming up), so I like to get at. There are also errands to run, chores to take care of, all of which get bumped back or just don’t get done. That is one of the things that weighs on my mind when I’m running. Unimportant in the scheme of things, yes, but apparently enough to make me crabby.
4. Running late cancels out yoga. My Saturday yoga class is at 10. Running at 9:30…well, you do the math.
5. I pushed away my running partner. I was out there, but as I mentioned, I was grumpy. I try to keep it to myself, but my husband knows me very well. After a couple attempts to lighten my mood, Alan (wisely) gave up and let me stew in my own juices. We end up running separately, which is sad, because Saturday is our one day that we run together.
Training Plan 2
I realize that all of the above “problems” are minor little annoyances in the scheme of things. I’m trying to be a little amusing and ironic at my own expense because I let those problems get to me. So, the solution, from my point of view, is don’t postpone a run!


SLO Marathon Training Plan

Training Plan 3The plan still needs a little fine-tuning, but this is basically it. I didn’t include my yoga, Pilates, or any strength training, but they will be part of the plan as well.

Date Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total Mileage
1/5-1/11/15 7.5 miles Rest 5 miles Half Marathon Pace (HMP) Rest Rest 10 miles 4 miles 26.5
1/12-1/18/15 6 miles Rest 5 miles Hills 3 miles Rest 12 miles 4 miles 30
1/19-1/26/15 7 miles Rest 6 miles Tempo (LT Pace) 3 miles Rest 13 miles 5 miles 34
1/27-2/1/15 7 miles Rest 5 miles VO2 3 miles Rest 15 miles 5 miles 35
2/2-2/8/15 6 miles Rest 5 miles Hills 3 miles Rest 6 miles PS Half 33.1
2/9-2/15/15 4 miles Rest 5 miles HMP 3 miles Rest 16 miles 6 miles 34
2/16-2/22/15 7 miles Rest 6 miles LT 3 miles Rest 16 miles 6 miles 38
2/23-3/1/15 8 miles Rest 5 miles Hills 3 miles Rest 18 miles 7 miles 41
3/2-3/8/15 8 miles Rest 6 miles HMP 3 miles Rest 6 miles Redlands Half 36.1
3/9-3/15/15 4 miles Rest 5 miles Hills 3miles Rest 20 miles 5 miles 37
3/16-3/22/15 8 miles Rest 6 miles MP 3 miles Rest 16 milesNeg Split Run 7 miles 39
3/23-3/29/15 8 miles Rest 6 miles Hills 3 miles Rest 20 miles 6 miles 43
3/30-4/5/15 8 miles Rest 6 miles HMP 3 miles Rest 22 miles 6 miles 45
4/6-4/12/15 8 miles Rest 6 miles Hills 3 miles Rest 15 milesNeg Split Run 5 miles 37
4/13-4/19/25 8 miles Rest 6 miles HMP 3 miles Rest 10 miles 5 miles 32
4/20-4/26/15 6 miles Rest 5 miles MP 3 miles Rest 2 miles SLO Marathon 16 + 26.2

So, here we go!

The SLO Marathon is on Sunday, April 26. If you’d like to join me you can save $10 by using the code WOODAMB at checkout.

Are you an early morning runner? What makes you cranky?