Inspired by Boston! Marathon Training and Other Stuff

Boston Inspired 2

It’s Boston Marathon Day! As a runner, it is always an exciting day, made even more special by the events of last year, as runners, spectators, and everyone involved come together to prove that we are too strong to be scared away by a few crazy monsters. I’d like to send my best to all […]

5 Essentials for Ragnar + My Complete Packing List


It’s funny how you can evolve from a novice to an expert in 34 hours. Oh I’m not talking about things like becoming a doctor or a scientist. I’m talking about something much more important. I am now an expert in what you need to pack for a Ragnar Relay. (Doctors and scientists! Stay calm! […]

Our Ragnar Adventure, Part 2. The Recap


In case you missed it, I did the Ragnar Relay last week! Yes, I know I’ve been a little over the top with my Ragnarthusiasm. I have already proclaimed that I am a Ragnarian. I explained the culture of Ragnar. Next week I’ll have a must-have Ragnar packing list. So, if you’ve stuck with me […]

I’m a Ragnarian!


Yep. I’m a Ragnarian and I’m proud! I, along with my 11 teammates, the Dirrty Dozen, finished Ragnar So Cal on Saturday. I have showered, eaten some “real” food, and slept (11 hours, something I haven’t done since I was a teenager), and while I still have some brain fog, I have been reflecting on […]