Our Ragnar Adventure, Part 2. The Recap


In case you missed it, I did the Ragnar Relay last week! Yes, I know I’ve been a little over the top with my Ragnarthusiasm. I have already proclaimed that I am a Ragnarian. I explained the culture of Ragnar. Next week I’ll have a must-have Ragnar packing list. So, if you’ve stuck with me […]

I’m a Ragnarian!


Yep. I’m a Ragnarian and I’m proud! I, along with my 11 teammates, the Dirrty Dozen, finished Ragnar So Cal on Saturday. I have showered, eaten some “real” food, and slept (11 hours, something I haven’t done since I was a teenager), and while I still have some brain fog, I have been reflecting on […]

One Week Until Ragnar! 6 Things That Will Come In Handy

Knuckle Lights

One week from today, I, along with 11 of my closest girlfriends, nine of whom I’ve never met, will be running one of the most challenging events of our lives. Twelve women, 200 miles, from Huntington Beach to San Diego, nonstop. We’re running the Ragnar Relay, and all I keep thinking is, “how did I […]