Welcome 2015: Running and Fitness Goals

It’s kind of funny, talking about running and fitness goals. I’ve been at it for so long, I’ve achieved all the PRs that I’m ever going to achieve (unless I start a new sport, I guess), and I’m already pretty happy with where I am now, that it seems sort of like, “been there, done that” to be writing about it all over again.

2015 Running Goals

That being said, I am a writer, so I will not only write this post about my 2015 goals, over the next week or so I will be telling you how I’m going to do it, how I’ll keep this 57 year old body going, and what motivates me to attempt my 37th marathon at SLO Marathon on April 26. Oops, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Running Goals

  1. It’s not like it’s been a secret, but my number one running goal for 2015 is to run my 37th marathon in San Luis Obispo this spring.
  2. I don’t want to just run the SLO Marathon, I want to rock it! That means serious training, more mileage, more speedwork, more running. Based on my most recent half marathon time, my previous running experience, and my age, I should be able to run a 4:15 marathon. Of course, that’s not taking my exercise induced asthma into account, which can pop up its ugly head at any moment and blow all plans to hell. But, all other things being equal, assuming I follow the plan that I create (which I’ll share on Wednesday), I can do that.
  3. Staying healthy and uninjured will be very important. I’ll be taxing my body in multiple ways, so I need to be smart and take care of myself, paying attention to minor aches and pains so that they don’t become real injuries.
  4. I want to run at least three half marathons in 2015. The Palm Springs Half Marathon is in February, and the Run Through Redlands is in March, so they will fit pretty well into my marathon training. I’d also like to run the Malibu Half Marathon, which is in November, for the first time. They are all races that Alan announces, so I’ll always get that boost at the finish line when he calls me in. A little inspiration for my final kick.
  5. I would love to do another Ragnar Relay. Even though I was kind of dragged into my first one, I had the time of my life. Now if only my #DirrtyDozen teammates could just agree on which one we should do!
  6. I’d really like to keep my running base throughout the year.

Fitness Goals

  1. Yoga
  2. Yoga
  3. Yoga
  4. No, seriously, yoga. I’ve made a good start getting back on my mat and I want to stay there. I have a lot of options to keep me there, including my friend April’s studio, Yoga Central, and her online classes from Yoga 30. Plus I always have several audio classes with me, right on my phone, from YogaDownload.com, that I can do anywhere at any time.
  5. Now that I have access to a Pilates studio at work, I’d like to take advantage and continue both to do Pilates and to learn more about teaching it.
  6. Okay, I guess I should get back to the gym. While I’m happy with the strength and flexibility I get from yoga, I think a little traditional strength training is a good thing. Plus, Alan and I go together, so I know that if I go…

Well, those are my goals, simple as they are. In the coming days I’ll share more about how I’ll get it all done. By the way, I am an Ambassador for the SLO Marathon and this post contains affiliate links. If you’d like to join me in San Luis Obispo this April, use the code WOODAMB when you register to save $10 on either the full or the half marathon.

What is your fitness goal for 2015? Remember, if it includes running your first 5k (or getting faster at your second or third 5k), be sure to check out my 12 Week 5k Training Program.

7 Weeks Until Rock and Roll Marathon. How’d That Happen?

My Training for Rock and Roll Marathon

As you may guess from the title, my upcoming race, the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego, is kind of sneaking up on me. My training has been, well, erratic is a good word, and suddenly realizing that the race is only seven weeks away is a little frightening. And ironic, since I am coaching a runner for this race (and she’s right on track with her training).

7 Weeks to Rock and Roll Marathon

Just a random house in the La Quinta cove where I live. I love the artwork in the yard.

I’ve been doing pretty good with increasing my long run distance. Two weeks ago I ran 16 miles, and last week at the Ragnar Relay my mileage totaled up to 17 miles (which I am definitely counting!). I’m up for 18 next weekend, even though I working on Saturday and will have to do my long run on Easter.

7 Weeks to Rock and Roll Marathon

At Starbucks. She hangs in the back.

What has been challenging me has been getting in a second longest run of more that six miles, and speed work. Because of my work hours (I work at 5:30 am on Monday, Thursday and Friday), I need to fit my training schedule into the other four days of the week. Ideally, I’d love to run every other day, to give my body a good chance to recover, but that isn’t going to happen, so I’m trying to make the best of a Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday schedule.

The basic plan is:

Tuesday: Speedwork
Wednesday: Second longest Run
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Recovery Run

That is the basic plan, except on the weeks that it isn’t. For example, this past week was:

Tuesday: Still beat up and tired from Ragnar, chose to sleep in a little, didn’t have time to run before work at 8:00.

Wednesday: Ran six miles, including a slow half mile with Penny (at almost 13, she’s getting slower and slower, but I don’t have the heart to just leave her, so we struggle through a short “run” before I head off on my own). I’d like to get this run up to eight or nine miles, but that means I’d have to get my butt out the door earlier since I have to work at 9:00.

Saturday: I made this a cut back run simply because Alan and I needed to get it done and head to San Dimas, where he was announcing a triathlon on Sunday. I ran 12 miles.

2014-04-12 15.56.39

We ran part of our Saturday run with some of the cross country team. Did I keep up? Um, no.

Sunday: I was tired (and really wanted to bag the whole run and just sleep while Alan worked), but managed to run five slow miles on the trails around Bonelli Park in San Dimas. I made it even easier by stopping to take a lot of pictures (it was so pretty!).

7 Weeks to Rock and Roll Marathon

That’s the start line of the triathlon over my right shoulder. Such a pretty venue.

That totals up to just about 23 miles, not where I want to be seven weeks out from my marathon. So…

Here is the plan for the upcoming week:

Tuesday: Tempo Run at half marathon pace.
Wednesday: Eight miles
Saturday: Three miles before I work in the morning.
Sunday: Long run, 18 miles.

The following Sunday I’m running a half marathon (not La Jolla as it turns out, but the Run Through Redlands, with its much flatter course), which will take me into May and 20 milers! See! It’s happening so fast!

Scenes from the Week

As I mentioned, Alan was announcing a triathlon at Bonelli Park on Sunday, so after we finished our run on Saturday we showered, packed and headed to San Dimas, which is about an hour and a half away from home. They put us up at the Best Western, which is a pretty nice hotel (last year we had a Dog Rescuer moment when we stayed there). We checked in, headed over to Bonelli Park so Alan could let the race director knew he’d arrived, then back to the hotel to hang out until dinner time.

Somewhere during that time, my stomach started to hurt. I felt like I must have eaten something that disagreed, but I’m not sure what. I just know it had me lying on the bed with a pillow under my tummy for about an hour. I did start to feel better, so we decided to go to dinner (it takes more than a stomachache to make me skip a meal!).

We went to Casa del Rey, which is walking distance from the hotel and has a small vegetarian menu. The wait was about a half hour, so Alan and I decided to eat at the bar. We both ordered the vegetarian burrito with no cheese.

7 Weeks to Rock and Roll Marathon

Beans, rice, avocado, and salsa. Yes, it was good!

The nice thing about eating at the bar is that it is fast (and you get to watch baseball). The downside is you have to sit with other people who sit at bars, which that night included one gentleman who was extremely inebriated. He was obviously a regular, he knew all the servers by name, and was quite friendly. From the time we first sat down, he seemed to be getting ready to leave, but when we left, he was still there.

One funny little story. When we first arrived, we sat about three chairs down from this man, who was the only other one at the bar. A little later two other men sat down, then an attractive woman. Our drunk friend bought her a drink, asked her name, and was quite flirtatious (and she didn’t seem to mind). Then he turned to me, now only two seats away, and asked my name. I told him, then he turned back to his little crowd, and in a matter of seconds, was calling the other lady Debbie. Loudly. It was hilarious.

By the way, the burritos were great. And huge! We brought more than half home with us. Just as I was finishing dinner though, my stomachache started to come back. It hurt so bad I could hardly stand up straight as we walked home. I spent the next hour before bed lying on my pillow again. I guess it was just gas, but that sounds so crude :-).

Fortunately it was better by bedtime, and I woke up on Sunday feeling just fine. I went out with Alan to the venue, with the plan to take a run while he was working. I did, but it took me a while to get motivated to get going. It was just so nice and warm in the car!


I finally took the plunge, but I was still cold, so I kept my sweatshirt on and took off on the trails, heading to an area across the reservoir from where the swim was taking place. It really is very pretty, so I took a lot of pictures, which was probably the reason I couldn’t get warm. Even after two miles, when I was back to the car, I was still cold. I took off my sweatshirt though, and ran three more miles, this time on asphalt around the park, but even then, I didn’t really warm up. I was happy to finish and get back in the car!

Bonelli 2

I went back to the hotel to shower and check out, then went to pick up Alan when he was done. Oh, I did a little shopping before we left the venue, picking up pair of Zoot compression sleeves for a pretty nice price. I guess that got us in the shopping mode, because we decided to stop at the Cabazon Outlet stores, which are about an hour away from home. It was Alan’s idea, I’m really not a shopper, but I was willing to go along (and forced myself to buy a cute outfit from the UnderArmour store).

7 Weeks to Rock and Roll Marathon

I love the lacy detail on the back of this shirt. So pretty.

It feels good to be back home. I have several weeks in a row where I’m spending at least half the weekend either on the road or at work. It is quite a challenge to train, travel, work, write, cook, and, um, you know, clean, with all that is going on. Something’s gotta give, can you guess what? (hint: it starts with a “C” and ends with an “N.”)

So, how was your weekend? Any training, races, or other competitions? Any shopping? Do tell!

Blogging Goals 2014. Plus My New Look (I Did it Myself!)

Middle of February? That doesn’t mean I can’t finally write down my blogging goals for 2014, does it? I hope not, because, well, here are my blogging goals for 2014.

2014 Blogging Goals

First a quick review of last year’s goals and successes (and failures).

  • I will continue to increase my readership. Done, though I had a slip in the middle of the year, numbers are up and higher than ever (Thank You!).
  • I will learn more about SEO. Well, kind of. I have a plugin that does most of the work for me.
  • I will improve my social networking skills. I think I’ve improved. I could still be better.
  • I will publish more video. Fail here. While I’ve done a few vlogs and exercise videos, I actually did less than the year before.
  • I will improve my photography skills. Another fail. Still using that “Auto” format on my SLR camera. That is when I use it instead of my phone.

It’s kind of funny. When you look at my goals and my failure to achieve most of them, you’d think that I’d had a bad year. But I didn’t! I increased my readership, wrote some content that I’m really proud of, published frequently, made many new virtual friends, even made a little money. So what if I still can’t figure out how to focus my camera?

So, with that in mind, here are my goals for (the rest of) 2014.

Get a new look/theme for my blog.

A couple reasons for this. While I just changed my theme a year ago, and I really loved it at the time, I began to be annoyed by the waste of space. There were several inches of margin on either side, and I was using two sidebars. That left the section for actual content quite narrow. Plus, I wasn’t that fond of the color options (or maybe I was just tired of them). In any case, I was ready for a change.

I have found the best way to do this, to find a theme that you love, is to check out other blogs and see what you like. I’ve been doing this for a while. Finally, when Carla recently changed her “look,” I fell in love with the theme she used. Fortunately, it was a child theme of Genesis, which I already had.

After I downloaded my new theme, I had a long moment of fear. Even though I had been setting up my own themes (with the exception of the last one, Rita did that) I was afraid that if I did it myself I would mess everything up and eventually have to ask for help anyway. But then, I couldn’t wait. I played around, activated my new theme (Studio Press Beautiful Pro), changed a few things, and ended up being pretty happy with the results. I have a larger easel on which to write, and it is clean and bright. Frankly, I love it. I hope you do too.

So, goal number one is already complete. Score!

Create Awesome Content

I truly believe that the key to success is great writing, interesting topics, mixed with some humor and introspection. I occasionally hit those targets, and I will continue to strive to do so. That may mean that I will post less often, especially during certain times of the year when my “real” job takes over my life.

It’s actually kind of funny, how, when you are trying to build  your blog, get more readers, more pageviews, you feel compelled to post frequently. The problem is that in order to deliver quality day after day, one needs the time and focus to concentrate on writing. Difficult when you’re working 10 hours a day. So my goal is to relax a little, not post every day, or maybe even every other day, and rely on the quality of my writing to see me through.

Make Some Money

I admit it. I enjoy making money from my blog. I don’t make a lot. An occasional sponsored post, where I actually get paid money to write. Brands who will pay to get an honest review. A lot more “free” product in exchange for a review. My advertising (which I try to keep to a minimum) brings in a few dollars.

I promise you, I will only accept money and write about products, in which I believe. I have turned down requests from products that weren’t vegan or didn’t fit in with my lifestyle. I won’t help advertise junk food or candy bars, even if they are all dolled up in some kind of “healthy living” clothing.

That Camera Thing

I have the darned thing. It is high time I learned how to use it correctly. A class, tutorials, other blogs, even a class.  The information and help is out there. This year I will put down my phone camera and learn how to use my real camera to create great photos.

Social Media

Finally, I’d really like to increase my social media following. The only way to do that is to become more involved and savvy.  For me, it truly is a matter of time, so I know that will continue to be a challenge. It’s not like I can sit at work and respond to tweets, share facebook posts, and instagram all day long. I’ll have to find a way around that. Many things can be scheduled, so that a few minutes in the morning will lead to posts all day. Then I’ll still need to devote some time after my “real” work day is over.

To that end, I will ask you to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can’t grow if you can’t ask. Oh, and Bloglovin’ would be nice too!

Well, that’s pretty much it! I think my goals are realistic and attainable, and I have a plan to achieve them. Those are all thing that I suggested in my post about creating and achieving goals this year.

I’m excited about what 2014 hold in store. How about you?

Need a Little Resolution Inspiration? Join the #MNBChallenge

I’m curious. We are nearing the end of the first month of 2014. How are your fitness resolutions/goals going? Have you taken real steps toward achieving them? Did you start off with a bang and then kind of peter out? Could you use a little Resolution Inspiration?

MNB-Blogger-BadgeI’m am joining up with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach to help inspire you to reach your goals.  Take the Move Nourish Believe Challenge and join a community of women who are challenging themselves to get fit, eat right, and motivate each other to stay on track. Oh, and the winner of the challenge receives a $1,000 shopping spree to Lorna Jane! It’s a Win/Win/Win/Win!!!

Here’s how it works: Each day in February there is a new challenge. As you conquer each challenge, post a picture of it on Twitter or Instagram, tagging @LornaJaneActive and @FitApproach and use the hashtags #MNBChallenge, #LornaJane, and #SweatPink. At the end of each week, recap your successes on your blog or Facebook page. (In order to win the $1,000 you must participate in all 21 daily challenges.)

MNB-CalendarThe Move Nourish Believe Challenge incorporates Lorna’s philosophy: Move her body every day, Nourish from the inside out, and Believe in herself and that anything is possible if you work hard enough.

As part of the campaign, Lorna Jane sent me an outfit to look great power me through the challenge. I think it’s beautiful, and perfect for most of my activities.

LornaJane2If you think the Move Nourish Believe Challenge sounds cool, motivational, and fun, click here to join the fun! And keep an eye here as I complete each challenge and post my own updates. I am really excited to get started too!

My own challenge in this coming month will be to get back to my yoga mat. I know that I am a calmer, happier person when I practice yoga regularly (plus it give me awesome arms!), so I am going to try really hard to accomplish this goal. I got an early start this week (no point in waiting, right?).

My new Lorna Jane outfit was perfect. It moved with me, absorbed my sweat, and, well, it looked great!

LornaJane3Disclosure: While the dogs did help me with my yoga, these photos were posed at the end of my workout. Photo credit to my patient husband.

In other fitness news, I continued building my mileage in the base training for my marathon. I got all my workouts in, including a half marathon pace/tempo run, plus I pushed my long run up to 12 miles! Rock and Roll, here I come!

So, are you ready to join the Move, Nourish, Believe Challenge? Click here to find out all the details.

Disclosure: As part of this campaign with Lorna Jane and Fit Approach I was sent the outfit that you see above. All opinions are my own.

Marathon Base Training, Ignite Naturals, and the Dog Rescuer

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know what’s been going on this weekend.

Uh oh, here we go again! Spent an hour trying to lure this guy from under a car. He finally came to Alan. No tag, no chip. Making posters now. #dogrescuer

Posters are up. He’s met the pack. He isn’t scared of us anymore. We’ve thought about naming him Ocho. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get a call soon.

Someone’s nose is a little out of joint about our “guest” rescue dog. We still love you Buddy. #dogrescuer #dogs

Yes, Alan and I played Dog Rescuer again. After I finished my short run with “the girls,” Olivia, Lily, and Coco, I returned home to find it empty. Well, not empty, but with no human presence.  I checked in the back and front yards, but no Alan. Just as I’d started my stretching, though, Alan pops in the door and says,  I’m right in the middle of a dog rescue!

When Alan had returned from his walk with our “challenged doggy athletes,” he had seen a little dog in our front yard “playing” with the cats (you know we feed the feral cats in the neighborhood). The dog had run from him, but Alan had followed. The dog eventually took cover under a parked car around the corner from our house, which is unfortunately a much busier street. When I arrived, with a can of cat food for luring purposes, another woman was helping Alan.

The poor dog was scared to death. He cowered under the car, sneaking forward occasionally to grab a bit of the cat food. If we tried to touch him, he snapped at us. It took about an hour, and it looked like we weren’t going to be able to get him. I even tried Animal Control (my last option), but couldn’t reach anyone on the weekend.

And then suddenly. he came out and let Alan snap on the leash (he was wearing a collar, but no tags). From that point on, he was a different dog. Loving, bright, and friendly, and very young, I guess he figured out he’d been rescued by the right people.

The first thing we did was take him down to the closest vet to see if he was chipped. No such luck. Then we took him home, took a few pictures, and introduced him to the pack. It was interesting.

Dr2After everyone settled down a little (except Buddy who is definitely not happy about a new male, even a puppy, in the house), I made up some posters, which we then posted around the neighborhood, Starbucks, and a few other locations.

As of now, the following day, we haven’t heard a peep from his family.

Which frankly surprises me. He is so sweet, young, and clean, plus his collar is brand new. Why isn’t someone doing what I would be doing…driving up and down the streets of La Quinta searching for their dog?

At least the dogs, including Buddy, have come to some level of acceptance. As for Alan and me, we know we really can’t have another dog. His temporary name, Ocho, says it all. We’re now calling him Ollie, and he is definitely bonding with us. Boy, I hope those people call soon!

In other news, like training…

While I haven’t actually signed up yet (still looking for discounts), I have started my training for my first marathon in about seven years (my 2014 BHAG), Rock and Roll San Diego. Right now I’m still in my base building period, and planning on running the Palm Springs Half Marathon in a few weeks. The two goals fit together nicely. I’m increasing my mileage, adding some type of speed work once a week, and just generally trying to get stronger for the big increase in mileage that will be coming next month.

Here’s what I accomplished last week:

Tuesday:  Three miles before work, just an easy run with Alan and the dogs.

Wednesday: Five miles total with two at half marathon pace. I wanted three or four at pace, but my legs (and my brain apparently) didn’t agree. Still, after a blah December of running, this was my first speed workout of any kind for over a month, so I am happy.

Saturday: A little over five miles total, starting with four on the trail with Alan, Buddy, and Penny. Trails are always good for hills and general strength building. Then, as I mentioned above, I took Lily, Olivia, and Coco out for another 1.2 miles.

Everyone got to run today, even the little girls. #runswithdogs #dogs #runchat

Sunday: I ran nine miles! I was my longest run in ages! Even though I was supposedly training for my half marathon in December, I just couldn’t get much going. I pleased that I’m feeling much better and excited about my running (I knew it would come back!). I started with two warm up miles with Alan and the dogs, then took off alone for the last seven. My legs were a little tired (probably because my stretching had been interrupted the day before!), but I got it done.


Ignite Naturals

I’ve mentioned here before that I am a Team Ignite Athlete for Ignite Naturals. I’m happy that I am finally running long enough distances that I can start using my favorite hydration and energy products again.


A few days ago I received supply of InRefresh Electrolytes in the new Kona Blend flavor. While I was a little concerned by the word Zesty on the label, I loved it. It was very tropical tasting and is made with all natural ingredients like dragonfruit, cranberry, coconut water, and prickly pear, and I really thought I detected an undertone of plumeria, my favorite Hawaiian flower. Now that individual servings are available, and are easy to carry, it makes it much easier to fill up for long runs.

Ignite NaturalsI also had a chance to (finally) use my Reload Energy Gels. I love this stuff. It’s made with organic fig paste, and it tastes good, goes down easily, and contains no processed sugars. Both the InRefresh Electrolytes and the Reload Energy Gels are vegan, gluten free, and are non-GMO.

Update on “Ollie/Ocho!”

We just had a call from a woman who said he was hers (and his name was Julian). After she described him, and he responded to the name, we told her how to find us. Still made her show a picture though. He is hers, sigh. I am very happy that he is returning to his real home, but I’m also a little sad. He was a very good, sweet dog. Alan and I will miss him (though the rest of the pack seem to be a little less concerned). She did receive the standard lecture: Get a tag for your dog (or chip him)!

I hope that you had a great weekend! Are you training for anything special? How’s it going?

Running Goals: Rockin’ and Rollin’ into 2014

I guess it’s time I put it down on paper. My BHAG, my big hairy audacious goal for 2014. I hinted at it spilled it in my post the other day (not sure what got into me!), but I still wasn’t sure if I was really going to do it.

2014 Goals

Backing up a little. As I wrote in my review of my 2013 fitness and running goals, I was pretty pleased with my accomplishments. I really wanted to get back into more serious training, and I did so. I brought my half marathon time down to 2:00, a post-50-year-old PR. I also took a couple minutes off my recent 5k times, just by virtue of my half marathon training.

So, in keeping with all that, I present my…

2014 Running Goals

  1. I plan to continue training to get faster. I called it getting back into fighting shape in my 2013 post, so I’d say I would like to fine-tune my fighting shape. I will do this by…
  2. Racing more frequently. Last year I ran three half marathons and two 5ks. I want to race more this year. I plan to train for these races, so I will pick them carefully, especially the half marathons. Already on the agenda are the Palm Springs Half Marathon in February (though I’m already a little behind on the training) and the La Jolla Half Marathon in April. America’s Finest City Half Marathon, a race I love but haven’t done for years, may just be in the plan too. These will all fit in with…
  3. My BHAG. I’m going to run a marathon in 2014. Ahem, [clears throat]. I’m going to run a marathon in 2014. There, I said it. I’m going to run a marathon in 2014. And in keeping with my tips for achieving goals, I already have the beginnings of a plan:
  1. The time of year is important when you live in the desert. While a fall marathon sounds great, it means lots of long runs in the heat of the summer here in the desert. Not good. I also don’t want to put it off until winter. Cross country season makes it difficult to plan my own running, and, frankly, I want to get started right away so I don’t chicken out. That leaves late spring or early summer.
  2. I live in Southern California, so I’d like to keep my goal race in the general area, within a two or three hour drive (sorry San Francisco, I would have loved you). So that leaves…
  3. Rock and Roll San Diego! It’s on June 1, so the timing is perfect. I actually ran the inaugural event back in 1998, and eventually finished it five more times. I also had to drop out two times, the only two times I have ever DNFed a marathon (due to asthma issues), so I’m a little nervous. I have a few weeks to make my decision, when the price goes up on January 31. It’s already $135, which, to this 90’s runner (who complained when the LA Marathon went up to $60) sounds like an arm and a leg. (I’m on the hunt for discounts if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone. Pavement Runner? I know you’ll be there!)
  4. For the next two months I will be building my base. It has been really difficult for me to get even 25 miles a week with my work schedule and other commitments (um, like blogging), so my challenge will be to find ways to get in more mileage. I usually run four days a week, with two of those runs coming before work on weekdays. Not only will I need to get out the door quicker for those weekday runs, I think I need to add one afternoon run a week.
  5. In March I will start training for the marathon. Though at this point, as much as I hate to say it, my goal is to finish, I will include speed work in my plan. Long intervals and tempo runs. I’m not even sure what time to aim for. In 1999 I ran my second fastest time ever at Rock and Roll SD (3:23, yes I can still brag about something that was almost 14 years ago), but I’ve also had really tough times there, when my asthma was so bad I had to stop at the first aid tent and eventually dropped out. So I’m thinking in the 4:15 range. Always an optimist.
  6. Finally, as exciting as all of this is, it got even better when I told Alan about it and he decided to join me! We trained together for years, then when his focus shifted more to triathlon, we didn’t get to run together as often. Now, as we build our mileage, start our official training, and return to speed work, we’ll be doing it as a team. Nothing better than having a partner on those 20 milers.

Rock & Roll

So there you have it. My running goals. My 36th marathon, coming soon.

And not just because I need to have something to fail at, I will strive to fit yoga back into my life. I know that I need yoga, both for strength and sanity. In fact, thanks to Christine’s post, I now know of 10 challenges I can join. Whatever works, right?

Okay, now I’m going to hit “Publish” and this will be real. What’s your BHAG for the year?