Meet the Pack, Part 2: The Little Dogs

Little Dogs

If you had asked me five years ago if I was a “little” or “big” dog person, I would definitely have said that I preferred big dogs. I love their more laid back personalities, the security of having a big dog at your side, and frankly, their lack of a yippy bark. All that changed […]

Meet the Pack, Part One


I recently realized that we’ve had some changes in our pack dynamics since the last time I wrote about our dogs. While I frequently include them in my posts, I haven’t talked about their backgrounds in a long time. It’s time to meet the pack. I thought that for this first post, I’d feature our […]

Whoops! We Did It Again! A Dog Rescuer Story


When I write a Dog Rescuer story, it is usually about my husband, who seems to have a way of finding, saving, rescuing, whatever you want to call it, lost or abandoned dogs, cats, and even calves. This time, though, it is my story. Penny and I headed off for our run about 6:00, a […]

The Dog Rescuer: Called into Action in San Dimas

bonelli park

I have written more than a few times about my husband the Dog Rescuer. There was the time we rescued two pitbulls in the middle of the summer, and miraculously drove almost directly to their home.  Or the time two dogs wandered up to us as we picked up a U-Haul the day before Thanksgiving […]

No Sweat Sunday

No Sweat Sunday

After a fun weekend, I don’t have the energy for a lot of writing, so let’s recap in (mostly) pictures. (Actually in spite of the title, there was a lot of sweating going in. I just liked the sound of it.) Saturday morning we met the cross country team at 5:30 am for a run. […]