No Brick Award For Me


Unlike the last two years (2010, 2011), you may have noticed a distinct lack of chatter from me about earning another Brick Award. Yes, that prestigious prize that can only be earned by completing the Tour de Palm Springs on Saturday, February 11 and following it up with the Palm Springs Half Marathon the next […]

Spring into Spring


Yes, I know that we are over a month into it. And here in the desert it will soon (some will say already) feel a lot more like summer than spring. But spring means starting over, refreshing, new, and that is how I feel right now. Winter in the desert means great weather (especially relative […]

>A Beautiful Day to Ride


> It felt so good to get out and ride this morning. Because of the cold weather and other wimpy excuses, my weekly before-work ride had become a distant memory. Helped by the 60 degree temps, I got out the door by 6:30 this morning. Perfect timing, because I got to see this:   And […]



> Well, I did it. I rode my bike. Yes, I know, my dear readers, that I’ve been writing about riding my bike for over two years now and that it is no big deal.  Well, I’m here to tell you that it is a big deal. While I’ve been busy wimping out, a month […]

>When Did I Become Such a Wimp?


>Two years ago, which was the year I rode 6,000 miles, nothing could stop me. Heat? Ha! Bring it on. At least up to about 105, I’d get out for a ride. Cold? Dark? No problem? I had lights. I had leg/arm/toe/head warmers. At least once during the work week, I’d head out before work […]

>Weekly Training Report: On the Way to 113.1


>With my new commitment to training, I decided that it would be a good idea if I started to report on each week of training. After all, who better than my followers to get on my ass call me out if I don’t keep up with my training. Until recently, I always had a written […]