5k Friday: Your 12 Week 5k Training Program, Week 8

Run a 5k 8Your 12 Week 5k Training Program, Week 8

By the end of week seven, you were running 20 minutes without stopping. Just think about that for a moment. You’re a runner! This week we will build on that, by increasing the time/distance. Remember to take a body check from time to time. Shin pain in particular, can plague new runners. We’ve taken it pretty slow in order to avoid injuries, but be sure to use ice as prescribed and if something hurts a little, take an extra day or two off. (Did you miss week one? Click here.)

This week you will start where you left off, with a 20 minute run. By the end of the week you will add several minutes onto that. Like the other weeks you will have three key workouts with two other easy days (one of which is optional). Don’t forget your stretching!

Remember, all workouts start with an 8-10 minute brisk warm-up walk. On your rest days, feel free to do some strength training, yoga, Pilates, etc.

Day One: After your warm up, run for 20 minutes. Cool down, stretch ice.

Day Two: Active recovery. After your warm up, run for 8 minutes. Walk for 30 seconds. Repeat. Cool Down and stretch.

Day Three: Warm up, Run for 10 minutes. Walk for one minute. Run for 10 minutes. Walk for run minute. Run for three minutes, then cool down.

Day Four: Rest.

Day Five: Warm up, the run for 23 minutes. Cool down, stretch, etc.

Day Six: (Optional) Active Recovery. Warm up, run for 15 minutes. Walk for one minute, then run for two more minutes.

Day Seven: Rest.

Coming next week: We will continue to add time/distance to your run, plus add an optional speed workout if you would like to get a little bit faster for your race.

Getting Faster

Getting_Faster.JPGRefer back to this post for information on whether you’re ready to add speed to your workout, how to find your goal pace, reasons for each workout as well as the first week of workouts to add to your training.

The Workouts:

The Long Run: At this point in your training, your long run should be at least six miles. You can keep it at that or add another half mile. To add a little mileage to your week, add a half mile to one of your other runs (not the speed workouts).

The Interval Workout: On the track for 800 meter repeats. After your 10 minute warm up, run 800 meters at slightly faster than your 5k pace (about 90-95% of VO2Max). Recover by jogging or walking 200 meters. Repeat five more times. Cool down by walking or jogging 400-800 meters. Stretch (and don’t forget to ice after your workout!)

The Lactate Threshold Workout: On the road for this workout. After your one mile easy warm up, run 10 minutes at slightly less that your 5k pace (about 85-90% of your maximal effort). Recover by jogging for two minutes. Repeat two more times. Cool down by jogging a half mile, and finish with a stretch.

Remember, in addition to these workouts, you can run another one-three days during the week, nice easy, shorter runs (recovery runs). A sample schedule can be found in this post.

Nice job on week eight. See you next week!

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    I remember during my first 5k training that the 20-minute run was the most daunting. I could get my head around running the whole thing, or even just 10 minutes at a time. But 20 was a weird number that seemed so out of reach when I started.

    I don’t think even finishing my half-marathon was as rewarding as being able to push through the mental barrier that 20-minutes of 5k training had put up.

    #FitnessFriday from Jill Conyers led me here, btw.
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