6 Women (and a Man) I Can’t Wait to Meet at Blogfest

Blogfest starts on Thursday and I’m pretty sure I won’t getting any sleep Wednesday night. I am that excited. Just in case you haven’t heard, Blogfest is a health and fitness blogging conference that takes place during the IDEA World Fitness Convention, which also starts Thursday, in Anaheim, California.


This will be my first blogging conference so that is one more reason to be excited. It will take place on Thursday and Friday, then I get to stay on for the last two days of the IDEA convention. Fun (and education, of course) times ahead! With speakers like Kelly Olexa of Fitfluential, and Rita Barry of Blog Genie (who is also my Blog School instructor), workouts led by Chalene Johnson and Tara Stiles, keynote speaker Jillian Michaels, and tons of real time social networking, this will be a blogging and fitness event to remember. You can still get a free pass to the expo here!

This is all well and good, and I am super thrilled about all of the classes, speakers, and workouts, but to be honest with you, what I am looking most forward to is meeting the people. There are so many people that I have “met” over the internet, through our blogs or social media, and now I will finally get a chance to meet them in real life. Here’s the short list of the women (and one man) that I’m looking forward to meeting at Blogfest.

Carla Birnberg. MizfitOnline, Carla’s original blog, was one of the first blogs that I read regularly. I found her funny, human, brilliant, and inspiring. She continues to support other bloggers, create original and interesting content, and set an example on living a balanced life. I’m proud that I am working with Carla as part of Team Eleven by Venus, and I am ecstatic (I’m trying to use various synonyms for excited so I don’t get too repetitive) that I’m finally getting a chance to meet her.

Kelly Olexa. As the founder and CEO of Fitfluential, Kelly has made an impact on my life and my blog. She not only created a company that helps bloggers and brands connect, she leads by example, and inspires those of us who are Ambassadors to step outside of our box and really go after what we deserve. I almost met Kelly about a year and a half ago at another convention, but got stuck in Las Vegas traffic and missed my opportunity. Not this time.

Katy Widrick. Katy is my blogging hero. If I have questions about creating a media kit, disclosure laws, working with sponsors, or basically anything you can think of related to blogging and social media, Katy’s blog is where I check first. Not only does she write all these informational posts, she is also helpful and gracious enough to answer questions and make suggestions. And her daughter makes my heart smile.

Rita Barry. I credit Rita with teaching me about blogging. I was one of the first students at her Blog School , and I learned so much. Her blog is also full of helpful tips and tricks, and she does amazing blog design as well.

Gigi Dubois. Rarely do you find the combination of beautiful and hilariously funny that Gigi embodies and serves up on her blog. Her videos make me laugh, and I love her bright and humorous outlook on life. I look forward to when I can say, “I knew Gigi when…”

Jody Goldenfield. I find Jody inspiring because we are the same age and she works so hard to keep fabulously fit. She is also very kind and it shines through in her blog. I almost forgot to put Jody on this list because I feel like I’ve already met her. I’m still not sure she’s going to make it to the expo, but Jody, if you read this, you must come!

Pavement Runner. This post was going to be about the women that I was looking forward to meeting, then I found out that Pavement Runner was going to be there and I had to change my plan. As an enthusiastic and talented marathoner (and beyond), Pavey (as we call him), inspires thousands of people to get out and run. His Boston Strong Runs went viral as groups around the country formed to run in support of those killed and injured at the 2013 Boston Marathon. I just missed him in June at the Rock and Roll marathon, but this time it’s going to happen.

There are so many other interesting, funny, inspiring bloggers out there that I can’t wait to meet that I’m sure that I missed someone. Plus, I have the opportunity to see and catch up with some of my favorite people that I have already met in real life including:

Kelli Davis: It was Kelli, who, a couple years ago invited me to become an IDEA Inspired Advisor. In her role as Social Media Manager at IDEA, Kelli gathered us together, picked our brains, and basically created Blogfest. I did see Kelli a few months ago as we both were strolling the aisles at the IHRSA Convention trade show and I can’t wait to see her again.


Tiffany, Gina, Alyse, Kasey: A few of my fellow Inspired Advisors, we met at IDEAWorld 2013. I did just see Tiffany in July, but I’m still excited to see her again. Gina will be speaking and Kasey will be leading a Bootcamp on Friday. Alyse, as one of the founders of Fit Approach and Sweat Pink was a driving force behind the planning of Blogfest.


Melissa, Carrie, Jill, Jamie: I think I may be most excited about getting our Ragnar team together again at Blogfest! I met most of them for the first time last April when we occupied the same van (go Van 2!!!) at Ragnar So Cal. Nothing bonds women together like spending 35 sleepless hours or so cheering each other on. Jamie is also an Inspired Advisor and co-founder of Fit Approach, so she was working alongside Alyse to help plan this event.


Kymberly and Alexandra: I first met the Fun and Fit twins last year at IDEA, and then Kymberly and I hung out at IHRSA back in March. We are all “of an age” and they truly live up to their blog name as they represent the Boomer crowd.

Williams Sisters I could keep going on and on until this post was way too long. I know that as soon as I hit publish I’m going to remember yet another person that I’m looking forward to meeting this week. I can hardly wait to meet so many new and old friends!

Will you be at Blogfest? If you could meet another blogger or person who you’ve met through social media, who would it be?

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    Your enthusiasm is infectious! Imagine my happy surprise to get to the end of your post and see my sis and me also listed. Whoo hoo! While we will be covering sessions and events at the main convention, we FOR SURE want to see you. We are there except Sunday, catching the early train Thurs. Hope you get sleep tonight!
    Kymberly recently posted..10 Steps to Sustainable ChangeMy Profile

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    I am seriously almost in tears over here, I kid you not. Debbie, you are one of the sweetest bloggers that I constantly read – I LOVE You and I am soo soo excited to meet you too! I am coming on Saturday, and I am going to be ALL OVER that EXPO!!! Prepare yourself for some ridiculous SELFIES!! 🙂 🙂 Yay!!
    GiGi Eats recently posted..Coho Salmon, An Oscar Winner… And More!My Profile

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    I really hope to go to a conference like this someday! You are gonna meet some of my favorite bloggers, that is so cool! I am sure you are on their list too 🙂 Have a wonderful time, can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Tina Muir recently posted..The Big RevelationMy Profile

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