Random Monday: Catching Up

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Random Monday Reflections

Well, another week has just flown by. You’d think that since I am not working I would have all kinds of time on my hands, but it just hasn’t turned out that way so far. Between some online job searching, starting my new blog and social media accounts, studying and researching to become a social media manager, keeping up with this blog and social media, not to mention coaching my cross country team, every day has been busy and full.

Looking Forward

In fact, I already need to get a little better at my time management. I tend to try to do too much multi-tasking, which is not really beneficial in the long run. I decided my first step was to write down my goals for the coming week. That should help me focus and prioritize. My weekly goals include:

  1. Write a new Media Fitness Coach blog post. I want to post once a week on the blog, probably on Wednesday.
  2. Work on getting more followers on both new Twitter and Facebook pages.
  3. Be more consistent with my posting on all my social media accounts. Scheduling some posts, but also spending more time engaging.
  4. Study one or two hours a day.
  5. Develop my presentation package.
  6. Write a couple proposals. I have an idea that I hope will give me a little experience. I’ll share if it works out. Oh heck, I’ll share it now. I have a couple friends who run small businesses that I think could use a little help with their social media marketing. I plan to offer them a great deal and offer to create and run a social media account for them. I believe it will be good for all of us.

Well, that should keep me going for a bit, anyway!

Looking Back

Well, if it was a whirlwind week, the weather seemed to reflect that feeling too. A little over a week ago I posted this:

August 2_17Most notably, that screenshot was taken at 6:00 pm! The humidity was only 5%, which made it (as one of my Facebook friends pointed out) feel like only 109. I cancelled afternoon practice that week, and the next, when it stayed really hot. Of course, even morning practices can be challenging when it’s already in the 90s by 6:00 am.

August 2_2

The above was a non-practice day, so Penny and I had the option of taking a walk rather than running. Even that was pretty miserable.

August 2_15Seen on the walk that day. Alan thinks they’re roadrunners (look at the size of their feet!). I didn’t touch them, I was just hopeful that mom was nearby. They posed really well, didn’t move a muscle.

Then to top off the weather weirdness, on Saturday as we were driving out of town, we suddenly drove through an intense rainstorm. I actually saw it ahead of us as we drove. It was dry, then withing a quarter mile, it was pouring. Scary pouring. It rained off and on like that for about 20 minutes, then eased off as we headed west on the freeway. Thank goodness. I’m a Californian. Rain makes me nervous.

August 2_7Ironically, we were headed to Huntington Beach for the weekend to get out of the heat (and see the family, of course), but with the rain in the desert it turned out to be a very cool, if humid, weekend. When we came back on Sunday afternoon, we ran into yet another rainstorm, but it was actually in the low 70s, something I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced in August in over 30 years in the desert.

We spent the weekend in Huntington Beach, where it was even crazier than usual because the US Open of Surfing was going on. It brings huge numbers of young people, so the traffic was terrible, the restaurants were packed, and the streets were full of young people wearing almost nothing. Yes, that makes me sound old, but seriously, don’t women wear coverups anymore?

August 2Anyway, we are fortunate that Alan’s son lives close enough to the beach that we can just park our car and walk everywhere we want to go. When we arrived, the boys were out doing various things, so we walked downtown to lunch at Coach’s.August 2_4

If it looks familiar that’s because we were there just a month ago. I love their Falafel Pitas! The beer was pretty good too. When we got back to the house, these guys were there:

August 2_16They were getting ready to go to camp for their first time. Their mom was busily checking lists and packing, and we were under strict instructions not to let them get up early with us the next morning. Though it’s not like we wake them up on purpose, we just get up early. But, we tried really hard. We slept in a little later than normal ourselves, then tiptoed out, first to get coffee, then to head down to the beach. So much different at 6:00 am.

August 2_3Quite a sight from Starbucks. To the east, a beautiful, bursting sunrise. To the west, a double rainbow (it’s a little hard to see the second rainbow, to the left).

August 2_12

August 2_11

August 2_13

August 2_5

August 2_10We walked down to the pier and checked out what was going on at the surf competition. It was early, but they were out there. The waves weren’t the greatest, but that doesn’t stop the competition. In fact, according to an announcement we heard while we were there, the only thing that would stop or postpone the competition was a thunderstorm, which was a possibility. I think they were able to finish though before the rain came.

August 2_6Collecting: the good and the bad. I found quite a few whole, pretty shells as we walked, but I also found a lot of glass. The glass above was picked up in just a tiny area, so I can only imagine how much is really out there. Too bad to have to worry about cutting up your feet (and your children’s feet) because some people are too irresponsible to pick up their trash.

We did NOT go for a run, which was nice. I’ve been running more with the team lately, so I was ready for a day off. Instead we walked the beach.  Then Alan took they boys back to the ocean for a swim. Perfect morning.

On the way home to the desert, we were hungry but not yet ready for lunch so we stopped and had our first Acai bowls! They were pretty good, but they were so huge and tasted so good, it’s hard to believe they were all that good for us. Research is needed! Not that we don’t occasionally eat things that aren’t good for us (see those french fries in the above picture), but I just like to know.

August 2_9

After driving through the rainstorm, we finally arrived home too late for lunch and too early for dinner, so we decided to combine the two by eating an early dinner at Chipotle.

August 2_8

I love getting out of the desert heat, but it sure feels good to be home. We have a dog sitter who stays with the dogs, but they still miss us (and we miss them!). There really isn’t anything better than sleeping in your own bed, even when you share it with five (or is it six?) dogs.

How was your weekend? Any races, family happenings, or other events? Do you make a work plan for the week? Do you know how many calories are in an Acai bowl?

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  1. says

    Time management is one of my weak points…that’s why I’m afraid of what would happen if I ever worked from home. It sounds like you’ve got a good plan formulated. Good luck! And I’m still floored by the heat…only feels like 109. Not too bad!!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Marvelous is…My Profile

  2. says

    When you think you have time – you don’t! ;) I love your family fun pics always!!!!

    Weather has been craziness & no AC here so I have changed clothes multiple times in the house. I am thankful for my demos to get AC! :)

    Good luck Debbie – I think you will be great at this!
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..Gratitude Monday & That DashMy Profile

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