My Yoga Works..It Really Works! Plus a Spring into Yoga Update

Disclosure: I received a free six-month trial of MyYogaWorks in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My Yoga Works 7 My Yoga Works..It Really Works! Plus a Spring into Yoga Update

Ah, yoga. If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I have an on again/off again relationship with yoga. (If you’re a new reader, you can either take my word for it or read my whining stories here, here, here, and here.)

The benefits of a regular yoga practice are huge. When I am consistently doing yoga several times a week I am stronger, more balanced, and limber. For me, though, it is the mental boost that I get from yoga that keeps me coming back. It calms and centers me, helps me deal with stress and even improves my outlook on life.

So why do I, a so-called expert on fitting it all in, have such a hard time squeezing in one of my favorite forms of exercise? I assure you that I am not just making excuses. Instead, I am making a plan. A plan that will allow me time both to run and practice yoga (and all the other things in my life, like writing, working, and, um, living). That is why I started the Spring into Yoga Challenge, to help me and anyone who wants to join me, get a fresh start at a regular yoga practice.

And that is why I am excited to tell you about My Yoga Works. My Yoga Works has over 500 yoga class videos that can be streamed live to any device. There is something for everybody, from beginners to advanced, from short 10 minute meditations to 90 minute “yoga buffets.” All you need is a yoga mat, some optional props like a block, strap or blanket, and a smartphone, tablet, or computer and you are ready to practice yoga with some of the finest Yoga Works instructors.

When I first signed up, I wanted to test that I could get a good connection to my television that I keep in my kitchen. It has a hook up for my iphone, so I wanted to see how well it would work to view the videos.

My Yoga Works 300x233 My Yoga Works..It Really Works! Plus a Spring into Yoga Update

Pretty nice, don’t you think? When I was ready to try my first class, a 35 minute intermediate flow class, I set up in the kitchen, which has the advantage of a level, tile floor.

My Yoga Works 2 My Yoga Works..It Really Works! Plus a Spring into Yoga Update

This class was perfect for me and for where I am with my yoga right now. The length was just right, not too long, but enough to challenge me. There are two “students” doing the class on screen, one of whom is using modifications. The instruction is very clear, and I was able to follow along with only a glance or two at the screen. I prefer a little more time at the beginning of class to focus on breathing and to set a goal for my practice, but I’m sure that this was due to the short class. There was plenty of warm up time, and the class was mostly sun salutations, which I enjoy because of the slow buildup of heat in my body.

My Yoga Works 3 My Yoga Works..It Really Works! Plus a Spring into Yoga UpdateFor my second class, I took it on the road. To be more precise, I tried my next class at work, after closing time. This time I used my iPad to view the video, and I did a short workout called, “Time for a Quickie.” Again, it was just perfect for my needs, allowing me to get in a short but complete workout.

My Yoga Works 6 My Yoga Works..It Really Works! Plus a Spring into Yoga UpdateWhat is really great about My Yoga Works is that you can take your yoga class anywhere that you have an internet connection, confident that you will have great instruction at the level and time commitment that you want. I love going to a yoga studio, but at $15 per class or more, that can get expensive. With My Yoga Works, you bring the studio home with you and it only costs $15 per month! And if you use the code Blogger14 your first month will be only $5!

Here are some of the classes that are available from My Yoga Works (remember, they have over 500 to choose from, so you really need to check them out to see what fits with your interests and level):

I am really excited about my subscription to My Yoga Works. I know that it will help me keep my commitment to my yoga practice. I can’t wait to try my next class. Hmm, what should I pick?

You can still join the Spring into Yoga Challenge! There will still be a $50 gift card to Yoga Outlet for the yogi who posts the most frequently on Instagram and/or Twitter with the hashtag #SpringintoYoga.  Remember that, while yes, the goal is a daily minimum of 10 minutes per day of yoga practice, but if you can’t keep that up, do what you can. Post a photo or a tweet with the hashtag and you have a chance to win. The important thing is don’t stress out about it.

Do you practice yoga regularly? At home or in a studio? Would you like to join the challenge?

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    Since I’ve been without a home studio, I rely on doing my own thing or online sources. I have used my yoga works – loved it! To me it doesn’t matter where I get my yoga in, just as long as I’m getting it. A studio is way better but this is second best.
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    Thanks for your review. My wife has been looking at availing these. She was telling me about how mobile it is and how she could bring her yoga anywhere. Glad to hear that you agree and it seems like we’re gonna be making a great investment out of this. Thanks!

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