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I spent some time working on my Recipe page today.  Actually, I spent time creating a new Recipe page. I made a recipe page a couple years ago, but soon found that it was hard to keep up since I was adding recipe links by hand. It wasn’t long before I was way behind on updating my page, to point that when I switched to my new theme I just took it out.

It bothered me though, not to have a page dedicated to my recipes, so I finally some time to work on it today. It is a work in progress, with no search function, just a long list at this point.

I did use a plug in to categorize the recipes, but I still needed to make some updates (change some categories, add a featured image, etc.). I was working on this today which gave me a chance to look back on my favorite recipes and I thought I’d share some with you today.

Easy Brushetta Caprese

Brushetta 017 1024x683 Doing a Little Blog Keeping (Blog + Housekeeping)From March 2012, this appetizer recipe uses tofu to substitute for the mozzarella. Believe me, you’ll never notice the difference.



Mac and Cheese

009 300x200 Doing a Little Blog Keeping (Blog + Housekeeping)

Mac and Cheese

From April 2012. I never made it before I was vegan, but the idea of Macaroni and Cheese sound too delicious not to “veganize.”



Tempeh Burgers

Tempeh Burgers 0111 300x203 Doing a Little Blog Keeping (Blog + Housekeeping)From March, 2012. In the mood for a burger? This one will fill the bill!



Rice Salad with Seitan and Creamy Tarragon Dressing

Rice Salad 300x214 Doing a Little Blog Keeping (Blog + Housekeeping)From October, 2011. On of my favorite restaurant dishes ever (and this was before I was vegetarian), this is my version of the Risi Salad.




Jackfruit Burrito5 258x300 Doing a Little Blog Keeping (Blog + Housekeeping)From June, 2011. If you read my blog you know I have somewhat of a passion for burritos. Whether they are made from seitan, or from jackfruit, or from tofu, I love them all.




These are just a few of my favorite recipes from over the years. I hope you’ll check out my Recipe page for even more!

Blog-Keeping is an important, if boring and time consuming part of making your blog the best that it can be. I’d like to remind you again of Rita Barry’s Blog School, which can help you achieve greatness in blogging. Yes, I’m an affiliate, but I’m also a graduate, and I know that enrolling in Blog School was an investment in my blog which has already payed off. Check this post for more details. Enrollment starts on March 30, and class starts on April 7.

Do you have a recipe that you love so much that you make it over and over? What is your favorite kind of burrito?

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    ooooh love the changes Debbie! These all sound great, and unique too! My spinach, broccoli, salmon risotto is my recipe I love and will go back to over and over. I posted it a few weeks ago.

    As for burrito, I love the traditional steak, rice, beans, but I also love changing it up to try all kinds of things! I just love burritos!
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