Surviving Marathon Training with X2Performance

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Marathon training is hard.

Yeah, I’m known for my original thoughts.

All those miles put a big strain on your body. Running longer and longer distances, pushing yourself through grueling workouts, depleting your energy systems, eating, sleeping, then doing it all over again.

Even in the best of circumstances it can be difficult to recover between workouts. The correct combination of refueling, rehydrating, and rest are vital, and even then, it can be hard to bounce back completely. And, as I’m finding out, the aging factor comes into play, making the workouts even more challenging and the recovery even more difficult.

I try to eat a balanced vegan diet, fuel properly during and after my workouts, and get plenty of rest, but it is not always enough, especially if I have back to back workouts on my training schedule. After I was contacted by X2Performance to try out their product and I did my due diligence to learn as much as I could about it, I was really excited to finally get an opportunity to give it a try.

X2Performance3As I wrote in my previous post, the first thing I did when I was invited to join the X2Performance program was to check out the ingredients.  I found it to contain the X2Performance BIOIDS® Advanced Cellular Formula, a patent pending formula with glucose, bioenergy RIBOSE®, PEAK ATP® Di Sodium, Co Enzyme Q10, caffeine, D-Pinitol, plus electrolytes calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. My research showed that all the ingredients were safe and plant-based. The next test was to find out if they were effective.

The first time I tried X2Performance was before my scheduled 15 mile run last weekend. I was a little nervous about trying something new on such a long run, but since my body was already aching from my active travels, and I was concerned that I couldn’t even finish that distance, I figured things couldn’t get much worse, but they might get better.

X2Performance comes in single serving plastic bottles. I followed instructions and drank one about 30 minutes before my run. I don’t know why I didn’t expect it to taste good, but fortunately I was wrong. I has a pleasant citrus flavor and goes down very easily.


I will tell you right up front that my legs were still sore for my run, and it took a lot of willpower to keep running. But, I will also tell you that everything else about my run was great. I felt fueled and strong, and I know that helped me sustain my effort for 15 miles. My energy stayed consistent and I felt good.

Even better, I feel like the X2Performance accelerated my recovery. As I’ve been increasing my mileage I have noticed that after each long run I am really tired and beat up. I don’t want to do much for the rest of the day. After my long run last week, though, I refueled and rehydrated, took a short nap rest, then I was able to get on with my day. Since a better, quicker recovery is the main reason I wanted to try X2Performance, I am pleased.

X2Performance4By Wednesday my muscle soreness had eased and I was ready to put X2Performance to the test during my tempo run. While it didn’t miraculously bring me the time splits of a few years ago, I again felt steady and strong for the workout.

As for recovery, I can tell you from experience that Wednesday is usually a tough day for me. After a challenging run, I have to shower, eat and go to work, and I always seem to spend the day feeling like either I haven’t had enough to eat (shaky and hungry) or like I am low on electrolytes (cramping, thirsty and craving coconut water (when I’m dehydrated I always crave coconut water even though I don’t like it all that much)).

This Wednesday I felt, well, I just felt normal. Not extra hungry or thirsty, just normal. And that is a very good thing.

My good results meant that I will continue to use X2Performance. Now that I know that it delivers on its promise to enhance performance and improve recovery I am even more excited about representing the company and sharing my experiences with you.

You still have a chance to try it for free! You can take advantage of this limited time offer and receive a free trial of X2Performance! You will need to select a subscription plan and pay $5.95 shipping charge, but you can cancel the subscription (even before your first shipment) at any time and still receive your free trial.

Whether you are a runner, triathlete, weightlifter, or any other type of athlete who works hard to improve performance, you might want to give X2Performance a try!

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      Isn’t that funny? I’ve been known to stop at the grocery store for nothing but the coconut water, then when I drink it wonder why I wanted it so badly. The only time I really like it is straight out of the coconut, and the product they were selling at the Lorna Jane opening. They were giving samples and it really tasted like it came straight from the coconut. Of course it was about $10 a bottle!
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