What I Ate…Vegan on the Road at IHRSA

What you won’t find in this post: A list of elegant vegan restaurants, beautifully photographed entrees, or how I packed enough food to feast upon for four days. What you will find: How I survived, ate delicious food, some great memories, and created a few good pictures from my vegan on a budget weekend.

I did bring a few things with me. A small bunch of bananas. A few Clifbars. A tub of hummus, coconut milk creamer, and popcorn. Oh, and a bottle of wine. I wasn’t a girl scout, but I know about being prepared.

I am afraid that I don’t even remember the name of the cafe where I had lunch on my first day at the convention. I had bumped into Kymberly and we wanted to find a quick lunch close to the convention center. I figured I could always order a salad no matter where we went, and that is exactly what I did. Their chopped salad was pretty good with a good mix of vegetables. A little lemon, oil, vinegar, and pepper made a tasty dressing. It was the company that was the important part anyway.

By the time I checked in to my hotel on Wednesday, it was after 5 and I’d been on the go for over 12 hours. I really didn’t feel like searching out and driving to a vegan restaurant, so instead I headed to Little Italy, a neighborhood in downtown San Diego, where you will find many Italian restaurants and lots of pasta. I filled up on capelinni with tomato and basil and it was quite good. Not shown in the (incredibly bad) photo, the glass of wine I had with dinner.

IHRSA What I Ate...Vegan on the Road at IHRSA

Bad picture, great food, at one of the Italian Restaurants in Little Italy.

Because I never made it to a grocery store (and I didn’t have a refrigerator in my room, just my cooler) breakfast on Thursday was a little, um, unplanned. A bagel and some fruit from the free continental breakfast at my hotel, plus a banana, and a Clifbar, were all I had through the day. By the time I finished up my last session for the day at 3:00, I was starving. I decided it was worth it to head over to one of the few vegan restaurants in San Diego, Evolution Fast Food.

IHRSA 3 What I Ate...Vegan on the Road at IHRSA

I’d been there before, back when I was in town to deal with the death of my Aunt Lois, but I was kind of surprised at how easy it was to drive there from the convention center. Um, two miles straight up 5th St? No problem!

IHRSA 2 What I Ate...Vegan on the Road at IHRSA

Once there I loaded up on a few things. A Buffalo Chick’n Sandwich, a veggie sandwich for the following day, a peachy dessert that was delicious and so huge that it lasted for the next 3 days, and a raw scramble, made with almonds, curry, cilantro and other seasonings that was really good.

IHRSA 5 What I Ate...Vegan on the Road at IHRSA

A little later in the evening, I headed over to meet my son and daughter in law for dinner. They are about a 20 minute drive from downtown so it was a pretty quick drive. After a little discussion (they are NOT vegan), we chose the Genghis Grill Mongolian Stir Fry. I was a little hesitant, but it turned out to be very good. The concept is that you select the ingredients of your meal as you pass through a salad bar type area. You pick your protein (they keep the tofu with the vegetables, not the meat, which is good), your seasoning, vegetables, and sauces then they grill them up and bring them to your table. I made sure to tell them that mine was vegetarian, and they promise to keep it separate for the meat-filled areas. It was delicious!

IHRSA 4 What I Ate...Vegan on the Road at IHRSA

On Friday morning, I brought along my goodies from Evolution Fast Food, and ate some of the raw scramble before my shopping and exercise at the Lorna Jane grand opening. I ate my veggie sandwich while I was at the trade show (right after my Anti Gravity Yoga class when I needed some refueling).

After spending about four hours wandering the floor of the convention center, I was starving (again) and I couldn’t think of anything that sounded better than another Buffalo Chick’n Sandwich. This time I ordered it with fries and it was just as good as I remembered.

It was an early evening for me. After all the walking through the convention center, the classes at Lorna Jane and the trade show, I was pooped. The next day, Saturday, I grabbed yet another bagel and bowl of fruit from the hotel breakfast, but my main fuel for my last session of the convention was the last of the raw scramble (and a banana).

IHRSA 6 What I Ate...Vegan on the Road at IHRSA

Then I was off to visit Samuel (and his parents) again. They invited me for brunch! We had a potato scramble, salad, guacamole, and a fruit bowl.

IHRSA 7 What I Ate...Vegan on the Road at IHRSA

While some of my meals seem a little off the cuff and random, they really prove that it is possible to adhere to your vegan diet easily, even when you’re on the road. Nothing was fancy, but all was delicious.

How do you manage when you travel? Do you search for just the right restaurant, bring a lot of your own food, hit the supermarket when you arrive, or…?

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    Wow! You really make it work well. Love the pics of your grandson, too. Happy kid. I guess I’m lucky in that my diet choices are just that…choices. I don’t have any intolerances or allergies (yet, knock on wood), so I figure that when I travel or am out of the home, I don’t have to adhere as strictly as I do when I make food at home. However, if I’m going to be gone or eating out (like at a conference/convention) for more than 3 days in a row, I will pack my own snacks and stick with salads for lunches. You can almost always find a good salad anywhere you go…dressing on the side. :-)
    Running Hutch recently posted..Moving, Puppies, Running ShirtsMy Profile

  2. says

    Tell me a little more about the raw scramble – that must be a vegan ‘egg’? Obviously it doesn’t need refrigeration, but I’m curious.

    Sounds like a successful few days. I think any dietary choices can be managed while traveling as long as you do a little planning – like stocking up and having handy snacks to tide you over until you can get something substantial.
    Carrie@familyfitnessfood.com recently posted..Food solves the problem – WIAWMy Profile

    • says

      Actually, it was finely chopped nut (I think almonds), with turmeric, curry, cilantro, tomato and onion. It was dumb not to take a picture or make note of the ingredients. So obviously it had a different texture that a real scramble, but it tasted really good. I looked on their website to see if I could learn more, but it isn’t listed. I will have it again next time (ooh, that may be April 5!!!!)
      Debbie Woodruff recently posted..What I Ate…Vegan on the Road at IHRSAMy Profile

    • says

      When I have a fridge in my room, the first thing I do is go to the grocery store and stock up on things for snacks and breakfast. Makes travel so much easier. It’s a lot tougher living out of a cooler :-)

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