Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy Schedule

Wow! What a week. After two days at work, I was off to the IHRSA Convention (more on that later), where I spent four days living out of a suitcase, on mostly restaurant food (more on that later too). I also attended the grand opening of the Lorna Jane Active Living Room in La Jolla, spent some time with my family (and grandson!), and finished the week with my scheduled long run. That makes me kind of tired just to write, even though I just lived through it!

Debbie poster Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy Schedule

I thought it was pretty cool that I was featured in one of the huge posters that IHRSA had on the walls of the San Diego Convention Center!

Squeezing in Workouts

It can be tough to stick with your plan and get in your workouts when life gets busy or if you’re on the road. Believe me, I wasn’t perfect myself, in spite of being surrounded with an amazing number of classes to attend, fitness equipment to try out, and staying in one of the most runner friendly locales in the country.

Being too busy is one of the most common excuses not to work out, and it can be a challenging one to overcome. At the convention, my first sessions started at 8:00. That meant to get in a run, shower, and drive to the convention center I needed to get out on the road by 6:00 at the latest. The problem? Well the recent time change was not in my favor. And I did not want to run alone, in the dark, in downtown San Diego. That meant…the dreadmill treadmill.

Treadmill Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy Schedule

Fortunately the treadmill at the hotel was a newer LifeFitness model, so that I could imagine I was running through the forest instead of clomping along on a treadmill in a tiny hotel fitness room.

Another way I fit in fitness during my travel was to take advantage of the opportunities presented to me by the Lorna Jane opening (they had free classes), and some of the exhibitors at the trade show.

Grand Opening at Lorna Jane La Jolla

I was invited to attend the grand opening of the new Lorna Jane store in La Jolla and to attend one of the free classes they were offering all weekend (I was compensated for this, but my body actually had to do the workout). Silly me, I misread the schedule and thought that I was attending a Pilates class. It wasn’t until it was time to start that I found out that it was actually a class called Torture Intensity Training with Tim. Okay…

I was surrounded by much younger fitness enthusiasts (including Ashleigh from A Daily Cup of AsheeJoJo) , but, if I do say so myself I kept up pretty well. It was only about 30 minutes, but it was enough of a workout to get my heart pumping and my muscles burning.

LJ Class Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy Schedule

MJ Blog Friends Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy Schedule

That’s Ashleigh in the middle.

Because I had the class schedule mixed up, I arrived early at the Lorna Jane store. That gave me an hour to spend shopping! Everyone at the shop was so helpful, and I ended up selecting several pieces that I love. I can’t wait to get back to La Jolla!

LJ Shop Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy Schedule

Love, love, love the bright colors!

LJ Outfits Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy Schedule

Not the best picture, in my hotel room at night, but I was so happy with my purchases!

LJ Datebook Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy Schedule

I also received Lorna Jane’s 2014 Move Nourish Believe date book. I love the motivational sayings and the layout. I just bought a paper-based appointment calendar for the first time in years, but I think I’m going to move to this one. I love it!

I also took the opportunity to take the Anti-Gravity Yoga class again at the IHRSA trade show. I did it last year and LOVED it. Unfortunately, we don’t have any locations to take the class in the desert, so I was on the lookout for it. It is a half hour long, and it is amazing. When you are supported by the silk hammocks you can do extraordinary things.

Workout IHRSA Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy Schedule

This isn’t me (though I chose this picture because she was blonde). I was wandering alone when I found the Anti-Gravity Yoga booth, so I didn’t have anyone to take pictures.

I also spent time here and there on several different brands of treadmills, just trying them out, enjoying all the bells and whistles that they have now.

All in all, I felt happy with my workouts during my trip. While they weren’t up to my normal level, or keeping up with my marathon training schedule, I did keep active. Not only that, the Friday workout at Lorna Jane kicked my butt! I woke up Saturday morning so sore I could hardly get out of bed. While I wanted to skip that treadmill run, I thought it might help loosen me up a little (it did not, but I’m still glad I ran).

In fact, I was so sore on Saturday that I was concerned about my Sunday long run. I was scheduled to run 15 miles. Could I do it when my legs were burning before I even started?

Before I left for home, I took a quick trip to my son and daughter-in-law’s and got to see guess who? Samuel! He is getting so big and starting to walk so well! Walking in spite of the new puppy, Chloe, who gets excited and tends to knock him over!

Samuel Collage Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy ScheduleAs a good grandma, I of course took some video too:

I will be filling you in completely about the IHRSA Convention in the upcoming days, but I did want to mention two things.

First, I was so happy to bump into Kymberly, from Fun and Fit. We met for the first time at last year’s convention, so it felt like old friends getting together when we saw each other. But, bad bloggers that we were, we didn’t get a single picture together! And I missed out on seeing her twin, Alexandra, who didn’t get to San Diego until Friday. Hopefully I won’t have to wait another year to see them again.

Kymberly Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy Schedule

No pictures together, but I loved this pic of Kymberly trying out the Total Gym at the trade show!

Sunday, finally back at home, I was scheduled to run 15 miles. My legs (not to mention my abs, chest, and shoulders) were so sore I was really concerned I wouldn’t be able to do it. That didn’t keep me from trying though.

Because I’d been gone all week, I really needed to take Penny and Buddy for a short run first:

Training 15 miles Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy ScheduleI only took them for two miles, but I know they were happy about it. Then I headed out for the next 13.

Well, I was slow, feeling like I was shuffling along for a lot of the run, but I did it! I finished my 15 in 2:50, and boy was I happy to get it done. I actually felt pretty good, but my legs really were beat. I’m so happy that next week is a cut back week! Here’s the schedule for the coming week:

Training Schedule Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy ScheduleIt is possible to get your training in if you really want it. There are ways to overcome the “I’m too busy” excuse. Check this post for ideas to help you get your fitness on no matter what the excuse.

How was your weekend? How do you overcome the “I’m too busy” excuse?

Signature zps65e035a8 Squeezing It In: Fitting in Workouts on a Busy Schedule

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    Funny, someone asked me today how I had time to workout (almost) everyday. It never really occurs to me NOT to do it. It makes me feel good… I consider it my “down” time after work!

    Glad you had fun! I would love to try that anti-gravity yoga!!!
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  2. says

    Wow! What a great few days. Love the treadmill at your hotel with the images of the trail and the Lorna Jane event sounds like it was challenging and fun. I am very interested in the journal–I am slightly addicted to journals (my husband claims I have a problem, I say I love the written word) anyway, glad you had a fun few days and look forward to hearing about IHRSA.
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    I just got home form a week-long vacation and did absolutely no workouts while I was there….with the exception of walking several miles a day at the parks in Disney World. It was nice to have a week off but I was thrilled to get back to my normal life this morning. :)
    Great job fitting it in while out of town!
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