Marathon Training: My Training Recap and (almost) a Plan. Plus a Treadmill Speed Workout

2014 GoalsOn Monday I realized that it was less that three months until the Rock and Roll Marathon and I had yet to write up a training plan. While I have been “training,” it has been pretty random. It goes along the lines of adding a mile or two to my long run each week, and doing one speed workout, which so far has been an occasional tempo run. The other two running days consist of however many miles I can squeeze in before work on Tuesdays, and a fun but slow trail run with all my dogs (broken up into three groups).

Probably not the best way to successfully complete my first marathon in seven years at the age of 56.

You might have thought that this realization would have nudged me to write out my plan. Well, you would have been wrong.

I did however write a schedule for next week, so I do feel some sense of accomplishment. My challenge will be that I am traveling to the IHRSA Convention and Trade Show on Wednesday, where I will be until Saturday. I will have the opportunity to take part in many workouts (more on that in Wednesday’s post), and I will be attending the grand opening of the Lorna Jane store in La Jolla on March 14 (discounts, I have discounts for you!), which will include a pre-opening workout. But fitting in running will be a challenge.

Another challenge is that Daylight Savings Time started, so it probably won’t be getting light until close to 7 am, which is too late if I want to get to the first session at 8 am (not to mention the first workouts at 6 am). So it looks like I will be relegated to the dreadmill treadmill (actually for the first time since the 2013 IHRSA Convention. Obviously I am a treadmill avoider).

The good thing is that I will be scheduled to run a speed workout, which is about the only way I can keep my mind on my workout and not on how slowly the time passes when I’m on a treadmill. I plan to do the Treadmill Pyramid Interval workout below, which I first posted last September. I’m actually kind of excited to try it out!

Treadmill IntervalsI will be home on Sunday in time to do the long run, which is a good thing since I’m scheduled for 15 miles, my longest run in, well, probably my longest run since my last marathon training cycle, over seven years ago. Well.

So here is the complete plan for next week, March 10-16, including adjustments for travel. The total mileage is about 29-30, which is perfect for where I am right now (I ran 25 last week).

Plan_March 10

Hopefully by next week I will fill out the entire training plan. It’s always nice to see where you are going.

Training Recap

In spite of not really having a plan, I did manage to train this past week. It wasn’t particularly great training, but it was training nonetheless.

Tuesday: This is the day that I need to get out early because I have to work early. It never seems to happen, so I ended up with only two miles. It was a fairly fast two miles, because I was running late as usual, but it was still only two miles.

Wednesday: This is supposed to be my speed work day and I had planned to do a tempo run. Unfortunately, I was tired, had a little headache, and just couldn’t pull it off. I ran four slow miles instead, telling myself that at least I got in a run.

Saturday: My (canine) training partner has not been well this weekend, so I ran a sluggish five miles by myself. We think she ate something that didn’t agree with her, because both Penny and Sydney seemed off their game on Saturday. By Sunday, Sydney seemed to feel better, while Penny is still lethargic and won’t eat. She seems a little better, but we might have to take her to the vet if there isn’t more improvement today. She’s 12 you know, so I always tend to think the worst when she doesn’t feel well. Hopefully she will be better tomorrow.


Sunday: I was on my own again. With Penny not feeling well, and Alan meeting some of his kids from track, I ended up waiting until almost 7:00 for it to get light enough after the time change. I tried a little walk with Penny, but she was still dragging. I finally got on the road, but I wasn’t sure if I’d make the 14 miles that I had planned.

The first five weren’t too bad. I passed Alan as he was heading home. It was still cold enough that I felt chilled after that stop, so that kept me going until my special bathroom spot at about mile five. It’s right on a golf course, but I was ahead of all the golfers so it was very peaceful.

March 9

I took a slightly different route than usual, had three phone calls from work that I had to take care of, had to will myself to add on one extra mile, but I managed to finish 14 miles in about 2:37.

March 9_2I’m so lucky thatΒ  most of my route takes place on paths like this:

March 9_3Alan came out to check on me when I was about three miles from home, but after borrowing his inhaler I waved him off. I certainly didn’t feel great, but I knew that I could and would finish.

After the run, I found out that the daughter of a friend of ours was celebrating her birthday at a local restaurant. That meant that instead of curling up and taking a well-deserved nap, I had a quick breakfast, then hopped in the shower and got ready to meet our friends. I was very excited, since this was our first trip to the Backstreet Bistro in Palm Desert, to take a peek at the menu and see that they had a menu item called The Vegan!

Back Street Bistro 2This sandwich was really good! It had grilled eggplant, squash, zucchini, carrots and onions on grilled wheat toast and I had it with fresh fruit. I probably would have been tempted by the french fries after my 14 miler, but after asking the server I found out that all fried items used the same fryer. The sandwich was excellent, and even had the non-vegans checking it out.

Back Street BistroIt was fun catching up with old friends, though from time to time my brain felt like it was wandering off on its own. I was happy to find a local restaurant that has a delicious vegan option.

After lunch we decided to do a little shopping. A new Nordstrom Rack had just opened a few days ago, so we wanted to check it out (and yes, we both bought a couple things..such good deals). Then we headed over to Sport Authority. They are in the middle of a remodel, but they’re open and really living up to the concept of Pardon Our Dust. Ugh, what a mess! Everything was dirty. Still, I bought some running socks.

All-in-all, I ran 25 miles, finished my 14 miler in spite of just not feeling it, and got a start on writing my training program. Hopefully by next week I’ll have the complete plan ready to share. Oh, and I just got notice from Fitbit that I had my first over-35,000 step day!

I hope that your training week went well too! Any accomplishments, events, or shopping adventures that you’d like to share. Did anyone run the LA Marathon? I know there was a big group of bloggers out there on Sunday!

 photo Signature_zps65e035a8.png Sharing is Caring!

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    Can I join you in La Jolla? I miss it already! Have a fun trip this week. It IS a bummer that it doesn’t get light until 7 now. Good luck getting it all in–at least you have a plan.
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