The Reason this Isn’t a Training Recap

Well, it is a little bit of a training recap, but it is mostly a litany of excuses reasons as to why my training has been pretty dismal this week.

Well, I’m not sure where to begin. When I left off, I had received news that my car was totaled and I had headed off to Encinitas to relax and visit my family. Alan and I did manage a 10 mile run along the coast while we were there. Then we got home and life happened.

On Monday, I received my settlement check for my totaled car. I was happy not only with the amount, but also with the speed at which everything was handled (Auto Club if you’re interested).

I also managed to get a massage on Monday. It was pretty gentle, but it felt wonderful. My therapist was a little concerned when I told her about the accident, so she was careful. The headaches that I was getting seem to have pretty much abated, but I do plan to see a chiropractor just to be sure everything is in alignment.

On Tuesday, Alan and I did a quick (that’s a relative term these days) three mile run before work. We were lucky to get it in because that was pretty much it for running for the rest of the week.

Also on Tuesday, we headed over to one of the Honda dealers in the desert. We didn’t talk to a salesman, just looked at the CRVs. I had pretty much decided that I wanted another CRV. When you love a car so much, had virtually no problems over almost eight years, it seems pretty wise to stick with the same model. Especially when it continues to get great reviews and is still affordable.

On Tuesday evening I received a call from my assistant to let me know that her car had been towed and she needed me to open the next morning. Wednesday is usually my tempo run day, but working at 5:30 in the morning kind of ended that plan. No, I do not run after work.  Tuesday was the last day of the week that I managed to write a blog post too (5 tips for returning to the marathon..something I’m trying to do in spite of training challenges).

On Wednesday, I spoke to Glenn, the husband of my GM at work, who handles internet sales for a local car dealer. He told me that he would be on the lookout for what I wanted.

On Thursday, Alan and I decided to check out the other Honda dealer in town, Unicars Honda. As it turned out, they had a lot more CRVs on the lot, with a lot of color variety in the LX model that I was looking for. It started to get serious when Marcos came out to greet us, along with a trainee. It got really serious when we sat down with Marcos and started to talk about the price of the 2014 CRV that I wanted (though I still wasn’t sure if I wanted the Basque Red or the Mountain Air).

Still, in spite of the best car salesman line ever, “I’ll give you my card, but I’ll put my trainee’s name on the back because I might not be here tomorrow if I don’t make this sale,” we decided to drive away.  As we walked away, Marcos told us that if we bought the car today, they would take $4,000 off the price.

Well. That sounded like a pretty good deal on a $23,000 car. I texted Glenn and his reply, “Debbie, that is a great deal,” helped me to decide to go for it.

Unfortunately, I had not deposited my recovery check from the Auto Club, so after four hours at the dealer, including one talking to the finance guy (hate that part!), I didn’t get to take my car home on Thursday. Instead, we hurried home at close to 9:00, I rushed back to the bank to deposit the check, and also sent a picture of my most recent check stub (stupid me..I’d been carrying around all that kind of stuff in my briefcase, which I just didn’t happen to have with me).

Friday was spent anxiously waiting for the check to clear. Fortunately…

New Running Girl The Reason this Isnt a Training Recap…it did, and I am now the proud owner of a 2014 Honda CRV (in Mountain Air!).

I LOVE this car! It has all the things I loved about my 2006 CRV plus a few bells and whistles that are now standard in the 2014 model, including all the snazzy electronics. Plus they’re going to throw in the tinted windows!

Running Girl21 The Reason this Isnt a Training Recap

A consequence of our late night at the dealer on Thursday was that I was exhausted on Friday, which carried over to Saturday because between work and picking up the car I never got to catch up on my sleep. So Saturday, when Alan was announcing day one of the Desert Triathlon, instead of taking a run around the park while he was working I ended up taking a long nap in the car. Another training day wasted.

Desert Tri The Reason this Isnt a Training Recap

So on Sunday, day two of the triathlon, I was determined to stick with the plan, which was to drive with Alan to the triathlon, then run home, which is almost exactly nine miles point to point.

Desert Tri 2 The Reason this Isnt a Training Recap

I’m happy to day that I stuck with the plan. Indeed, I added on a mile by running to my special bathroom, which is a half mile off track but so worth it.

Swirl Girl Run The Reason this Isnt a Training Recap

When I got home, I added on two more miles by taking my dogs for a run (in two trips). So, I had a total of 12 miles for the day, if only 15 for the week. Next week looks good though to get back on the training track, get my marathon training program up to date, and get on it!

I celebrated my 12 mile accomplishment by getting my nails done in the afternoon. Much needed and well deserved if I do say so.

Mani Pedi The Reason this Isnt a Training Recap

So, how did your training go this week? What do you think of my new car. Isn’t it pretty?

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    Love your new car!! But I’m so sorry your last one was totaled :( I love my civic; Hondas are the best.
    My excuse for not running at all last week: norovirus. It’s taking a long time to get my strength back. Bleh.
    Sort of random question: how old is the girl in that picture?? I’m so impressed that she did a tri!
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