Totaled: An Update on My Accident

Thank you all so much for your love and support after my car accident. Your words warmed my heart. Here’s a little update.

It has not been a great week. Even though I had no injuries from the accident, my body has been sore and my mind has been scattered since Tuesday. I also seem to develop a headache toward the end of the day, which is not usual for me. Today, in fact, it sent me to bed for several hours. Hopefully that will not last!

As you can probably guess from the title, my car was totaled. The “Running Girl” (named after my license plate) sustained more damage than she was worth. This was not the outcome that I wanted. I love my car. It has been so reliable through the years. In fact, beyond regular maintenance, a few batteries, the only repair since I bought my CRV in 2006 was to fix the air conditioner (a known “thing” with Honda CRVs of that era). Even what I thought might be a serious engine problem turned out to be an old gas cap.

Running Girl 300x168 Totaled: An Update on My AccidentI did take a run on Wednesday. Because I don’t have a rental car, Alan and I have done a little maneuvering to get me to and from work. On Wednesday, I packed my bag and went with him to the swim center in Palm Desert. While he took his swim, I went for a five mile run. My body was a little stiff, but it did wonders for my mind. Then Alan dropped me off at work. One perk of working at a country club fitness center is access to a clean locker room with all the amenities.

While I was working Alan decided to do a little investigating. He went back to the scene of the accident and took a look at the skid marks that were left by my car and the car that I hit. Mine were more than twice as long as the other vehicle’s. That, combined with the statement that I overheard the other driver make to the police, “I looked up and saw the car stopping,” has convinced Alan that she was texting or doing some other kind of distracting activity before the accident.

Not sure if that will mean anything in the long run, but I did report it to my insurance company (and took some pictures, though it’s awfully hard to tell from cell phone photos). I just hate that, after driving for 40 years (just typing that shocked me!) without ever having an accident, that this might go on my record as being at fault. Because I really don’t believe I was. I was not speeding, I was not tailgating, I responded quickly. If her car hadn’t stopped short when she hit the front vehicle (after a shortened warning to me because of her shortened braking time), I wouldn’t have hit her car.

I don’t know if it will make a difference, but it makes me feel better to know it.

In an effort to brighten up the week, we will be heading to San Diego for the weekend to visit this guy:

Samuel 225x300 Totaled: An Update on My AccidentWe haven’t seen him in a couple months, so we can’t wait. Oh, we’re excited to see his parents too icon smile Totaled: An Update on My Accident

I know this posts sound a little down or subdued, but believe me, that’s the headache (or the meds) talking. For the most part anyway. I realize how lucky I was (am). As Alan said when we were discussing the accident and what we were going to do, “this conversation could have been taking place at the hospital.” Or not at all. So, I’m counting my blessings.

And shopping for a car. Any suggestions?

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    Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition! HA! lol. Just kidding, they don’t make them like mine anymore – since the 2010 version of the Ford Explorer, they morphed into some weird cross over thing. Not a fan… Not sure how good the mileage is either, I think it’s VASTLY IMPROVED from my car – LOL… Yeah, you don’t want to know the mileage on my Wolfie!

    And I am sorry that your car was totaled! I adore my car too, WE are in a serious relationship, so I can only imagine how you feel :( But again, you have to keep thinking positively! NO ONE WAS HURT!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..Quiz: What Food-borne Illness Are You?My Profile

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    Oh no, I hope you feel better soon. Accidents are so scary and can be so tough to deal with! I hope your insurance works with you (I live in Canada, so I’m not sure what Insurance is like for you but sometimes here they can be uncooperative).

    Have a fun trip, and I hope your headaches go away. I loved my Hyundai, if you’re looking! Reliable and soooo soooo fun to drive.
    Amalia recently posted..Fitness Confessions: Back at the StartMy Profile

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      My husband and I were talking about Hyundai as an option. I loved my Honda so much though that I will probably end up with another one.

      As it has turned out, the insurance company was pretty easy to work with (in spite of not giving me a rental car just to honor my so many years of service with no accidents :-) ). I am happy with the settlement they will be sending me. Still not happy about having to buy a new car, though.
      Debbie Woodruff recently posted..Totaled: An Update on My AccidentMy Profile

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    Car accidents are so scary! Did you get yourself checked out? The headaches are probably just stress, but maybe you should double check. I’m not an insurance adjuster, but they probably are good at figuring out who is at fault, and hopefully will decide that it wasn’t you.
    Coco (@Got2Run4Me) recently posted..Hotels In SwitzerlandMy Profile

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    Debbie – I am so sorry for all of this!!! I do get it cause I had a similar experience years ago with the same type of thing except mine was not totaled.. It was raining, the person that caused it left the scene etc. Lucky for me that my insurance company that I had been with for umpteen years did not raise our rates based on all this BUT I was still “at fault” even though it was not my fault.

    I do hope your headaches go away & maybe just get checked to be safe.. too many weird stores from the news on all that.

    HUGE HUGS & enjoy this weekend!
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted..The Beauty of ImperfectionMy Profile

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    So frustrating that the insurance company might try to blame you – it would be nice if the driver in front of you would give a statement to your insurance and let them know that you wouldn’t have hit her had she been paying attention and given ample brake light warning!!!
    Kim recently posted..In Case You Were Wondering….My Profile

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