Chafing and Road Rash and Colds, Oh My!

We had to turn on our air conditioner yesterday. I’m not bragging about our warm weather (close to 90 degrees!). I hate turning on the A/C. Hate the stale air, hate closing up my house, and especially hate the increase in my electric bill that it causes. It’s February, right?

This week has not gone as planned. It was supposed to be week one of marathon training. I was supposed to create my training plan. I was supposed to build on my mileage from last week, which ended in a strong half marathon/long run. None of that happened.

Sunrise1 Chafing and Road Rash and Colds, Oh My!

After taking a couple days off after the race, I did manage a run on Wednesday. Not my usual tempo run, but a slower recovery-type run. My legs were still feeling the half marathon. And remember the chafing I mentioned? While it has mostly healed, one spot, on the inside of my right leg, has become a little infected and still hurts, not just when I run but anytime my legs touch each other (or anything else for that matter).

Banana Chafing and Road Rash and Colds, Oh My!

I have to share my pre-run banana 8 ways.

I took a fall on my Wednesday run. Probably because my legs were tired, but I tripped over a bump in the sidewalk, meaning that I landed hard on concrete. I have a little road rash on my hand and elbow, I jarred my knee a little, but I was able (after a few minutes) to jog back home.

Penny Chafing and Road Rash and Colds, Oh My!

Penny is never really happy to pose. She just want to run.

Thursday morning I woke up with a cold. Scratchy throat, stuffy nose, feeling blah. Unfortunately, Thursday is also a day that I teach two classes for which I couldn’t find a substitute. It was also a day that my assistant’s son dropped a concrete block on his foot and she needed to take him to urgent care. Which meant I had to stick it out for the day. I was stuck the next day too, at least until about noon, because said assistant called in sick herself. Great timing.

I felt a little better on Saturday, so I took Penny out for a three mile trail run. We both were pretty slow, but I felt okay. When I got home, the three little girls were all excited for their run, so I got them ready to go, then realized that Buddy (who usually runs with Alan, who was cycling that day) hadn’t had his run. Oh well, I figured, if I can take three I can take four. It was interesting.

Little Dogs Chafing and Road Rash and Colds, Oh My!

It’s kind of hard to get a picture of four dogs on the run (try it sometime!).

Little Dogs 2 Chafing and Road Rash and Colds, Oh My!

It was much easier to stop and get them to pose for me.

After that short run, I went home and slept for four hours. So I guess I wasn’t better yet.

I did manage to get the energy to go to dinner at Native Foods in Palm Springs on Saturday night. That doesn’t sound like it would need much energy, but it is a 45 minute drive in each direction, so it did take perseverance.

20140215 191724 Chafing and Road Rash and Colds, Oh My!

The food was good. We ordered way more than we could eat, so I ended up taking home leftovers, including our desserts. We were too full on Saturday, so we pulled them out on Sunday after dinner. Alan had the Peanut Butter Parfait, which was delicious. Unfortunately, they did something wrong with my Tiramisu. Like forget the sugar or something. It was inedible, a first because I’ve ordered it before and it was really good. Not feeling like the hour and a half drive to exchange it, so I ended up tossing it in the trash.

I was well fueled for my Sunday run. I knew I didn’t have a really long run in me, even though I felt pretty good. I set my sights on eight miles. Alan and I ran the first four together with the dogs, then I went back out for another four. I was slow, but steady. My cold seems to be staying in my head, so I didn’t have any asthma issues. It stayed cool through the morning too, which was nice, and gave me a chance to snuggle up in my PopSugar hoodie after the run.

Popsugar Chafing and Road Rash and Colds, Oh My!

I couldn’t take another long nap on Sunday because I had to go into work for a few hours to represent our fitness center at the homeowners’ annual meeting.

Tonight, finally having a chance to do some writing, I am still feeling stuffy, and have a little headache. Hopefully, I’ll feel better by tomorrow. Yes, I have to work on President’s Day.

So, the training plan will be coming next week, while I begin this new training week with high hopes of getting going on my Rock and Roll Training plan. Fingers crossed.

How did your week go? Any races, great runs or other exciting events? Did you get a three day weekend?

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    Well that was definitely a crappy week! Hope this week is a million times better. Ive been sidelined with the respiratory gunk for the past 15 days. Today I’m trying my first real workout since then. Taking it nice and easy on my bike trainer.
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