I’m Published! Plus the Palm Springs Half Marathon (and a New Look!)

You may have noticed that my blog has a fresh new look. I changed themes, something I’ve wanted to do for a little while. More on this in my next post, but, yes, I did it myself.

I’m Published!

Have you received your March Runner’s World yet? If so, flip to page 30 and you will see…me! Well, my writing anyway.

Runners World 1022x1024 Im Published! Plus the Palm Springs Half Marathon (and a New Look!)Pretty cool, huh? Believe it or not, this dated back to October (magazines have long lead times). I received an email from an editor at Runner’s World, telling me that he found my name on the RRCA certified coaches list, then read a little about me on my blog.

I was given the question with a week or so to answer it. Being edited by professionals is interesting. Every word is looked at, questions are asked to make sure everything is clear, revisions are suggested.

Thanks to a couple of Twitter pals for sharing the news. Lindsay posted a picture before I was even aware the magazine was on the stands. And Lea also congratulated me for making Runner’s World. Makes me feel famous!

Palm Springs Half Marathon

A couple months ago this was my goal race. Then December happened. I lost a lot of motivation, had a hard time running over five or six miles, and speed work…well it didn’t get done. So with my decision to run the Rock and Roll Marathon in June, I decided to use the Palm Springs Half Marathon as a training run, my first 13 mile run since last July.

My goal was to run the race at my long run pace, about 10 minutes miles or so. It is easy, though, to get caught up in the moment when you’re using a race as a training run. Strange thoughts enter your mind, like “this is my day!” or similar sentiments. You start running faster than planned and end up blowing up in the last few miles.

None of that happened. I did exactly what I wanted to do: I ran my own pace, didn’t get distracted, didn’t run too fast, didn’t have any asthma problems (that is huge!), and ended up finishing in 2:09:50, which is just under a 10 minute pace.

Time1 Im Published! Plus the Palm Springs Half Marathon (and a New Look!)

Alan was announcing, of course, so I got to hear those cherished words, “here comes my favorite person in the whole world, my wife!” I also saw lots of old friends, and even another blogger (Monica from Run Eat Repeat).

Oh, Marilyn and Elvis were there too.

PS Half 3 Im Published! Plus the Palm Springs Half Marathon (and a New Look!)

Marilyn spent a little time with Alan too.

PS Half 2 Im Published! Plus the Palm Springs Half Marathon (and a New Look!)

I would have cropped the picture, but the day was so beautiful and the sky was so blue that I just couldn’t.

They had nice race shirts this year. Black and red long sleeved tech shirts. Nice change from plain old white. Coco liked it a lot!

PS Coco Im Published! Plus the Palm Springs Half Marathon (and a New Look!)

One thing I didn’t expect from the race was the terrible chafing that I have on both my legs and arms. I wore a race skirt that usually gives me no problems, but I was actually bloody after the race (no pics, sorry). For the rest of the day I walked around with my arms held out from my sides, that’s how painful it is.

Oh, and look what I found in my goody bag!

20140209 164842 1024x1024 Im Published! Plus the Palm Springs Half Marathon (and a New Look!)

 As I mentioned the other day, I’m an Ambassador for the San Luis Obispo Marathon (even though I have a schedule conflict and can’t be there for the race). When I saw this in my bag I really did Feel the Zen. Remember, you can get a $10 discount for the full and half marathon through March 18 by using the code 2014AMFRIENDS.

As for the rest of the training week, it went pretty good. I did miss my Saturday trail run because I had to work. Total miles were about 22.

Tuesday: 3.1 miles before work. Easy pace.

Wednesday: 6 miles. This is supposed to be my speed or tempo workout, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead, I did a fartlek run, having a little fun with short intervals of high intensity alternating with an easier pace.

Sunday: The Palm Springs Half Marathon. 13.1 miles in 2:09:50.

I also taught a couple strength classes and a stretch class this week.

It’s finally time to create my marathon plan for Rock and Roll. While my total mileage dipped a little this week, now that my long run is up to 13, it is time to start the real training. I’ll share that next week.

PS Half 4 Im Published! Plus the Palm Springs Half Marathon (and a New Look!)Yes, my Garmin says 13.2 miles! Also, nothing like getting in over 27,000 steps by 10:00 in the morning! So you know how the rest of my day went, I have barely over 29,000 at 8:30. I’ve been sitting on my butt recovering for most of the day.

How was your training week? Did you compete in a race or other event? I’d love to hear about it!

Signature zps65e035a8 Im Published! Plus the Palm Springs Half Marathon (and a New Look!)

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    My husband and I ran in a local 5K with another friend on Sunday and had a lot of fun! It was 26° and looked like it could snow at any minute; not quite so gorgeous as the weather you had! :-)

    Congrats on getting published! That makes two of my “blogger friends” in the March issue of Runner’s World!

    BTW, Coco is very cute!
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