Marathon Base Training, Ignite Naturals, and the Dog Rescuer

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know what’s been going on this weekend.

Uh oh, here we go again! Spent an hour trying to lure this guy from under a car. He finally came to Alan. No tag, no chip. Making posters now. #dogrescuer

Posters are up. He’s met the pack. He isn’t scared of us anymore. We’ve thought about naming him Ocho. icon smile Marathon Base Training, Ignite Naturals, and the Dog Rescuer Hopefully we’ll get a call soon.

Someone’s nose is a little out of joint about our “guest” rescue dog. We still love you Buddy. #dogrescuer #dogs

Yes, Alan and I played Dog Rescuer again. After I finished my short run with “the girls,” Olivia, Lily, and Coco, I returned home to find it empty. Well, not empty, but with no human presence.  I checked in the back and front yards, but no Alan. Just as I’d started my stretching, though, Alan pops in the door and says,  I’m right in the middle of a dog rescue!

When Alan had returned from his walk with our “challenged doggy athletes,” he had seen a little dog in our front yard “playing” with the cats (you know we feed the feral cats in the neighborhood). The dog had run from him, but Alan had followed. The dog eventually took cover under a parked car around the corner from our house, which is unfortunately a much busier street. When I arrived, with a can of cat food for luring purposes, another woman was helping Alan.

The poor dog was scared to death. He cowered under the car, sneaking forward occasionally to grab a bit of the cat food. If we tried to touch him, he snapped at us. It took about an hour, and it looked like we weren’t going to be able to get him. I even tried Animal Control (my last option), but couldn’t reach anyone on the weekend.

And then suddenly. he came out and let Alan snap on the leash (he was wearing a collar, but no tags). From that point on, he was a different dog. Loving, bright, and friendly, and very young, I guess he figured out he’d been rescued by the right people.

The first thing we did was take him down to the closest vet to see if he was chipped. No such luck. Then we took him home, took a few pictures, and introduced him to the pack. It was interesting.

Dr2 Marathon Base Training, Ignite Naturals, and the Dog RescuerAfter everyone settled down a little (except Buddy who is definitely not happy about a new male, even a puppy, in the house), I made up some posters, which we then posted around the neighborhood, Starbucks, and a few other locations.

As of now, the following day, we haven’t heard a peep from his family.

Which frankly surprises me. He is so sweet, young, and clean, plus his collar is brand new. Why isn’t someone doing what I would be doing…driving up and down the streets of La Quinta searching for their dog?

At least the dogs, including Buddy, have come to some level of acceptance. As for Alan and me, we know we really can’t have another dog. His temporary name, Ocho, says it all. We’re now calling him Ollie, and he is definitely bonding with us. Boy, I hope those people call soon!

In other news, like training…

While I haven’t actually signed up yet (still looking for discounts), I have started my training for my first marathon in about seven years (my 2014 BHAG), Rock and Roll San Diego. Right now I’m still in my base building period, and planning on running the Palm Springs Half Marathon in a few weeks. The two goals fit together nicely. I’m increasing my mileage, adding some type of speed work once a week, and just generally trying to get stronger for the big increase in mileage that will be coming next month.

Here’s what I accomplished last week:

Tuesday:  Three miles before work, just an easy run with Alan and the dogs.

Wednesday: Five miles total with two at half marathon pace. I wanted three or four at pace, but my legs (and my brain apparently) didn’t agree. Still, after a blah December of running, this was my first speed workout of any kind for over a month, so I am happy.

Saturday: A little over five miles total, starting with four on the trail with Alan, Buddy, and Penny. Trails are always good for hills and general strength building. Then, as I mentioned above, I took Lily, Olivia, and Coco out for another 1.2 miles.

Everyone got to run today, even the little girls. #runswithdogs #dogs #runchat

Sunday: I ran nine miles! I was my longest run in ages! Even though I was supposedly training for my half marathon in December, I just couldn’t get much going. I pleased that I’m feeling much better and excited about my running (I knew it would come back!). I started with two warm up miles with Alan and the dogs, then took off alone for the last seven. My legs were a little tired (probably because my stretching had been interrupted the day before!), but I got it done.

Silverrock Marathon Base Training, Ignite Naturals, and the Dog Rescuer

Ignite Naturals

I’ve mentioned here before that I am a Team Ignite Athlete for Ignite Naturals. I’m happy that I am finally running long enough distances that I can start using my favorite hydration and energy products again.

Ignite Marathon Base Training, Ignite Naturals, and the Dog Rescuer

A few days ago I received supply of InRefresh Electrolytes in the new Kona Blend flavor. While I was a little concerned by the word Zesty on the label, I loved it. It was very tropical tasting and is made with all natural ingredients like dragonfruit, cranberry, coconut water, and prickly pear, and I really thought I detected an undertone of plumeria, my favorite Hawaiian flower. Now that individual servings are available, and are easy to carry, it makes it much easier to fill up for long runs.

Ignite Naturals Marathon Base Training, Ignite Naturals, and the Dog RescuerI also had a chance to (finally) use my Reload Energy Gels. I love this stuff. It’s made with organic fig paste, and it tastes good, goes down easily, and contains no processed sugars. Both the InRefresh Electrolytes and the Reload Energy Gels are vegan, gluten free, and are non-GMO.

Update on “Ollie/Ocho!”

We just had a call from a woman who said he was hers (and his name was Julian). After she described him, and he responded to the name, we told her how to find us. Still made her show a picture though. He is hers, sigh. I am very happy that he is returning to his real home, but I’m also a little sad. He was a very good, sweet dog. Alan and I will miss him (though the rest of the pack seem to be a little less concerned). She did receive the standard lecture: Get a tag for your dog (or chip him)!

I hope that you had a great weekend! Are you training for anything special? How’s it going?

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    what an amazing pack!! i have been wanting another small dog for my mr. magoo..and if you lived closer i’d snatch one up!! i know the right one will come along when the time is right!

    congrats on 9 miles!! i am jealous, i miss long runs, and i’m hoping to get back at it!!
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