Yours, Mine, and Ours: Favorite Posts from 2013:

My Favorite Blogs of 2013

As a blogger and avid blog reader, there are always posts that stand out from the rest. These are the posts that mean something to me as a reader, and obviously meant something to the writer. As I was reviewing my past Weekly Reader posts, trying to complete the difficult job of picking just a few out of so many great posts, I noticed that the ones that meant the most to me were about being or becoming vegan.  I know that the new year is a time that many people consider switching (or at least trying) a plant based diet, so I thought I’d share a few that touched me.

Go Vegan - Favorites

No Meat Athlete: Vitamin B12 and the Case for (and Against) a Plant Based Diet.

The Vegan RD: 7 Reasons to Eat Meat? Here is Why They are All Wrong.

Cadry’s Kitchen: Thoughts on Being Vegan Enough.

Oh She Glows: Vegan How To: How to Make the Transition.

On the blogging front, there were dozens of great posts with tons of great information, but this one stood out for me because one of my goals (after seeing Bo Eason speak at the IDEA World Fitness Convention) is to become a better storyteller:

HubSpot: Go Beyond Blogging: How to Become a Better Storyteller.

This blog in one of my favorites. I couldn’t even pick a favorite post, I love everything that Julie writes. I also appreciate the work that goes into each and every post, plus she cracks me up:

Tri-ing to Be Athletic.

Finally, this post never made it to my Reader because it was just posted a couple days ago. Lisa always writes from the heart, and this post is a gut-wrenching review of a year she’ll be happy to say goodbye to:

Runwiki: Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014.

My Own Favorites of 2013

Every blogger has their own favorite posts. For the same reasons as above, it meant something to the writer, it struck a chord with the reader. Here are a few of my own posts from 2013 that I’d like to share again.

Samuel and Teddy - Favorite posts

There is just never not a good time to use this picture.

My post popular recipe (also my most pinned): Vegan Comfort Food: Pot Pie.

My favorite recipe post: It’s a tossup between Jackfruit Burritos and Garlic Pizza.

My most popular running post: Runner! Burnt Out? 4 Reasons Why and 5 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back.

favorite posts

My favorite running post: Why Half Marathon is the Perfect Distance.

My most popular exercise (motivational) post: Excuses, Excuses: How to Overcome the Top 5 Exercise Excuses.

My favorite motivational post: What I’ve Learned About Aging Gracefully from My Older Dog.

Many of my personal posts are sharing family events, racing recaps, and fitness updates, but sometimes I do share a little more. This year I wrote about two important women in my life, both of whom have passed away. My Aunt Lois, who died in January, and my sister Susan, who passed 10 years ago. Both women were important to me, and I love introducing them to you. Writing about them also helps me sort out my feelings and work through my grief.

I hope that I’ve had a bit of an impact on your life this past year, maybe made you laugh or cry, taught you something or motivated you in some way.

Wishing all of you a happy and successful 2014.

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  1. says

    I love you so much. I feel like we’ve become so close over years. I love every one of the personal posts that you selected, and I became overcome with emotion when I saw my post on here. Thank you for being so loyal to me, despite my absence. Thank you for being so understanding and caring. You are such an inspiration to me. I am so fortunate to know you. Happy New Year ! xoxo
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014My Profile

  2. says

    What a year! I like how you’ve balanced things with your posts – some recipes, some workout tips, some lifestyle stuff. It keeps things interesting and varied! Speaking of recipes, I could happily go for a slice of that hot pot pie today (or some of your desert heat)!

    It so warmed my heart to see my post on being vegan enough on your list!! Thank you!

    All the best to you in the New Year!
    Cadry recently posted..Native Foods Thanksgiving in ChicagoMy Profile

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