Details, Details: My Birthday Weekend, the Fun and Food

I think all birthdays should last for a week weekend or so. I got two great days of celebration out of mine, plus some fun stuff coming next weekend too. That’s the way I like it!

On Saturday (which was the actual B-day), we started off in our usual style, with a run on the trails with our dogs. We only went three miles, because we had a lot to do, but it is still a great way to start a birthday (or any day).

After showering and packing we headed toward Huntington Beach. We arrived right at lunch time, and since the twins were at the skateboard park, Alan and I headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Coach’s Mediterranean Grill (appropriate, right?). We’ve been going there for years, long before we knew that we had grandchildren in Orange County. We always order the same thing (probably the only vegan choice on the menu), the Falafel Pita. Since it was my birthday, I even splurged and had French fries.

BW4 Details, Details: My Birthday Weekend, the Fun and Food

Our timing was perfect. Just a few minutes after we got to the house, the twins and their dad arrived home. After hugs all around, Alan took the boys to the beach to toss a football around, while I chatted with my stepson, John. He is feeling a little sorry for himself because he recently tore a calf muscle and is in pain and unable to do anything for a few more weeks. He even has to wear a boot!

When the boys came home, they saw that I was playing Words with Friends on my iPad. They were immediately interested. I checked to see if there was a kid’s version, but there was not, so we downloaded the free version and I had them start a game with Grandma. I hope they will keep playing because I know it will help improve their vocabulary. Though playing at a third grade level is a little challenging on this end!

Alan and I had babysitting duty that evening, something we’re always happy to do. Lisa, our daughter-in-law made sure the boys ate before they left. That meant I just needed to cook for Alan and myself. It was a little strange but I cooked up some mandarin “chicken” that Lisa had in the freezer, and tossed it with a little lettuce, cilantro, and other vegetables to make a salad that was actually very good.

In the morning, Alan and the boys went to Starbucks to pick up our coffees and their hot chocolates, then we were off for our run. We love that the boys want to run with us whenever we visit and they are getting really good! We ran 3.3 miles, with only a couple stops (and most of those were for pictures).

BW7 Details, Details: My Birthday Weekend, the Fun and FoodThen we showered and got ready to head south to San Diego, where we were visiting Nathan, Sarah and Samuel! They just moved to a new place, where they have more room and a nice yard!

BW 9 Details, Details: My Birthday Weekend, the Fun and Food

My grandson is getting so big! At 11 months old, he is over 20 pounds, almost walking, and he still has the same cheerful personality and smiling face that he has had since the beginning. His hair seems to form a natural mohawk, which Nathan thinks is because of the helmet that Samuel wore for about four months. However he got it, it looks pretty cool. We spent time playing with Samuel (and watching the Chargers blow their game) then headed to lunch at a local Thai restaurant.

We were very fortunate in our restaurant choices this weekend. At Spices Thai Food, Alan and I ordered the vegetarian Yellow Curry. On the lunch special it came with coconut soup, brown rice, salad, springs rolls, and more!

BW16 Details, Details: My Birthday Weekend, the Fun and Food

And then it was time to go home. A great weekend that went way too quickly.

In the spirit of week long birthday celebrations, I plan to keep this one going for at least another week. Friday my younger son David is taking me to lunch, then Alan and I head to Malibu, where we will have a more grown up celebration (dinner at Hugo’s!), he will announce the Malibu Marathon, and I will hopefully get a chance to finally meet my blogging friend Lisa.

Did you miss yesterday’s pictures (and my next race announcement)? Click here!

What is your favorite birthday celebration?

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    a falafel pita? great idea! i haven’t yet found an “outside” falafel I like…i enjoy it if it’s home made, but it always seems too dry at the places around here I have to choose from. Birthdays should be a week long celebration, for sure!! It sounds like you had a great celebration!

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