Random: Cross Country, Running with Dogs, and the TurkeyTrot

It’s been a little busy around here lately. Well, if you read my Day in the Life post a few weeks ago, you know that is pretty much a way of life. Still, cross country season, work getting ready to kick into high gear, and now, getting ready for the annual Turkey Trot we put on,  makes everything even more hectic. That, combined with a couple blogging commitments, both my interview with the founder of Dynamic Tape, the GMO Labeling post yesterday, plus a couple other reviews coming soon (both running related; a cool flexibility tool and a new flavor of one of my favorite nutrition aids), have all conspired to leave me playing catch up around here (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). Since I have a few minutes this afternoon I though it would be a good time to share some pictures and other random stuff.

I always like to start off with a few Samuel pictures, but unfortunately I haven’t seen him in a couple weeks and don’t have anything new. Ah, what the heck, an old picture is still amazing, so here you go, from a few weeks ago (and still my current Facebook pic):

Random - Samuel - Mt. Carmel Invitational

That was at our cross country meet in San Diego on September 21. Since that time, my girls team has been knocking them dead! After finishing fourth in our league meet, we followed up the next weekend with a third place win for our Freshman/Sophomore team in Hemet. Even better, this past weekend, our varsity girls won third at the Yucaipa Invitational, which is a pretty big event. And we did it without our number one runner! To say I am proud of them would be a huge understatement.

Yucaipa Invitiational - Random

The boys did well too, finishing fifth in our division. See if you can pick the constant in this picture:

Yucaipa Invitational - RandomYucaipa has a great course but it is challenging and it is well known for this particular hill:

Yucaipa Invitational - RandomThat’s one of our parents in the foreground. She dressed appropriately because we managed to run a couple miles racing around to different vantage points on the course. Other parents got their exercise in too, climbing up and down that hill to get pictures of the team.

After the meet, Alan left directly to go to San Dimas, where he was announcing a triathlon on Sunday. That left me alone on the school bus with 35 teenagers!

I was also alone the next day for my run. Well, not alone exactly. I have the best canine running partners, who I took in shifts. Penny got her two miles, then I took Buddy for three, and finally Lily, Olivia, and Coco (the little girls) for one.

Random - running with dogsI didn’t get a lot of pictures, but this one of Buddy says it all. Tired and happy (me too!).

Random - Skora Running - Dynamic TapeNot only was I trying out Dynamic Tape, it was the first time I’d taken my Skora Base running shoes on the trails. They did fine on the packed trail, but I’ll probably stick to the road for the most part in them. Sometimes I’d step on a rock as I was running and could feel it all the way through the soles of the shoes. Plus I want to keep them clean and shiny!

Random - Sydney and GoldieAfter I took all the running dogs out, I finished up the pack by taking Sydney and Goldie for a walk. Sydney, in the foreground, is our 13 year old, blind Australian Cattle Dog. He’s so smart and knows his way around the house so well that sometimes you don’t realize that he’s blind. Goldie has a compressed disk in her back. For months after her injury we didn’t think she’d be able to use her hind legs again. Alan did physical therapy with her a couple times a day, plus walked her frequently while having to support her rear end. We’ll never forget the day that she was looking at us and suddenly we saw her wag her tail. We knew she was on her way back!

I mentioned work, and indeed we are gearing up for another busy season. I recently started a Zumba class as my fitness center, with a new instructor who is amazing. She was great with my older population and even had me (trying to) shake my booty. At least I looked good in my Swirlgear!

Random - ZumbaFinally, we are really late getting going with the annual Turkey Trot 5k. I say we, but it is Alan who dedicates hours and hours to putting on this race. This year we are moving it to Palm Desert High School. It has become so expensive to put on a small race. The costs of road closure and police in particular are so high, and it doesn’t matter if you have several hundred or several thousand runners. That’s before you even factor in the costs of timing, t-shirts, and insurance. In any case, we will be partnering with the high school this year. Our costs will be much lower and the school will receive some of the proceeds. A win-win! (You can click the picture to register!)

Random - Aztec Turkey Trot

Now that you’ve made it through all my ramblings tell me something about your week! It can be random too. Family, pets, training, kids, what is going on with you?

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    I am exhausted reading this – you are an amazing lady!!! Yes to the track girls & the baby & doggie pics – so cute!!! Like Miz, that tape is cool looking!!!

    Here – same ole boring stuff but I am trying to be better at getting away from the computer! :)
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