Weekly Reader: Cool Inspiration

Have you ever read a great book, seen an inspiring movie, or heard a great joke, and thought, “I’ve got to share that!” Of course you have! Here are a few things from my Reader in the last week (or two) that inspired and motivated me, made me happy, sad, and angry, made my stomach growl, and made me laugh.

weekly reader inspiration

This was the sunset the other night during our cross country meet. Inspiring, isn’t it?

It’s so hard to believe that is October already! We’re halfway through cross country season, already gearing up for our “season” at work, which starts in November, and the weather is finally cooling down. It was only 92 degrees on Tuesday, which I know sounds pretty hot to most people, but it feels downright balmy to us desert rats. I even wore a jacket to practice this morning! So, in honor of this cooler, Fall weather, I bring you some Cool Inspiration.

Vegan Inspiration

Fragrant Vanilla Cake, Raw Caramel Apple Cheesecake. Amy’s desserts are always as beautiful (and beautifully photographed) as they are delicious.

Gigi Eats Celebrities, A Soup Even the Clueless Can Make! Clueless? Not Gigi! The title refers to the movie and Alicia Silverstone, the creator of this vegan recipe.

Vegan Eats & Treats, Mommy’s Garlic Noodles. See! I’m not the only one with a soft spot for pasta with garlic! Here’s Amey’s take.

Thug Kitchen, You Need Some Goddamn Breakfast! Rude and crude as always, but you will find a recipe for peach pancakes that is luscious and vegan.

Running & Fitness Inspiration

Fitknitchick, 10 Questions People Ask Personal Trainers. As I told Tamara, I want to print this and hand it out to folks at my gym. If you’re a trainer you will smile, if you’re not you’ll learn some great information.

Tri-ing to be Athletic, Is it Reefer Madness? No, It’s Taper Madness!! You may have asked yourself, “Where is Tri-Girl?” Well, Julie has been training for her first marathon and now it’s taper time!

Better with Veggies, How to Balance Fitness + Life. No matter how dedicated you are to health and fitness, you are bound to have challenges finding balance between your life and your workouts. Heather has some great tips to help you find that balance.

Fun & Fit, Move Your Body to Improve Your Brain. Great news from Kymberly and Alexandra for all of us who are getting older (which really, is all of us, isn’t it?). Exercise is the best way to maintain your brain!

Blogging Inspiration

The SITS Girls, 6 Blogging Tools You Cannot Live Without. If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to make your blogging better, more efficient, and easier. Here are a few tools that can help.

Blogelina, 3 Great Ways to Build Up SEO for Your Blog. If you are a blogger, you know SEO is important if you want to get more readers. Here are a few tips from Tanya.

Blog Genie, Is Your About Page Letting You Down? Bloggers! Check your About page right now! Does is say what you want and need it to say? If not, check out Rita’s post (check it out anyway for some great tips).

Hub Spot, The Complete Guide to Updating and Republishing Outdated Blog Content. I love this post. If you’ve been blogging a while, you probably have old posts that continue to be popular. Maybe they are due for an update. Read the post for why and how.

Food for Thought

MizFitOnline: Four Lessons Resistance Training Taught Me About Life. Carla shares the life lessons she’s learned in the gym (I know that is just a rehashing of the title, but the title says it all. It is an awesome post..go read it).

Itz Linz, 24 Life Lessons. Speaking of life lessons, here are some from Lindsay’s 4th grade students. If only humans could stay as smart as they are in 4th grade!

The Vegan RD, 7 Reasons to Eat Meat? Here’s Why They Are All Wrong. There are always people who say the humans need to eat meat. According to Ginny, here are the reasons they are wrong.

Weighty Matters, Do You Eat Nutella? You Might Want to Watch This. This is awesome! You’ve got to watch Yoni “make” his own Nutella!

Now it’s your turn! Have you read (or written) something inspiring that you’d like to share?

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    I LOVE YOU so much Debbie!! I appreciate you support and love so much and I Hope you know that it’s 100% mutual. Blogging has really helped me make new friends and I truly consider you to be a very good one even though we have never met!!! :) Thank you so much for sharing my recipe too… Feel free to ALWAYS share your recipes on my blog when you leave comments, and keep on posting amazing content on your blog!
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    Great reads as always!!! Got to say that every time I see an IG of Nutlella, I wonder – do they read the ingredients! I also wonder this with a lot of the flavored PB I see out there – the TJ ones are not the best make up & may taste great but be honest about the ingredients. Nothing wrong with a splurge but people need to know that some of this stuff is not the best! :)

    I don’t get why 1 day this comment luv works & the next day it does not – everywhere! ;)

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