Fitness Friday: Hit the Gym for a Circuit Workout!

If you read (and hopefully do) my workouts, you know that I love to be outdoors, at home, or in a studio. Sometimes, though, it is fun, and can be functional, to hit the gym for a change.

All you need for this circuit workout is a treadmill, mat, and a pair of dumbbells, though you can, if you want, change up some the exercises to make use of cable, benches, balls, and other gym equipment at hand. Possible variations are suggested below.

On the run/walk portion of the workout (with the exception of the warm up), push yourself! Sprint or walk very fast, get your heart rate up there! It’s only two minutes at a time!

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Fitness Friday - circuit workout


Circuit 1: You can replace the pushup with a chest press on a stability ball. Instead of plank rows, you can try a standing cable row.

Circuit 2: You can use the cable for bicep curls if you like, or challenge your balance by standing on a Bosu as you curl. Instead of the walking lunges, you might try step ups on a bench or step.

Circuit 3: There are a variety of ways to perform triceps extensions in the gym. You can use the cable for press downs or overhead extensions. You can do dips, either using a bench or a dip bar (or an assisted dip/pullup machine).

You can also use something beside the treadmill if you prefer. Try an elliptical, bike, or even a jump rope or try some plain old jumping jacks. Just be sure to work hard for those two minutes.

I have a day off on Friday (which I totally forgot about, so it’s kind of like a present), so I plan to take a run with Penny. On Saturday we have a cross country meet in Hemet, which is nice because it is close to home, making a shorter day than some of our meets.

What are your weekend plans? Any gym time on the agenda?


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    Oh I love me some elliptical time. Wait, do I really love it? I love how I feel AFTER I do it… But not really during… Ah ha ha! In fact the elliptical is my worst enemy before or during the work out. LOL!!

    This weekend, well tomorrow, I am going to Disneyland for the Halloween party! LOL! I know, it’s a month before Halloween, kind of weird, LOL!
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