Time for Tabata!!!

I’m posting quickly this Thursday evening. Finding free time is becoming more difficult, as cross country season heats up and we close in our our “season” at work. So instead of rambling on, I created a quick but challenging Tabata workout for you to try. Though the backdrop of the infograph is a beach, sand is not required!

Time for Tabata

Here are some links to clarify some of the exercises.

Leap Frog Squats

Lateral Leap Frog Squats

Knee to Nose Planks

A couple quick notes

This weekend we’re off to San Diego for our cross country meet. I am so excited that my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson Samuel plan to meet us at the park! You know I’ll have lots of pictures. I haven’t seen them for a few weeks and Samuel is getting closer to walking. I think I am just as thrilled about Samuel starting to walk as I was years ago when it was his daddy taking his first steps.

IMG_7921This week, in addition to two Pilates reformer sessions (while I interviewed trainers), I had a chance to try Fascial Stretch Therapy. Dealing with the body’s fascia is the future in fitness, physical therapy, and sports injury recovery, and I am fortunate to have two trainers who are going through this certification. I greedily generously offered myself as a practice dummy, so I had the chance to experience a FST session. More on this later as I learn more, but I do know that my hips felt more open, and I really felt a difference in my gait and my flexibility after just the one session.

What’s on your agenda for the weekend?

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