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Okay, so I put my opinion in my title. What can I say. I. Love. This. App.

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I was given the opportunity, through my position as a Fitfluential Ambassador, to receive and review the Pear Sports Mobile Intelligence Training System. It comes with a heart rate monitor, earphones, and the Pear app (which currently works with the iPhone 4s and 5) . After downloading the app to my iPhone, all I had to do was select a workout, put on my heart rate monitor, and a world-class coach would coach me in real time. The coach actually tells you what to do and when to do it, keeping you in your proper heart rate zone throughout your workout.

Pear Pear Sports: The Ultimate Training App

The first thing to do is the Calibration Workout. It led me step by step through several training zones in order to find my appropriate working heart rate. I thought it was pretty cool that it determined that my lactate threshold heart rate was 147 bpm, which was almost exactly what I estimated for myself back when I started my half marathon training in the spring.

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In addition to the Calibration Workout, I have also downloaded a variety of workouts, from a high intensity interval strength workout, a fat burning 60 minute run, two different yoga workouts, a mini runner’s stretch, and a few others.

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What sets Pear apart from any other fitness tracking tool is the real time coaching. It just doesn’t exist anywhere else! You will find hundreds of workouts, most of which are free to download.

IMG 7563 Pear Sports: The Ultimate Training AppYou can also purchase complete training plans. These will guide you throughout your training, setting up your schedule as well as coaching you through each workout.

IMG 7562 Pear Sports: The Ultimate Training AppThe Fat Burn workout is one of the programs that I tested. It was a 60 minute low intensity run. Throughout the workout, my coach told me when to speed up or slow down, gave me feedback on how I was doing, and offered encouragement and tips throughout.

IMG 7555 Pear Sports: The Ultimate Training AppAt the end of the workout, your results are displayed, with a graph you can view by turning your phone horizontal.

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The Pear app also interacts with your own music, which you can select from within the app.

IMG 7564 Pear Sports: The Ultimate Training AppI also tried the Body Weight Burn 1, which is a high intensity interval workout that requires no equipment. There is a video available to show you the moves, then your coach leads you through the workout, monitoring your heart rate as necessary. I did this one in my hotel room during the IDEA Convention! It was perfect for traveling (though I kind of wondered what my downstairs neighbors thought during my burpees!).

There is also a free format workout. You just turn on the app and go! It keeps track of your pace, your mileage, heart rate, and calories burned. You can still listen to your music and control it through the app if you like. By the way, I love the ear phones! They fit snugly, never feel like they’re going to fall off, plus you can control your music and volume with the little button on the cord. That button will also give you feedback information throughout your workout. Touch it and your coach will tell you your time, pace, heart rate, and my favorite, how much time is left in the workout!

Here is a video of my experiences with the Pear Sports Mobile Intelligence Training System. Interestingly (or sadly, I guess), you will see in the final part that I talk about the earphones, which I really love. What you won’t see is the outtake, that happened right before, when I went to hold up the earphones and they weren’t there. But wait, they were just right here a second ago!

I looked around, and under, and finally found them on the floor about three feet away. Apparently, one of the dogs (Buddy!) snagged them from my lap when I wasn’t looking. The sad part is when I went to use them this morning (just to listen to my book), I discovered that there were little bite marks in the cord, and the volume was really low. So now I’ll have to replace them. I rarely use smiley faces here, but that deserves this: icon sad Pear Sports: The Ultimate Training App  Anyway, here’s the video.

The Mobile Intelligence Training System costs $99 and includes the heart rate monitor, ear phones (did I mention I love these?), the app, and literally hundreds of free, real-time-coached workouts.

If you’d like to give Pear Sports a try, you can save 30% off through the end of September by entering the coupon code FitFluential!

Disclaimer: I was provided with the Pear Mobile system free of charge through a partnership with FitFluential. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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