Random: IDEA Convention, Cross Country, Coco, & Jackfruit Carnitas

First, I want to thank you so much for all the love and support for Alan in response to my last post. We appreciate it so much, and I really feel that all your prayers and positive psychic energy will support us and help assure a good outcome. I hope that you will use our story as a cautionary tale about the importance of second (or third) opinions, and how important it is to be an advocate for your own health care.

Random - cross country

The Coach heading to the top of the hill during practice on Monday.

IDEA World Fitness Convention

I expect to be pretty quiet on the blogging front for the next several days as I head off to the IDEA World Fitness Convention. I am attending as an IDEA Inspired Advisor, and will have a full press pass, so I plan to return with plenty to write about over the next couple weeks.Β  I already have a busy agenda, with Advisor meetings and meet-ups, a few Fitfluential folks that I hope to touch bases with, some amazing exercise classes that I want to try, and that’s before I even begin to select the sessions I wish to attend! That doesn’t leave much time for blogging! I will be active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook though, so be sure to follow me there for the latest updates from the Convention.

IDEA World Fitness Convention

Cross Country

Cross country practice is heating up both literally and figuratively in August, though in the last few days we’ve been blessed with a little “cool spell.” That means mid-seventies for morning practices, low-100s for afternoon/evening practice. The workouts are getting tougher too, with longer distances, hill repeats, and interval training all part of the mix now, as the countdown to the season ticks down. Monday was Valley of the Champions, a hill workout that gradually gets steeper over the course of three different hills.

Random - Cross Country

While we have always invited parents to join us, this was the first time a mom completed the whole Valley workout! Though it’s hard to tell she’s a mom from the back!

Random - Cross Country

Coco and the Pack

I was off on Monday, so after practice, feeling guilty because my runs with Penny are infrequent during cross country season, I took her out for a one mile run. It was warming up, probably around 90, so that was plenty. Of course, when I got home, Buddy wanted to go, so I took him out for a mile too. Lily and Olivia were excited by then, so I decided to take them plus the new dog, Coco, for her first run. It was hot, but we only ran a half mile. Coco did pretty good!

Random - Dogs

Coco seems to be setting in pretty well, though she had a little scuffle with Olivia (the black dog in the picture above) the other day. She continues to bite the butts of the dogs when she gets excited, and Olivia had finally had enough. Things have settled down now, though Olivia is still holding a little grudge. Hopefully Coco has learned her lesson! She and Buddy seem to be getting along now. I think Buddy thinks we brought him a new girlfriend!

Random - dogs

Jackfruit Carnitas

Finally, do you recall a few months ago when I discovered the BBQ Jackelope Sandwich from Native Foods? It was made with jackfruit, and ever since that time I’ve been wanting to try and cook with it. Well, it’s a little tough to find, but I was finally fortunate enough to discover an Asian grocery store nearby and…

Random - Jackfruit Carnitas

I researched a few recipes, and finally decided to try Jessica’s version over at Clean Green Simple. She actually has two recipes in that post. The original, from the chef at Pure Luck (an LA vegan restaurant which has now closed), and her variation. I kind of picked and chose between the two recipes for my carnitas, but I certainly didn’t do enough to claim my own version. These are the seasonings that I used in my carnitas:

Random - Jackfruit Carnitas

Other than that slight change I followed directions.

Random - Jackfruit Carnitas

Random - Jackfruit Carnitas

Random - Jackfruit Carnitas

Random - Jackfruit Carnitas

I rolled my jackfruit carnitas into a flour tortilla with black beans, fresh salsa, and avocado. It. Was. Delicious. The only thing I will change for next time is to double the recipe (I need leftovers!).

Random - Jackfruit Carnitas

It was so easy to prepare and so delicious that I will definitely be adding jackfruit to my regular meal line-up. Because it is a fruit it is not a huge protein source, so take that into consideration when planning a meal (beans are a natural with carnitas!). I plan to research and try other recipes, so you can be sure you’ll be seeing more of the “vegetable meat.”

Will I be seeing any of you at IDEA? If not, what are you up to this week and weekend? Also, have you tried jackfruit? Any recipes to recommend?

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    these eats look delish as usual, but they were overshadowed by the dog photos… hello puppies! I still can’t believe how adorable coco is, and buddy looks like her perfect match!!

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