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I thought it would be fun to play along with a little old school blogging quiz that has been going around lately. But first, I want to send along some extra love to a few beloved ones whose (cold wet) noses are a little out of joint lately.

Old School Blogging - Me from A-Z

It’s always hard when a new brother or sister joins the family, and the fact that this one is an attention grabber (and continues to bite their butts) makes it even harder. Speaking of bites, we have had none on Coco. Still amazing to me that someone isn’t looking for her.


Are you ready? Here is ME, from A-Z!

Attached or Single? Attached! Alan and I met in 1996 and have basically been together since our first date.

Best Friend? See above. It always sounds kind of corny, but my husband truly is my best friend.

Cake or Pie? Is Cheesecake a cake or a pie? Or both? It has to have graham cracker crust. And of course, made without cream cheese. And if you don’t think that is possible, check out this recipe. Or this version with a raw crust.

Day of Choice? Does anybody say Monday? Or any weekday? I’m not going to be different, I was just wondering.

Essential Item? Picking my iPhone sounds so, I don’t know, privileged? But my life is on that phone. Photos of my family, my music, my calendar, and more

Favorite Color? Purple

Gummy Bears or Worms? Neither. I don’t do gummy.

Home Town? I’m from the O.C. Los Alamitos to be exact, though we moved before my junior year of high school. But Los Al was where I grew up, had my best friends, my first boyfriend, so I always consider it my hometown.

Favorite Indulgence? It sounds really boring to say French fries, but yes, French fries. Since becoming a vegetarian, I rarely eat fries (not that I had them all that much before, but…), because you never know what else they may be cooking in those fryers. So it is the special occasion that I get to indulge my French fry habit.

January or July? Well, since was about 110 this past weekend, what do you think? Summers aren’t fun in the desert, so I’d pick January, when it is usually mild and beautiful.

Kids? Two sons, three grandsons, and one granddaughter. I have a couple stepsons too. My boys are in their 30s, doing well, and fortunately live in Southern California. My twin grandsons are eight now and live in Huntington Beach, and you all pretty much know about Samuel, my eight month old grandson. My granddaughter lives in Omaha, so I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like.

Life is not Complete Without? Can a person pick just one? My husband, my children, my grandchildren, my health, my running, my dogs, my career, my writing. They are not equally important, but if I didn’t have any one of those things, there would be a piece missing from my life.

Marriage Date? October 23, 1999. We had an interesting wedding.

Old School Blogging - Me From A-Z

Number of Brothers or Sisters? Two sisters. I am the oldest. My middle sister Sue passed away from cancer almost 10 years ago. My sister Lisa moved to Texas with her husband a few years ago.

Oranges or Apples? Oh, I don’t know. It’s apples and oranges to me. Can I choose bananas?


Quotes? “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” Nietzsche. Also, “Not all who wander are lost.” Tolkien. No particular reason for the last one, just like the sound of it.

Reasons to Smile? Many, but the first one that came to mind was Samuel.

Old School Blogging - Me from A-Z

Season of Choice? Our seasons are out of whack here. What most people call fall, when the leaves drop and the weather cools, doesn’t happen in the desert until November. From then through January we enjoy cooler temperatures and that special end of summer feeling, so I would call my favorite season the Desert Autumn.

Tag 5 People? I think that everybody else has done this so there is no one left to tag.

Unknown Fact About Me? Most people don’t realize that I’m very shy. In school, if I had to speak in front of the class, I would spend the night before in the bathroom vomiting. I forced myself over the years, through speech and acting classes, sales jobs (vacuum cleaners!), and the career path I chose, to put that little shy girl to bed for the most part, but she still peeks out from time to time. I prefer email over telephone calls, tend to put off things that will force me to interact with other people.

Vegetable? Can I choose Avocado? I think it’s actually a fruit, but it is still my favorite vegetable.

Worst Habit? I procrastinate. I tend to put things off then get myself in a time crunch to finish a project. I plan to work on that…soon.

Xray or Ultrasound? One of my co-workers had a 3-D Ultrasound done of her fetus at about 5 months along. It was kind of scary because he looked so real, but it was pretty cool, too.

Old School Blogging - Me from A-Z

This is just a random Google search photo NOT my coworker’s baby.

Your Favorite Food? That’s kind of like picking my favorite child! I love pizza, chocolate chip cookies, pasta with garlic, seitan in burritos or shawarma…um, this list could go on for a while…tempeh burgers, French fries, of course, oh, and this rice salad!

Zodiac Sign? Scorpio

Now it’s your turn! Pick a question or two and share your answers!

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    I loved reading your wedding post! What a fun way to get married 😉

    And rest assured, you are not last…I’ve been tagged and have not written my A-Z post yet! lol!

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    I love this, I’m totally stealing it!! Umm. coco, can you ship her to me? what an adorable little pooch!!! she looks like the dog from American Horror Story season one!!

    And I hear you, i don’t do gummy either! blah!!!! This was a fun read!! And I loved seeing all the doggies in one post!!
    fizzgig recently posted..Cat Lady Problems…My Profile

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