Running, Yoga, Wildfires and a 48 Hour KindRunner Promotion

Fire Running, Yoga, Wildfires and a 48 Hour KindRunner Promotion

That is the sky over the desert right now. Over 2,200 firefighters are fighting a wildfire located near Mountain Center in the San Jacinto Mountains (you can just barely make them out in the top right picture). At this point it has burned over 14,200 acres, six homes have been destroyed, and is only 10% contained.

fire2 Running, Yoga, Wildfires and a 48 Hour KindRunner Promotion

This is my friend’s home (and business) up in Idyllwild.

Please spare a moment to pray for the safety of the firefighters, as well as the residents in the areas affected, and the animals (there is a no-kill animal sanctuary in Mountain Center that had to be evacuated, not to mention the wildlife).

fire6 Running, Yoga, Wildfires and a 48 Hour KindRunner Promotion

In a relatively very minor inconvenience (very, very!), my run was forced indoors yesterday due to the smoke and ash in the air (and the cross country team got off with just a circuit workout). I somehow managed three miles on the treadmill without keeling over from boredom. This morning the wind seemed to be blowing the other way, so I managed an outdoor run, but I could still feel the effects of the poor air quality and kept it short. So…(cue some Rocky-type music) I did yoga!!!

Yes it is true. I did a 30 minute hip opening flow, at home, thanks to And you know what? It was really, really HARD! Oh my gosh, how stiff have I become since my last yoga class? I should point out that the class itself was not hard, it was this poor yogi’s neglect of her practice that was the cause of my difficulties. So happy I did it though. Now I just have to keep it up!

I was also dealing with this today:

Bruise 215x300 Running, Yoga, Wildfires and a 48 Hour KindRunner Promotion

Sorry for that really ugly view of my foot, but since I just love to share everything, I must share this. Last night I was pulling something out of the refrigerator, managed to nudge one of the door shelves and knock it off. Of course, it happened to be the one with the wine, salad dressing, and a couple other glass containers. Fortunately, the wine didn’t break, but it did land hard on my foot (worth it I guess to save the wine!). At first I thought it was broken it hurt so much, but after a bit I could tell it was just bruised. One broken salad dressing bottle was the only other damage.

Kind Runner Logo 300x91 Running, Yoga, Wildfires and a 48 Hour KindRunner Promotion

I also want to fill you in on a special that KindRunner is holding from now through Friday, July 19. They call it “48 hours of paying forward the kindness.” From now until they leave the office on Friday (7 pm eastern), anyone who registers on their website will receive a $10 Kindness Cash Reward Credit toward a future purchase of any brand or item on their website. Here is the link to create an account and don’t forget to send in your old shoes (it’s free!) so that the can be repurposed and donated to someone who really needs them.

IMG 5731 300x300 Running, Yoga, Wildfires and a 48 Hour KindRunner Promotion

I’ve mentioned that I am a KindRunner Ambassador, and how proud I am to represent this socially conscious organization. In addition to offering fair prices, personalized service, and Kindness Cash Rewards, you also get free 3-way shipping, confident runner pricing, easy 365 returns, and now a new Custom Fit Service. And in addition to all of that, you can help reduce the carbon footprint of your running shoe by sending it back it to be repurposed and donated.

So what are you waiting for? Register now and get started on being a Kind Runner!

What is your feeling on treadmill running (or walking)? Do you hate it/love it/don’t care as long as you’ve got your tunes?

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  1. says

    Oh, wow – definitely will pray for safety for all involved in the fires!! Hopefully they can get the fire contained soon and then completely out!!
    Glad your foot isn’t broken (and that you managed to save the wine!).
    Kim recently posted..Who Is “Somebody”?My Profile

  2. says

    Those fires are absolutely terrifying! Terrifying!!! I used to live in Boulder, CO and we would always be cursed with scary fires. And actually I am from Wyoming and we had a pretty bad fire to the point that we had to get everything out of our house because it in the line of destruction. Luckily, the fire did not hurt it!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted..The Waterboy Hates MeMy Profile

  3. says

    Yay for saving the wine! ;) Glad you are okay. Sorry it had to be all the glass containers. That fire is crazy! My friend posted about it last night, too. Hope they can put it out soon. :/

    I did 7 miles on the deadmill last night. If it wasn’t for the survivor show on TV, I don’t know that I would have made it. Its so boring. And I hate pushing buttons to adjust the speed.

    And kudos for yoga. I am going to do some tonight, too.
    Christine | Oatmeal Bowl recently posted..Tahoe Rim Trail Run & Full Moon Kayaking – #Adventure4LifeMy Profile

  4. says

    My mom and stepdad (they live in LaQuinta, also) both have lung issues. They have been keeping the house closed up and not going out unless driving. My stepdad is a cyclist and he has even stopped for right now due to the ash and crap in the air. I was thankful to hear my mom went up to Banning for a quilt guild meeting yesterday and stayed until 5 as it was clear up there.

    I hate the treadmill but don’t mind walking. I do a 5/1 run/walk usually during long races (anything a half or more).
    Nicki recently posted..Training Is ComingMy Profile

  5. says

    I live in Las Vegas and was forced to stare at the smoke/fire that was burning the Mt. Charleston area most of last week. It was so hard knowing all the work that was going on there and knowing that there was nothing I could do to help. I’m so glad it is under control now. But, I am an avid hiker and knowing that the mountains will never look the same in my life time makes me really sad.

    I hope everyone stays safe in your area!!
    Alaina recently posted..I found a deal on the BEST running head band!My Profile

  6. says

    took me a weird moment to figure out that I was looking at your foot. Ouch, that looks painful. But not as painful if you had saved the dressing and lost the wine, I suspect!

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