Getting (Blog) Schooled. Blog School & a Free 3-part Mini Course

A quick post for today because I’ve been busy with blog maintenance!  If you’ve been blogging for any period of time you know that there is a lot more to writing a blog than, well, just writing. And if you’re new to blogging, well, you’ll see.

I’m not talking just about researching, proofreading, and responding to readers, though those are all important factors in maintaining your blog.  If one of your goals is to actually have people read your blog, you need to consider marketing, social media, and SEO (search engine optimization).  If you have a vision of monetizing your blog, you will have to deal with brands, affiliations, and sponsorships. And all of that is above and beyond actually producing good content, knowing who your readers are, and finding your niche.

The work I’ve been doing on my blog today is even more mundane  than the above, but necessary. Basically, I’ve been doing file work on my blog. Deleting old categories (funny how those things add up!), re-catagorizing posts, updating my sidebars, changing a few affiliate links. All that background stuff that makes a blog look fresh and inviting.

I’d like to say that I knew intuitively how to do all these things, that it came naturally, or even that I read a book that told me what I should be doing, but I’d be lying. The truth is, I am enrolled in Blog School.

Back in January I signed up for Blog Genie’s Blog School. If you’re not familiar with Blog Genie, it is run by the amazing Rita Barry, the genius behind Blog Genie as well as the founder of Fitblogger.  She does amazing work with website design (she helped me get started with my current theme)  as well as help bloggers to improve their blogs.

Every month we focus on a different topic, from creating great content, to social media marketing, to working with PR and marketing firms, to SEO, to creating revenue streams, all the way to keeping your house in order, hence the bloggy cleanup I’ve been doing.

While I haven’t graduated yet (I’m actually a bit behind on my lessons. One of the great things about blog school is that you can go at your own pace), I have learned so much about what I need to do to achieve my goals (including help discovering what those goals are)!

All of which is a build up to tell you about an opportunity that Blog Genie is offering: A free, 3-part mini-course, Build a Remarkable Blog!

blog school bw banner 728 Getting (Blog) Schooled. Blog School & a Free 3 part Mini Course

This very special, free promotion starts July 23. Each Tuesday for three weeks you will get a lesson and worksheet (yes there may be homework involved!). The topics are:

July 23      Are you Blogging in the Right Niche?
July 30     The Art of Getting Things Done
August 6   Believe You Can

I can guarantee that you will learn information of immense value that will help you improve your blog.  This free course will only be offered on the above dates, so hurry and sign up!

Enrollment for Blog School starts on August 13. In the meantime, check out the free mini-course!

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Blog Genie’s Blog School and will earn a commission if you choose to sign up for the Blog School. However, every opinion about Blog School comes from my heart. It has been a great learning experience and I have improved my blog in so many ways because of it.

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