Date Night…Thanks to Fresh & Easy it was #fneasy

 Date Night...Thanks to Fresh & Easy it was #fneasy

When the Fresh & Easy in La Quinta was being built a few years ago, I was excited. I had heard good things about this chain, and it’s convenience to me, less than two miles from home, right on my route from work, was perfect.

When it finally opened, I was even more excited. Not only was Fresh & Easy a quick stop on the way home, they also carried a variety of vegetarian and vegan items, some of which weren’t even available at a regular supermarket. And the prices were great.

FnEasy 12 1024x1024 Date Night...Thanks to Fresh & Easy it was #fneasy

Since then, Fresh & Easy has been a regular stop for me. They carry many of my favorite vegan brands of food, plus they have a whole refrigerated section alongside the produce where they have a variety of products, including fresh&easy tofu, which is certified GMO free.

FnEasy 5 Date Night...Thanks to Fresh & Easy it was #fneasy

Fresh & Easy carries a wide selection of fresh produce, including a large organic section. I regularly use the fresh&easy brand of almond milk, almonds, fresh salsa, and hummus. Not to mention that Fresh & Easy is a quick stop for everything from toilet paper, to coffee, to my favorite (vegan) ice cream.

Recently Fresh & Easy has expanded their fresh prepared food section, Kitchen To Go. There is a wide variety of meals, from Mexican to Italian, soups to salads, appetizers to entrees. All these new items are made without artificial colors or flavors, added trans fats or high-fructose corn syrup, which is so important to me. But…would this plant based athlete be able to create a date night meal?

FnEasy Date Night...Thanks to Fresh & Easy it was #fneasy

FnEasy 2 Date Night...Thanks to Fresh & Easy it was #fneasy

I decided to start with soup. Fresh & Easy has a nice choice, including two that are vegan. I selected the Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato. Because this was a Date Night meal, I decided to have salad too. Two of the prepared salads were vegan, including the dressing. I chose the Quinoa, Spinach and Mixed Berry Salad, which came with a mixed berry and citrus dressing. I purchased two, because the package said it was a single serving, but one would have been plenty as a side salad.

FnEasy 4 Date Night...Thanks to Fresh & Easy it was #fneasy

I next looked for a side dish. There weren’t as many options this time that did not contain cheese or other dairy, but I did find the Garlic Potatoes, which were roasted with lemon and rosemary.

Finally, the entree. Here, I’m afraid that I could not find any choices that were plant based. Instead, I grabbed a package of extra firm tofu, some mushrooms, and a bottle of fresh&easy Chop and Steak Marinade. Despite the name, it does not include chops or steaks!

Thanks to the head start from the Fresh & Easy Kitchen To Go dishes, my date night dinner was a snap to prepare. The only thing that took any time was to press the tofu, and allow it to soak in the marinade for a while.

FnEasy 6 Date Night...Thanks to Fresh & Easy it was #fneasy

FnEasy 9 Date Night...Thanks to Fresh & Easy it was #fneasy

I set a romantic table. Well, I lit a candle anyway. Alan and I both enjoyed the meal. The soup was fresh and had a nice peppery flavor, the salad was crisp and tasty, and we both especially liked the garlic potatoes. Date night was declared a success!

FnEasy 10 Date Night...Thanks to Fresh & Easy it was #fneasy

I have to say, that Fresh & Easy made date night (and many other nights) FnEasy! If you’d like to check out what Fresh & Easy has to offer and save money, click here for a coupon to save $5 off your next $20 purchase (coupon expires 7/7/2013).

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Signature zps65e035a8 Date Night...Thanks to Fresh & Easy it was #fneasy

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