Training Recap, Costume Party Run, Week 6

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With only three weeks to go until the Costume Party Run, my training is heating up. Literally. Even though the mornings are relatively cool, averaging about mid-seventies when I start my runs, we are getting into the 80s by the time I finish. I’m really not complaining (too much). It’s going to get a lot hotter before we see any relief, but the challenge right now is adapting to the warmer temperatures. I find that by the time I finish my runs I am dragging, making me feel like I’m going backwards in my training. Isn’t it supposed to get easier?

weekly training recap

One thing that is helping me is the new electrolyte drink that I’m using. I wrote about Ignite Naturals and InRefresh a few weeks ago, and since that time I have become a member of Team Ignite! I am excited to represent a product that I am so confident about. InRefresh has no processed sugars, artificial ingredients, GMOs, or preservatives, and it is clearly marked vegan right on the label. I am also excited to try Reload Energy Gel, which is made from highly digestible fig paste, which is a natural source of energy and electrolytes. I will be sure to share my report as soon as I get a chance to try it out! In the meantime, if you would like to try any Ignite Natural product, you can use the code IN0640 to save 10% on any purchase.

Ignite Naturals Training Update


One thing I forgot to mention in my What’s Beautiful progress post was a report on my exercise induced asthma and the results from my doctor visits. As you know, it is frequently the asthma that keeps me from achieving my time goals in racing. It has been an issue since I first started running marathons right through my most recent half marathon. For many years I followed a course of preventative medication that included several inhalers, but I stopped all of that a while back when I stopped racing as frequently and just relied on my rescue inhaler (albuterol).

About a month ago I made an appointment with the doctor that I used to see for my asthma. Because it had been more than five years, he wanted to do all the allergy tests (that I had passed the last time) over again. That took three weeks (apparently my insurance insists that each appointment be at least a week apart), and with two notable exceptions, I still came up allergy-free.

I did, however, show a slight reaction to tomato and avocado! Of all the foods that I would not want to have to worry about, those two would top the list. Tomato, because I like it and it is in so many things, from salads to sauces, and avocado, because I love it, and it is such a great source of healthy fat. And, as I noted to my doctor, I’m a California vegan. I need avocado! I also showed a slight reaction to cantaloupe, which I also like, but would be much easier to avoid.

My doctor did note that it was just a slight reaction, and that since I’d never noticed any symptoms before it probably wasn’t anything to worry about. He did suggest that I try cutting those foods out of my diet for a month to see if my asthma improves, then gradually add them back in and check for changes.

The problem in my mind, is that I don’t regularly have asthma. In fact, the only time, with the rare exception of the occasional tough speed workout, is during races. So I haven’t made any dietary changes yet. I plan to start about a week out from the race, and completely cut tomato and avocado out of my diet (that even hurts to say it!).

The doctor also gave me a prescription for montelukast, which is the generic version of Singulair. This is the medicine that Alan takes, that he swears by, and was really all I wanted from my visit to the doctor. I’ve been taking it for several days now, and though I can’t feel a difference yet, I’m hoping that come race day it will help prevent the asthma.

As I also mentioned in my previous post, I am getting along in planning my costume for the race. I just ordered the final item, a white singlet, that should be here in a couple days. Then I’ll be ready to add the spots! I was thinking that I might add a collar to the costume, but as my husband pointed out, anything loose like that could create a problem during a race, rubbing or chafing on my neck, so instead I think I’ll dig up a bandana that I can tie loosely and remove it if starts to bother me.


As you know, I am an Ambassador for KindRunner, which officially opened for business on June 1. If you missed my post about KindRunner, it is an online running store that promises to combine the convenience of online shopping with the service that you usually only receive from your local running store. They also have an amazing concept, where you can return your old running shoes and receive “Kindness Cash Rewards” toward a future purchase. Those shoes will then be donated to Soles 4 Soles or the More Foundation group to be re-purposed and given to someone who really needs them.

I am an Ambassador, but I am also a customer, who recently had an opportunity to experience a bit of the customer service that KindRunner offers. On opening weekend, I hoped to purchase a new pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 16s. Unfortunately, they didn’t have them in my rather large size. Using the “Ask an Expert” tab on the site, I was able to get an immediate response to my question about the availability of my favorite shoe. Yes, they were out of my size, but were expecting an order within a few days.

It was closer to a week, but when the shoes came in I received a personal email from Pat Jacobs, the General Manager of KindRunner, letting me know that my shoes had come in (in purple!), but he didn’t want to put them online until I had a chance to order my pair. He gave me his direct number and asked me to call. I did and in a few days I will be the proud owner of a new pair of purple Mizuno Wave Riders! I think I’d better add some purple felt to my costume ๐Ÿ™‚

weekly training recap

I’ve been ready to send some of these babies back in for a while. Now I’ll have my chance!

Weekly Training Recap

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Strength, Superball Class plus I shot a video for my Friday Fitness post (yes, that counts).

Wednesday: I started by running three miles with Penny. It was hot and I was supposed to go back out and run some intervals on the road. I just couldn’t do it. Instead, as I headed back out the door I made myself pick up the pace, telling myself that I only had to run at race pace. I managed to hold it for three miles at about 30 seconds faster that race pace. I did stop at the halfway point for a minute or so, but got right back going again. Yes, I am a little proud of myself.

weekly training recap

Thursday: Rest (supposed to be strength, but I coached the class and did not participate)

Friday: Rest

weekly training recap

I rested on Friday, but these two didn’t. Their ages add up to 188 (93 on the left, 95 on the right). They both still play tennis, the man on the left does Pilates and just came from Tai Chi class. The man on the right works out twice a week too.

Saturday: Trail run with Alan and the dogs. Four miles with Penny and Buddy, then I took Olivia and Lily out for another mile.

weekly training recap

weekly training recap

I passed these grapevines on the second part of my run. It is just a small little vine, right on the street, in front of a house in my neighborhood. Admission: I tasted one. It was good!

Sunday: This is where I asked myself, isn’t it supposed to get easier not harder? I ran two miles with Penny, then headed out for another 10. The weather was pretty cool, about 75 degrees when I started at 5:45. It did get hotter as the sun came up, but never too bad. But I struggled to keep going. Well I didn’t really have a choice because it was an out and back route, but I had to make myself little promises to keep going (make it to the stoplight and you can walk for a minute). I did finish my 12, then filled up my bottle with some ice cold InRefresh to help get some electrolytes and fluids back.

My total miles were 23 for the week, but more importantly, I got all my workouts in. Next week is building to my last long run of 14 miles before I taper down for the race. The forecast for next weekend is 109. It will be interesting.

weekly training recap

The only picture I took while these guys were swimming because they thought that skinny dipping was a fun idea. Fortunately, summer at a county club = not many people around!

Weekly Training Recap

This picture was taken the next day (obviously, they are clothed). Grandpa was having a great time celebrating Father’s Day.

How did your training week go? Any great workouts, races, or competitions? Please share!

Disclosure: As a KindRunner Ambassador I received a small discount on my purchase and I will at a future time receive products for review. As a member of Team Ignite I receive a small discount on the products I purchase. All opinions are my own.

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  1. says

    Ouch! Good luck on going clean from tomatoes and avocados. That would be super hard for me – 2 of my favorites!

    That’s very cool about kind runner’s customer service! I love companies that care!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..I RanMy Profile

    • says

      It will be tough for me, especially the avocado. Actually, tomato is probably harder, logistics wise. It’s in so many things that I cook!

      I love KindRunner…I’m proud to represent them and happy that I could report the great service. And I can’t wait until my new shoes arrive!
      Debbie recently posted..Training Recap, Costume Party Run, Week 6My Profile

  2. says

    I can’t wait to see your costume all put together!! Thanks for the update on your asthma as it’s something that I’ve been bothered with lately. Tomatoes and avocados, huh? I pretty much had to go without avocados for a while bc my kids are allergic…but I’ve started having them around the house again. That’s a hard one to give up! Great job with your training and I’m so excited for you!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..How to Stay Motivated to MoveMy Profile

      • says

        My oldest had a reaction when he was young, like 5 months? Hives all over and vomit. He hasn’t had any since but it still shows up on his allergy panels each year. My youngest hasn’t actually eaten it but it shows on his panels too. Symptoms could be as mild as an upset stomach or craps? Allergy tests are kind of hit and miss. I would try the elimination and see if you feel any differently. If not, I’d keep eating the avocados!! ๐Ÿ™‚
        Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..How to Stay Motivated to MoveMy Profile

  3. says

    Everything sounds exciting EXCEPT for that asthma!! I hoe it all works out! I have to click on the link for the Ignite Naturals! Sounds pretty interesting!!!

    YES for KindRunner!

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