Costume Party Run: The Week in Training

With just over a month to go before my target half marathon, the Costume Party Run, my training should be heating up. Instead, the weather is. As I type this it is about 107 outside (fortunately I am inside). I’ve been very fortunate the last few weeks that the mornings have been cool and lovely. That seems to be over now. This morning at 5:00 it was 81 degrees. And warming up. Quickly.

Still, I am excited about my training and about the race in general. Remember the date…July 7 in San Diego. The Hilarious Half and the Wacky 5k both start at Qualcomm Stadium, and promise to be an insane combination of warm weather, costumes and crazy runners. Plus, remember the half marathon has what may be the biggest medal EVER!

Half Medal 300x268 Costume Party Run: The Week in Training

I plan to get started on my costume this week. You guys gave me some great suggestions for turning a white running skirt and top into a Dalmatian costume, now I need to get going. A few felt circles, ears, tail, and I’ll be good to go!

I’ve been pushing in my training this week, in spite of the heat, but it has been challenging. I’ve had some asthma issues, some achy knees, and just a general feeling of, well, of feeling my age. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the weather, and I know I’ll adapt, but it’s been tough. Okay, enough of the excuses. Here’s my Week in Training.

Strength Training

Now that my Fast and Furious class is finished for the summer, I’ll either have to do it on my own (fat chance, though I could possibly handle the Seven Minute Workout), or get back to the gym. Finally. My “excuses,” my dear clients I see after my regular work day on Mondays and Thursdays, are leaving for the summer, opening up some time that should be put to good use.

In the meantime, I taught two Superball Classes this week. On Tuesday we did “Student’s Choice,” where each member of the class takes turns picking from a list. I love my class, they always pick the hardest exercises! On Thursday, I planned a circuit where the class goes from station to station. I usually keep the time and watch their form (everybody is doing different exercises, so you have to pay better attention). But when only three people showed up, all longtime students, I decided to join in, so I got my workout too.

On Wednesday I filmed the Seven Minute Workout and did the whole thing all the way through. Judging by my heavy breathing in the video, I was working pretty hard, so it counts.

seven minute workout 2 Costume Party Run: The Week in Training


I already wrote about Wednesday’s workout. In a nutshell: Intervals. Heat. Asthma. Kick Ass. Done. If you want to read the details, click here.

Week 4 Costume Party Run: The Week in Training

My inhaler is my friend.

On Saturday, Alan and I ran our regular trail run with Buddy and Penny. It’s a little over four miles, and we got out much too late. It was 6:30 when we left the house and already pretty warm. I worry more about the dogs than us, but we give them lots of breaks and water, and they seemed fine. It was probably in the high 70s when we finished, so it wasn’t too bad, just felt warmer in the direct sun. Then I took Lily and Olivia out for a one mile run. I also did some runner’s selfies with them, but I couldn’t decide which one I liked best. What do you think?

Week 4 2 Costume Party Run: The Week in Training

 On Sunday for my long run, I knew I had to get out earlier. Even so, it was 81 degrees at about 5:00. I finally got rolling about 5:30. Since this week was a cutback week, I planned to do a negative split run. I still need to run with Penny, so after two miles with her, my plan was to run the next mile about 30 seconds below my race pace of 9:07 per mile. Then,I would run at race pace for the next three miles, and finally pick it up once again, to faster than race pace for three miles. Then I could take it easy the last mile, which is good, because it is uphill and always feels like a long, hot mile anyway.

Week 4 8 Costume Party Run: The Week in Training

Here’s how it actually went. Penny and I got out about 5:30 and ran two miles. I dropped her off, then headed out, down the hill at this point. Right on schedule, I picked up my pace to race pace. It was pretty warm and it was tough, but I stuck it out. Then, about 2.5 miles into it, I could feel my stomach rumble. Uh oh. I made it to my turn around point, which was also supposed to be where I would pick up the pace again, but all I could think about was finding a bathroom. I had a choice between heading toward home, where the park was three miles (!) away, or running a half mile out of my way, adding almost a mile to my run, where I could get into the bathroom on the golf course (providing of course, that it was open).  I chose the latter.

I couldn’t really even run. I jogged a little, walked a little and finally made it to the golf course. I actually entered through the back, climbing a low fence (it’s a public course so I don’t think I’m breaking any rules or laws). Fortunately, the bathroom was unlocked. Even better, they had a little machine that provided cold, filtered water! A win/win!

Week 4 9 Costume Party Run: The Week in Training

After I got back on the road, I had a hard time getting going again. It was really getting warm now, my stomach was still not great, and I was getting tired. I made myself pick up the pace though, but all I could handle was one more mile at about race pace. It would have to do. I ended up running 10.35 miles, which actually shows how much I walked, since my detour should have added almost an extra mile.

Week 4 6 Costume Party Run: The Week in Training

I took this picture on the way out. It is really a beautiful scene, but if you look closely at the rocks, you will see the reason that I stopped for a photo.

Week 4 7 Costume Party Run: The Week in Training

Week 4 5 Costume Party Run: The Week in Training

I didn’t spend the whole weekend running (or recovering from running). On Saturday Alan and I went to the movies for the first time in ages. We saw Now You See Me. It was very far fetched, but extremely entertaining. The real reason I mentioning the movies though was that when Alan was buying his popcorn I was excited to see this:

Week 4 4 Costume Party Run: The Week in Training

Yes, I was way more excited that I should have been about a processed food snack at a movie theater. But, and it’s a big but, the movie theater is a world filled with tons of junk, from popcorn coated in highly saturated gunk, to candy, to huge sodas, so to find a practically healthy, not to mention vegan snack, thrilled me. Once in the theater though, I saw one of the drawbacks of crackers with hummus at the movies: it’s hard to see while you put the hummus on your cracker in the dark. No matter. I will keep buying this snack, so hopefully the movie theater will keep stocking it.

So, that was my week in half marathon training. How did your week go? Any races, competitions, or other training you’d like to share?

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    I’ve been curious about those ready to eat meals. They sell them at my local grocery store, and I’ve seen them in airports. (There are at least two varieties that are vegan, maybe more.) I’m glad to see wholesome vegan meals at the ready for a time when a person is in a pinch!
    Cadry recently posted..Vida Vegan Con 2013: A Love LetterMy Profile

    • says

      It was pretty good, all things considered.Nuts, seeds, crackers, and hummus, so it was pretty healthy. Oh, and chocolate :-).

      They also had one with a spicy black bean dip instead of the hummus (that was also vegan). Unfortunately, when I asked, the young man behind the counter said they didn’t sell all that well. I’ll keep buying them in the hope that they’ll keep stocking them. Of course, we make it to the movies about once every two months, so that might not be enough :-)
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    • says

      I really did have to go. You would have laughed to see how I managed to get the half mile to the bathroom. Could be the hormones, lack of sleep, who knows. I just found out today that I’m slightly allergic to avocado, one of my favorite foods. I won’t know the implications until next week when I meet with the doctor, but maybe that has something to do with something too.
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    One of the best aspects of a fartlek workout is it allows you to tax both the aerobic and anaerobic systems while running by feel. In other words, you can run everything from 800-meter race pace up to marathon race pace (and various paces in between) in the same workout. This is an effective and fun way to incorporate some speed work into your training schedule.
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